NOTD – Catrice: Genius in The Bottle

Dearest Ladies,

I’m back with another post. Did you check out yesterday’s OOTD post yet?

This will be a short one! I had forgotten how great Catrice Nail polishes treat me… So a few days ago, I picked one of the many bottles I have and I painted my nails! The name of the polish I used is #07 Genius in The Bottle.

I’m not sure if this is a holographic nail polish, please enlighten me, if you know, cause I don’t 🙂 It doesn’t photograph 100% accurately. In reality it is less obviously ‘golden’ and ‘yellow toned’. It has the gold to bronze, to a slightly green finish. It is quite cool actually, and it “changes colour” when you move your fingers in the light!

It has been on for more than 2 days and today I had to actually trim one of my nails, and it still hasn’t chipped. I was quite surprised it survived the nail clipper too! The first time I used this, my nails weren’t too healthy; they had lots of ridges and they were quite brittle – it didn’t quite work then – the effect did NOT look good… But now that my nails are healthier, I think it looks pretty neat 😉

What do you think? Have you ever tried any nail polishes by Catrice? Is this colour too out there or weird? Be honest…

I’d love to know what you ladies think!



NOTD Red and Striped

Hey Ladies,

So I am back with a nail look! I have a make up look coming up soon to cause one of you lovely readers asked me to do a tutorial of one of my Facebook Page‘s photos.

This is what I did today:


It’s very simple to do! All you need is:

  • 2 Nail Polishes
  • Striping Tape (which will be used to mask the red stripes, be painted on and removed)
  • Top Coat

That’s all!

First you paint all of your nails with the colour you want your stripes to be.

Then, you put small pieces of striping tape on your ring fingers’ nails. Place them parallel to one another.

Then, paint over the nail and tape, as if the tape wasn’t there, with the second colour.

Before the polish dries, strip off the tape.

Wait for everything to dry.

Apply Top Coat

et Voilà!

What do you ladies think? Is this something you would try?


Apparently I’m Obsessed…

Hey Ladies!

So I’m finally back with a post after 4 days.

Going through my drawer of beauty crap, I decided to organize my nail polishes box yet again, and then it hit me… I am obsessed with nail polishes! There, that’s my confession. And I was completely unaware of it until now. I had no idea I was such a sucker for polishes, but come to think of it, I do tend to buy a new polish 1 out of 3 times I see a nail polish stand. So I counted… and I won’t share the number. All I’m gonna say is that these are not all of them…

DSCF8797 (1)

Why do we do this? Let’s be real… I have spent too much money over the past 5 years on nail polish, and I didn’t even realize it. And the thing is, I still love my Nude polish best…

DSCF8788(1) DSCF8790 (1) DSCF8791 (1)DSCF8795 (1) DSCF8801 (1)

Feeling incredibly guilty, I went through them and threw away the few dried up ones. And then I decided to get my box OCD organized. After putting them in ‘colour-wheel’  order, I decided to mark the tops of the bottles with the colour inside. Now I have a colour-coded, ‘colour-wheel’ ordered (too big a) collection of nail polishes. So yes… My name is Marija and I’m a nail-polishoholic.

To justify the obsession, I chose one of my latest additions (a.k.a. addictions) and painted my nails. What do you think? It’s #170 Deep Purple by Sally Hansen. I wouldn’t say it’s a deep purple but it’s pretty nonetheless. These polishes are so great, I would love to have them all! (NO – YOU DON’T NEED MORE)


I love this colour but this has to be the end of the obsession. I am putting myself on a nail polish ban, effective immediately. The ban is a necessary evil. I will not be buying any nail polishes UNLESS it is to ‘replace’ 2 empty ones.

Did you ever need to put yourself on a ban? Let me know your horror stories! I’d love to know 😀


Birthday Gifts

Hey Girls 🙂

So as you know I had my birthday last week and I wanted to share with you all the lovely gifts I got!

I had already showed you this lovely bag below and also here which my boyfriend’s mother and sister got me:

Here are the rest…


I got these 3 beautiful spinning rings from my loving boyfriend 🙂 So I added these to my spinning collection! You can read all about ans see my Spinning Ring Collection in this post here.


These lovely necklace and bracelet from my dear Aunty 🙂


These handmade wooden bookmark and initial key-chain from a dear friend Sarah!


These pretty Primark socks along with another 4 pairs and these lovely nail polishes from my brother and his girlfriend!


This leopard knit maxi skirt and these wet look leggings worn in this ootd, from boohoo, from my other brother and my sister.


These beautiful quality nail polishes from my  friend Stephanie!


And these earrings from the sweet girl Pauline who won my latest giveaway! 🙂

I am so happy with everything 🙂 And thank you all for your wonderful wishes!