What I wear to uni


(Yes, I still exist!)
I miss you (and I feel guilty that I haven’t been writing) but UNI work is taking up most a lot of my time. You are still (always) on my mind, I promise you! My draft posts have never been so abundant, it’s just harder to find time to finish and publish them now.


Since I did mention Uni… here’s something about me and my university life. This is more or a confession.

I am not going to pretend that I plan my outfits in advance (on a daily basis) – I don’t.

When I ‘m at uni I usually only care about one thing: comfort. It might be a tad lazy of me to wear ‘the first thing that I find’, but it’s all (I say) I have time for. I know that a little bit more effort could make me feel better (about myself), throughout the day… But truth be told, especially after a long day, I only want to wake up to wearing trainers and jeans.

This is the sort of thing you might see me in, when I’m on campus:

What I wear to uni

I don’t have anything against those who do find the time to choose the perfect outfit, do full make up (daily!), wear heels, and accessorize. It’s really up to them and I (sometimes, secretly) admire them. However, I still don’t understand the need for it. I would rather have those extra few minutes in bed, but that’s just me! And if I had to be completely honest, I don’t feel that it’s that important to me to look perfectly polished at a lecture.

(I still enjoy the ‘getting ready’, and the ‘getting dressed’ part for every other occasion, but no, not for uni purposes!)

what i wear to uni 3

As I said, it might be lazy of me. But it’s true… I only care once in a while – Sometimes I do make an effort, and I do look better (and therefore feel better). I just don’t do it daily… I prefer to be practical and get the hell out of the house to try to be on time (it’s hard enough as it is!).

I’m not going to lie and say that I never feel that I look like crap (I’m very hard on myself in that way), but I rarely look at a mirror once I arrive and start my day.

what i wear to uni - maxi skirt

With regards to make up, again, I keep it simple.

  1. I don’t want to over do it.
  2. I don’t want to look ‘too polished’
  3. I don’t usually feel like getting all dolled up…
  4. WHEN I DO – I’d arrive late… cause then I’d want a to have ‘perfect’ makeup.

I go for a simple: (Powder) + (Blusher) + Eyeliner + Mascara but these are optional – the only constant is Mascara, it’s the one thing I always have to wear.

There it is, my confession! I did not sugarcoat it… that’s just how I feel considering all the work that I usually have on my mind. I’d rather worry about that than my looks.

Do say hi if you see me around on campus!
I might be looking like crap, but I’m always friendly 🙂

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P.S. Be on the look out! Lots of Anatomicals’ reviews to be posted shortly 😉


5 things you would like about EYESHADOW STICKS

Dearest Ladies,

Today I’ll be talking about a particular product; a product which for some reason might not be your first choice. If that is the case, my assumption is that you’re just used to using the ‘traditional form’ of eyeshadow – I’m gonna show you just how much simpler and easier these products will make your makeup application!

Warning: You might want to try these after reading this post!

My Wjcon lasting colour stick eyeshadow: Rose Quartz 03, Tiger Eye 04, Turquoise 08


My e.l.f. Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks


The PUPA Milano Long Lasting Eye Stylo in 004 Meteorite Green (Limited Edition)

I am talking about Eyeshadow Sticks (a.k.a Jumbo eyeshadow pencils and eye stylos). These are the ones I own and I will be comparing them to the ‘traditional from’, i.e. powder eyeshadow (loose/pressed/baked). This is why these sticks can be better than the eyeshadow you already have. I’ll also be comparing the brands (PUPA Milano, Wjcon and e.l.f.) in another post.

Here are all.things.lady‘s 5 reasons why you should get (at least one) eyeshadow stick/s.

They are:

  1. Clean and Tidy

    I’ll start by stating the obvious: Loose eyeshadow can be messy… But, even pressed (compact) eyeshadow can be messy at times. It varies from one brand to the other depending on the quality. Stick eyeshadow, on the other hand, is the complete opposite: Mess free. You couldn’t make a mess using these products, not even if you tried really hard 😛

    The packaging is usually very sturdy, so no lids will break (there aren’t any), and no shadows will break (these are not pressed). No… nothing like that. You can be as clumsy as you are (I know I am…) and drop them 10 times a day, it won’t ruin your product!

  2. Travel Friendly

    Because of the type of packaging, these products are the perfect ‘candidates’ to carry in your handbag. You should not have any problems when it’s really hot outside… And the good thing is that if the product does melt a little bit, still: no problem there – you’ll actually be able to blend it more easily. (Don’t leave it on the bbq in summer… that is kinda pushing it :D)

    The truth is that you do not even need to carry an eyeshadow/blending brush.  We have enough crap in our over-sized bags as it is! All you need is your ring finger… But I’ll tell you more about this in point #4.

