Office wear – How to look effortlessly smart

Dear Ladies,

Ever since I have started my full time job, I have started to wake up everyday with the same dilemma:
What am I gonna wear?!

Owning some key pieces can make your life easier and these can be reused in various outfits. In my experience, when working in an office you need to a few basics such as:

  • A few dresses
  • Tailored pants
  • Pencil Skirt
  • A few shirts
  • Court Shoes
  • Watch
  • A handbag that goes with everything!

I drew up outfits for everyday of the week just to give you an idea… As you can see, with basic key pieces you can look smart everyday.



Monday is the hardest, isn’t it? Start the week with a simple outfit. Choose a non-iron dress the day before and you’re good to go. Court shoes make you smart but with that in mind, I would look for the most comfortable pair of shoes possible. I got a chunkier heel with an orthopedic sole and it was the best choice I ever made when it comes to shoes. One of the hairstyles can always be the bun – makes you look tidy and is a good solution when you are in between washes.

Office wear - Monday



Investing in a pair of tailored pants is vital. They are so smart and rather versatile. In summer, trousers also a good idea for those few days before you get waxed. As for earrings, I like to keep it simple and tidy and for this I think stud earrings are the best choice.

Office wear - Tuesday


The pencil skirt is another staple if you work in an office (see what I did there? :P). All the shirts/tops you wear with the tailored pants can be then reused in outfits with a pencil skirt. The look would be completely different and a skirt gives a more feminine touch.

Office wear - Wednesday


Once again I chose the tailored pants as they are the most comfortable in my opinion. Stuck with the stud earrings but played it up a little with a detailed collar top. A little pop of colour when including blue.


Office wear - Thursday



There are some days when you opt for ultimate comfort and ballerina shoes come in play. As for hairstyles, it is a good idea to change from day to day, keeping it simple not to take too long to get ready. A bun, a pony tail, braids and loose hair with accent accessories is the way to go.

Office wear - Friday


As for handbags, I only use one – I managed to find a 3-tone bag which (in my opinion) goes with everything. I wouldn’t suggest changing your bag everyday… Let’s just say that I’m too lazy to do it – But if you’re not, go ahead!

When it comes to colours, I kept it simple as these are more or less the colours we are allowed to wear since I work in front office. Depending on your job, you can play it up and be more adventurous with colours and patters.

These outfits have nothing out of the ordinary and these pieces can be found from any store at average prices. Coming to think of it, it’s not all that hard to choose what to wear to the office once you have the right numbers.

That’s all from my side… I hope you found this helpful and do let me know if you have any more tricks to always look smart at the place of work!


Oh, and I always wear a watch, but that’s just me  🙂

What to wear on Valentine’s Day

Dearest Ladies,

First of all, happy Valentine’s day to all! ❤
I promised you this post yesterday and here it comes… If you’re still undecided what to wear here are some basic ideas.

Being a day full of romance, I feel the need for something feminine. I’m not saying be a total girl and wear pink but for a Valentine’s day date, I would recommend a dress.

Here are a few options of what you could wear with items you probably already have in your wardrobe.

Valentines 1

A figure hugging dress, be it in polka dot print or not, enhances your figure and brings out the curves in the right way. A thin red belt for contrast and patent shoes and bag to complete the look!

Valentines 2

If you want to wear the colour that dominates this day, go ahead! Use black or navy blue for contrast. While wearing a blazer and a pencil skirt might give out a work look, the sheer panel in the top in this look is elegant and feminine which makes this kind of outfit work for Valentine’s day.

Valentines 3

A nude lace bodycon dress is very feminine. You can pair it up with burgundy for a little bit of contrast. A black statement necklace, a waterfall blazer just in case it gets cold and stilettos and you’re good to go!

Valentines 4

If you’re still confused on what to wear or nothing seems to look good, do not panic. You can always go for the little black dress. It will not be boring if you jazz it up using bold colourful accessories. A colour matching pair of shoes can really highlight the outfit.

Valentines 5

As I said earlier, I suggest dresses, skirts and flowy pieces for Valentine’s day. However if you feel strongly about not wearing a skirt, you can always opt for a cute pair of shorts. You can easily wear flats in this outfit and still look smart. A lovely shirt with a flowy material and a pussy bow contrasted with gold stud earrings is a good idea. You can also add black sheer heart tights to complete the outfit.

That’s all from my side. I hope you found this helpful and that wherever you’re going, you find something you’re comfortable in and enjoy yourself with your loved one.

As for me we will be having a cosy dinner at home… I might be ignoring this post and wear comfy PJs!

Have a good one everyone!


What I wear to uni


(Yes, I still exist!)
I miss you (and I feel guilty that I haven’t been writing) but UNI work is taking up most a lot of my time. You are still (always) on my mind, I promise you! My draft posts have never been so abundant, it’s just harder to find time to finish and publish them now.