  3. Very long-lasting

    Depending on the brand, these products tend to be very long lasting. The last time I used a combination of them, I put my make up on at around 2pm, and it was still perfect by 11pm – honestly, I didn’t even need to retouch it once. Mind you, I walked in the sun for over half an hour…

    Obviously, having a good eye make up remover is always a must. I use Clinians, but I’ve run out, I’m using Nivea till I repurchase, (which is good but Clinians is even better. Read my Nivea review here.) In most cases you won’t even need a primer, but when using a primer you are always on the safe side.

  4. Much Simpler

    It’s not a case of being lazy. It’s a case of being practical. We don’t afford spending over half an hour daily applying makeup. We usually have a lot less than half an hour to get ready for school or work! And well… what do we do? We mostly use it for special occasions, cause that’s  the only time we have enough time to perfect our make up.

    When blending, the heat of your own fingers makes the product warm up. This makes it easier and quicker than using brushes.

  5. Versatile

    With just one eyeshadow stick, you can already create a good, polished look. If you want to mix it up, you can also use 2 or more and blend the colours well.

    They can be used on their own and in most cases you won’t even need to set them. Some ladies choose to use them as a base to their powder eyeshadow. This creates a lovely blend of colours and will make your powder eyeshadow look even more vibrant. You can also play with these using an eyeliner brush for a fun coloured eyeliner. Some of them are actually marketed as stylos i.e. both an eyeshadow and an eyeliner.

I hope I gave you enough reasons to get at least 1 eyeshadow stick. I promise, if you choose the right brands, you will like them. And with these babies, your everyday makeup will be more fun and more colourful. You can still sleep those extra 5 minutes; you can apply these products in seconds. Add a little bit of mascara and you’re always good to go 😉


Good luck! Tell me your experiences with shadow sticks – as you know, I’d love know 🙂


Storage Space for Everyday Makeup

Dearest Ladies,

My friend picked me up today and we ran some errands. She needed to buy some make up storage, you know the acrylic clear ones. I didn’t need any… But you know me, and organisation never hurt anyone, right? Consider this post as my Favourite of the Week. Some past posts of this kind are this and this which will be linked later on.


And there it is! I cost €15.95 from Homemate and me and Sarah (from My Place in the Kitchen) discussed which one/s to get cause there were lots of different ones and different sizes too! We agreed this was the best one for our needs after some time and by the way, the top part can be separated from the little drawers, so it makes it a little bit more handy. Sarah got two, to fit most of her stuff in, and I got one to fit in my everyday make up (and a little big more!)


I blurred the photo and it looks weird, but I had a creepy face which I will spare you all from seeing! Just look at how much it can actually hold! There are a number of brushes (Real Techniques) which I use every day, my eyebrow/lash brushes (from e.l.f), foundation (from Bourjois), primers (from Catrice and Wjcon), mascara (by Bourjois which I reviewed here) and a number of lipsticks on top, including my new favourite Lip Cream by NYX. In the first drawer I have my MUA Loose Powder (which I reviewed here), concealer which I do not use daily, and the Natural Glow by K Co which I got from London.IMAG0618The second drawer has some single eye shadows, a couple of blushers and the Jumbo Eyeshadow sticks from e.l.f, as well as a Wjcon one. All in all, it fits more than the essentials for every day make up. God forbid I needed all this every single day! I actually use less and less products every day, especially now that it is getting very hot in Malta. I might actually do a summer make up look soon, using, the bare minimum, so stay tuned for that! P.S. That red thing you see on the side is a beauty blender dupe, it’s working, but it is cracking and I only used it 3 times! I will review it and compare it with the original Beauty Blender which I got from London but haven’t used yet.

Earlier this year I showed you my LIDL make up storage space, which you can see and read all about here. That one holds the rest of my stuff, especially the things I only reach for sometimes, but definitely not everyday. Oh, and this is my nail polish collection right here. Let me warn you,  I am obsessed, but I haven’t broken the ban yet 😉

Do you like my new storage space? Quite handy and neat, right? Would you go for something similar?

I’ll be back tomorrow.


Mermaid Colours Eye Look Tutorial Post

Dearest Ladies,

Today I have for you an eye look which was quite popular with my Facebook fans and was also requested by the lovely Lexania.

So here we go…

1. Primer and Foundation

Start by using a primer on your face. This will help even out the skin tone and the texture of your skin. It will help you with dryness, flakiness and so on and will create a smooth canvas for the foundation to blend on. I used the Wjcon Primer Corrective in Perfect Face (this is the white one). Wjcon also have other colours like green and purple to counteract redness, bluish tones and so on. It would be best to ask staff at Wjcon to help you out if you are unsure which one is best for you.

Then, move on to foundation. It is completely up to you what coverage you want to go for. I have been really liking light to medium coverage foundations because as summer approaches, I want less product on my skin. In fact I don’t even use concealer that much any more, as my skin has also cleared over time. Since these photos were take a while ago and I did not write the products down, I am not sure whether I used the Catrice Ultimate Moisture Fresh Skin MakeUp (which I reviewed on beautyandfitnessmalta right here) or the Catrice Photo Finish 18hr Liquid Foundation. I did not use powder because at the time my skin was getting dry in certain areas and I did not want to make it worse. These foundations I mentioned however do not really need to be set anyway.


Some people choose to do eyes first and then foundation. I do that sometimes but it depends on the colours and products I use. With these colours I knew I had control and that I would not mess it up. If you are using eye dusts, you have to be more careful especially because of fall out all over the cheek area. All in all it doesn’t make any difference if everything is blended out carefully and neatly. But if you are worried that you might ruin it, just do the eyes first, clean up any fall out eye shadow and move on to foundation and the rest.

2. Eyeshadow / Eyeshadow Stick

DSCF9026Also from Wjcon, I used the eye shadow stick in #08 turquoise. These sticks are very long-lasting and can be worn alone or with other shadows. I love to use them as a base to my actual eye shadow. This time I forgot to use eyelid primer. It didn’t really matter cause I wasn’t really leaving the house and I only applied make up for the purpose of this post. Eye primer however helps your eye shadow stay in place and makes sure it does not crease. After putting the shadow stick on my eyelids, I blended it out using a regular (flat) eye shadow brush.

Now onto the eye-shadow palette I used… This one is from E.L.F. but I am afraid that it is no longer available. As such, the brand doesn’t matter as long as the colours you choose are similar and are pigmented. I started my using the minty light colour… and then moved on to the purple shadow, next to it.


E.L.F. Studio Smokey Palette

Starting with the light minty colour, cover you eyelid completely. This will set your eye shadow stick and make sure it stays there.  It will also give an even colour to your lids. The sticks sometimes do not as it is harder to blend the sticks than the powdered eye shadow. Moving on… Using an angled brush (I used this one here), dip the brush in the purple shadow, tip off the excess and starting at the outer part of your eyelid (the side closest to your ear), blend it inwards into the minty colour.

First you might want to focus on packing on colour rather than blending. This is what I do, I blend the colours together when I know that I have enough of both colours on my lids. Using a crease brush or a round domed brush, blend the colours together to achieve a soft blended effect. This is a very important step to remove excess eyeshadow and to blend colours well for a softer look.


Left – UNblended – Right – BLENDED OUT

3. Eyeliners, Mascara and Brows

When I feel like having some fun with colours (like I did here), I opt for a coloured eyeliner at least on one of the lids (upper or lower). For this look I used, Turquoise, Gold and Black. Using a small brush like the e.l.f. Small Smudge Brush, I picked up some colour from the same Wjcon Eye Shadow stick I used before and applied it on the bottom lash line (not on the water line) like you would with a gel liner.


Wjcon Shadow Stick on bottom lash line

Then, I lined the waterline with a black eyeliner for some definition. The last step was to line the upper lash line using a gold eyeliner. I used my favourite metallic one from Wjcon #14 Gold Leaf. For a more intense look, I sometimes line my upper lash line using a black liquid eyeliner and then go over it (when dry) with the gold liner, just on top of the black liner. This is optional and it depends on the sort of look you are going for. Add 1 coat of your favourite mascara to seal the deal.


Added black eyeliner on the water line and gold on the upper lash line + Mascara

Next, I filled in my brows using the essence Eyebrow Stylist Set. I did not use a clear gel on top but you can do that if your brows tend to be naughty! Add another coat of mascara to build up the length and volume of your lashes. You might want to use false eyelashes too, but I didn’t.


4. Blusher, Bronzer and Highlight

Using a matte bronzer, contour your face by blending bronzer below the cheek bones and on the temples (sides of your forehead) and on the sides of your nose if you need to. A little bit of blusher to give your face a pop of colour and you are good to go. Highlighter is optional but it really does make a difference. Blend in some highlighter on the brow bone and above the cheekbone to give your face a little bit more radiance. I use the essence (liquid) I ❤ Runway Highlighter. Don’t worry if you are not sure what to do, I will plan a post specifically on contouring and highlighting in the near future.