Since I did mention Uni… here’s something about me and my university life. This is more or a confession.

I am not going to pretend that I plan my outfits in advance (on a daily basis) – I don’t.

When I ‘m at uni I usually only care about one thing: comfort. It might be a tad lazy of me to wear ‘the first thing that I find’, but it’s all (I say) I have time for. I know that a little bit more effort could make me feel better (about myself), throughout the day… But truth be told, especially after a long day, I only want to wake up to wearing trainers and jeans.

This is the sort of thing you might see me in, when I’m on campus:

What I wear to uni

I don’t have anything against those who do find the time to choose the perfect outfit, do full make up (daily!), wear heels, and accessorize. It’s really up to them and I (sometimes, secretly) admire them. However, I still don’t understand the need for it. I would rather have those extra few minutes in bed, but that’s just me! And if I had to be completely honest, I don’t feel that it’s that important to me to look perfectly polished at a lecture.

(I still enjoy the ‘getting ready’, and the ‘getting dressed’ part for every other occasion, but no, not for uni purposes!)

what i wear to uni 3

As I said, it might be lazy of me. But it’s true… I only care once in a while – Sometimes I do make an effort, and I do look better (and therefore feel better). I just don’t do it daily… I prefer to be practical and get the hell out of the house to try to be on time (it’s hard enough as it is!).

I’m not going to lie and say that I never feel that I look like crap (I’m very hard on myself in that way), but I rarely look at a mirror once I arrive and start my day.

what i wear to uni - maxi skirt

With regards to make up, again, I keep it simple.

  1. I don’t want to over do it.
  2. I don’t want to look ‘too polished’
  3. I don’t usually feel like getting all dolled up…
  4. WHEN I DO – I’d arrive late… cause then I’d want a to have ‘perfect’ makeup.

I go for a simple: (Powder) + (Blusher) + Eyeliner + Mascara but these are optional – the only constant is Mascara, it’s the one thing I always have to wear.

There it is, my confession! I did not sugarcoat it… that’s just how I feel considering all the work that I usually have on my mind. I’d rather worry about that than my looks.

Do say hi if you see me around on campus!
I might be looking like crap, but I’m always friendly 🙂

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P.S. Be on the look out! Lots of Anatomicals’ reviews to be posted shortly 😉

What Clothes to Pack When Travelling

Hey Ladies!

My holiday is almost here and I cannot wait till I get over and done with my last exam tomorrow and then I will be all about packing! Me, Marija and Martina (from pocalocca and all things fabulous respectively) have been planning this for weeks (mostly Martina) since me and the other Marija had exams to worry about too. Saying that I am excited is understating it…

Anyway, yesterday I decided it was time to start thinking about my luggage and what stuff I need to buy BEFORE actually going to London. Number 1 was an inexpensive pair of sunglasses which I ticked off my list. I will be showing you all the stuff I got, including skincare and such in a Pre-London Haul if I have time to post it before Friday. I then started placing things on my dresser, things that will go in my suitcase, whenever I choose the one I’ll be taking.

I headed to Polyvore to get inspired on how I can get the MOST use out of the LEAST amount of clothes! And this is what I came up with. I hope you like them too:

Flying out…

flying out to london

My point was being comfortable in the heat in Malta before take off, but not feel chilly when I get there. So a very light coat in hand/hand luggage and a smart outfit paired with flats. I added some accessories to help the outfit look a bit more complete. Nothing too chunky like massive earrings which will be uncomfortable during the flight.

Day 1

what to pack to london

Using the same earrings, flats and bags, I’ll wear my new pair of leggings under a long white/cream top. A necklace of my choice to go with the outfit and again, that will be a wrap. I chose these sort of leggings since they can obviously be worn in another outfit, and they will be!

Day 2

what to pack to london #3

Same earrings. This time I alternate to a satchel bag. Jeans… Skinny jeans will also be used more than once as well as the nude comfy plimsolls (a.k.a. plimsoles). You need something comfortable to walk in, especially if the itinerary states that we have hours of shopping (We have to do what the itinerary says…) A cute polka dot top to complete the outfit.

Day 3

what to pack to london #2

Having had the leggings air for a whole day, I’ll be going back to them and the brown over-sized bag and the warm toned flats. This time a long-line black vest and some neon accessories will do the trick and another outfit is set with no major hassle or panic of “what-am-i-gonna-wear-today”.

Day 4

what to pack to london #4

Back to denim and the satchel bag and I’ll be wearing my comfy plimsolls again on my last full day to make sure I am comfy all day long. I’ll be in my London jumper since I will probably already be feeling blue about leaving so soon. Some perfume (just one) will also accompany me on my trip! I wish it was Burberry… Oh, and sunglasses! Not that we’re expecting sunny weather, but well, they never hurt.