DSCF9092 (1)


Where I put Highlight (then, Blend it out!)

You’re done!

So this is the final eye look below…

And this below is my first attempt of the look for one of the events from Malta Fashion Week this year… I used black eyeliner on the upper lid as well in this case, and I seemed to have a more purple concentrated look since my outfit was indeed purple.


 Don’t forget to add some clear gloss or a nude lipstick to complete the look!


I hope you like this look as much as I do and please do let me know if you try it out! As you can see, it’s not that hard to do and looks a bit different to your everyday make up. Feel free to comment if you have any questions or if something is till unclear 🙂
I’m more than happy to help!

P.S. You can see my London & IMATS Beauty Haul Video through this post here since there is a direct link there. I am also planning my clothes + accessories + other stuff haul soon 😉 It will probably be a video as well, so feel free to subscribe to my channel!

Do you think this is something  you would ever go for? Let me know 😉


What Clothes to Pack When Travelling

Hey Ladies!

My holiday is almost here and I cannot wait till I get over and done with my last exam tomorrow and then I will be all about packing! Me, Marija and Martina (from pocalocca and all things fabulous respectively) have been planning this for weeks (mostly Martina) since me and the other Marija had exams to worry about too. Saying that I am excited is understating it…

Anyway, yesterday I decided it was time to start thinking about my luggage and what stuff I need to buy BEFORE actually going to London. Number 1 was an inexpensive pair of sunglasses which I ticked off my list. I will be showing you all the stuff I got, including skincare and such in a Pre-London Haul if I have time to post it before Friday. I then started placing things on my dresser, things that will go in my suitcase, whenever I choose the one I’ll be taking.

I headed to Polyvore to get inspired on how I can get the MOST use out of the LEAST amount of clothes! And this is what I came up with. I hope you like them too:

Flying out…

flying out to london

My point was being comfortable in the heat in Malta before take off, but not feel chilly when I get there. So a very light coat in hand/hand luggage and a smart outfit paired with flats. I added some accessories to help the outfit look a bit more complete. Nothing too chunky like massive earrings which will be uncomfortable during the flight.

Day 1

what to pack to london

Using the same earrings, flats and bags, I’ll wear my new pair of leggings under a long white/cream top. A necklace of my choice to go with the outfit and again, that will be a wrap. I chose these sort of leggings since they can obviously be worn in another outfit, and they will be!

Day 2

what to pack to london #3

Same earrings. This time I alternate to a satchel bag. Jeans… Skinny jeans will also be used more than once as well as the nude comfy plimsolls (a.k.a. plimsoles). You need something comfortable to walk in, especially if the itinerary states that we have hours of shopping (We have to do what the itinerary says…) A cute polka dot top to complete the outfit.

Day 3

what to pack to london #2

Having had the leggings air for a whole day, I’ll be going back to them and the brown over-sized bag and the warm toned flats. This time a long-line black vest and some neon accessories will do the trick and another outfit is set with no major hassle or panic of “what-am-i-gonna-wear-today”.

Day 4

what to pack to london #4

Back to denim and the satchel bag and I’ll be wearing my comfy plimsolls again on my last full day to make sure I am comfy all day long. I’ll be in my London jumper since I will probably already be feeling blue about leaving so soon. Some perfume (just one) will also accompany me on my trip! I wish it was Burberry… Oh, and sunglasses! Not that we’re expecting sunny weather, but well, they never hurt.

Back to Malta 😦

flying back to malta
Coming back I plan to wear the same pair of trousers I went up in. Comfy plimsolls again and either the satchel bag or the over-sized one, depending on my luggage space and weight limitations. I won’t forget my watch this time to be careful not to miss my flight! I will be coming back alone, since my friends would have left already, so I HAVE to be super careful. A t-shirt I would have probably gotten when still in London, something that brings a little piece of London back home with me and help me with nostalgic symptoms. I won’t forget my purse with my passport and other documents. A denim shirt would be a perfect addition if the weather is a tad chilly. I’ll probably pull my hair up in a pony tail as it would have gotten messy by now, which is why I included the hair cuff.

That is pretty much it ladies. With just 3 pairs of bottoms, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 bags, 1 pair of earrings and a top-a-day, we had 6 different outfits and no, they do not look recycled! Since space is an issue, this was the best way to tackle it… you know, to come back with a tonne of stuff to wear in autumn 😉

I really hope you enjoyed this post and that it can be useful for you when travelling! Is there anything I’m forgetting? Please let me know if I am 😉