Back to Malta 😦

flying back to malta
Coming back I plan to wear the same pair of trousers I went up in. Comfy plimsolls again and either the satchel bag or the over-sized one, depending on my luggage space and weight limitations. I won’t forget my watch this time to be careful not to miss my flight! I will be coming back alone, since my friends would have left already, so I HAVE to be super careful. A t-shirt I would have probably gotten when still in London, something that brings a little piece of London back home with me and help me with nostalgic symptoms. I won’t forget my purse with my passport and other documents. A denim shirt would be a perfect addition if the weather is a tad chilly. I’ll probably pull my hair up in a pony tail as it would have gotten messy by now, which is why I included the hair cuff.

That is pretty much it ladies. With just 3 pairs of bottoms, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 bags, 1 pair of earrings and a top-a-day, we had 6 different outfits and no, they do not look recycled! Since space is an issue, this was the best way to tackle it… you know, to come back with a tonne of stuff to wear in autumn 😉

I really hope you enjoyed this post and that it can be useful for you when travelling! Is there anything I’m forgetting? Please let me know if I am 😉


How to be Comfortable but Stylish in Summer

Hey Ladies!

This weekend I was a little bit more relaxed cause I am over and done with 2 of my exams.

Also, I am so so happy to have reached 20,000 views today! My blog has been live since January and in less than 6 months, you have been reading my posts daily, and that just makes it all worth it! Thanks for all the comments and likes… I am actually thinking of creating an international giveaway just for my top commentators on the blog when I reach 25 thousand views. What do you think about that?

Anyway, more about that later… This is what I posted this weekend:

A New Painting!
I’m a ‘Beauty and Fitness Malta’ Contributor
Favourite Face Product of the Week

To be honest with you, I am barely realizing it’s summer, and it is almost summer for me too as I will be done with exams in 18 days, and then I’m off to London with the girls!

It hasn’t been too hot in Malta, and usually, by this time of year, we can hardly stay in a room without switching on the AC. This year, I still wear a cardigan in the evening, I still sleep under a quilt and I don’t even use the fan, let alone the AC in my room! But, I am not gonna fall for it, it ALWAYS gets incredibly hot here in Malta. The kind of hot weather that makes you shower 2 or 3 times a day. The kind of scorching sun in which you should never leave the house without sunscreen.

It’s not the nicest of feelings and well, wearing high heels that make it hard to walk is one less thing you should be worrying about at this time of year. I had actually written a post about wearing flat shoes a while ago, and you can check it out here. Here are also two ootds where I wore flats: here and here.

I have for you, 4 different Polyvore sets with summer basics and some statement pieces. In summer it’s better and more practical  to be more comfortable, but how can you still look polished and stylish? This is how…

Smart but Comfy

laid back 1
Having to go to work is a bummer in summer, even if you are a student worker. And well what is a motivational killer if not unbelievably hot weather? Though your office might actually have an AC, in something similar to this, you’ll still look smart and chic for a work meeting. No pain in your feet, and you’re still looking smart in a sleeveless top. What about having your hair tied up and away from your face? That’s the best thing. And about these sandals, I used them in another post a while ago. Gold makes them look a bit dressier than your average pair of flat sandals and I should really get myself a pair!

Breezy Dresses and Wedges

Sometimes you might still feel like a little bit of heel or something a bit more girly than sandals. Wedges do the trick and they’re actually quite comfortable. Also wearing wedges and not flats, looks like you put in a bit more effort into your outfit before heading out. And what’s better than a dress with light fabric for air to circulate? 😛 Finally, some wooden accessories never hurt anyone either!

Colour Block Dresses

Again, something lightweight, a pair of flats and a cute bag. A statement necklace to top it all off and you’re good to go! These dresses are just perfect for summer, so I would stock up on these, maybe even some 1 coloured ones. They’re perfect, and you can dress them up or down according to your needs!

Harem Love and Neon

harem love

I still don’t own a pair of harem pants but I’m dying to get one. When I saw these on Etsy, I was so stunned with all the beautiful colours and patterns. They are almost psychedelic. Neon is so in right now, so pairing it with a flowy harem would be brilliant. Wearing a tight, corset-like plain top contrasts with the loose effect of the harem pants. And flip-flops keep making the whole look more earthy and effortless. I also used a necklace which I had used earlier in the sets in this post here. I try to repeat the items sometimes, because it is good to know how we can reuse items in different outfits to their full potential in all scenarios.

I’m actually looking forward to summer now with these beautiful colours and fabrics.

Which one of these outfits is more you? Would you experiment with any of the other looks?