My Current Favourites

Dearest Ladies,

Today I’m back with a post about my current favourite products. Some of them might be relatively new in my collection, while others are products that I rediscovered.

Take a look at the products I’m going to mention today…


The first product I’m going to mention is one that I had also mentioned in my most recent “Favourite products at the time” post.

Pupa Milano Professionals BB Cream + Anti-Eta’

This product has become my go to product. I use this everyday especially because I usually want something lighter than foundation for everyday but would still like a little bit of coverage. I’m also happy about the fact that it has SPF30. Oh, and it smells fantastic!


Clinians HYDRA BASIC Moisturizing Mattifying Face Cream with Apple Water and Zinc

I bought this product on a whim… I urgently needed something moisturizing for my under eyes but as I was looking I saw this face cream and thought it might be a good idea to try it out as well. The product comes in a small glass jar and the cream itself is a pale green. It feels very refreshing on the skin and has a faint fresh smell which I can’t quite put my finger on. I don’t always use this in the morning but when I do, it gets absorbed by the skin rather quickly.


ELIE SAAB le parfum

This was a gift… one of those gifts that I hinted for 😛 I had tried a tester of this perfume and totally fell in love with it and then came the next Christmas or Birthday… and as I had hoped, I got it as a present. I’m not very good at describing perfumes but I can say that it has a sophisticated scent.


I strongly suggest that you go to your closest perfumery and try this out especially if you want to give a loved one a gift they’ll enjoy.

Essence lipliner  shade: 11 in the nude

I apologize but I couldn’t photograph this one well because the text is starting to wear off off the pencil. This is a very basic nude lipliner which I am currently really enjoying using on its own. Stays on for quite a while and looks just right with my skintone. I will definitely try to take a picture the next time I wear it. Oh, and since it was from essence I’m sure it was a steal!

Essence liquid ink eyeliner

I thought I’d give this a try after having seen many bloggers saying good things about it. It has a simple brush applicator that does the job well and is easy to use if you want detail and precision. While I have never tried it myself, there is also the waterproof version of this which comes in blue/black packaging.



KIKO Milano Soft Focus Concealer in shade: 02

I bought this when I was abroad as I had ran out or forgotten to take concealer. I remember the salesman putting it on me after a day full of shopping. I was tired and this definitely gave my undereyes a little wake me up. It’s a pretty regular concealer, nothing out of this world but it does the job. Reminds me of the Catrice Re-Touch Light Reflecting Concealer since the packaging is identical except that for this one you press the bottom of the pen instead of twisting it.



e.l.f. Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

I had this for ages and at the moment I am going through a phase where I’m trying not to buy any new makeup unless I really have to. I have therefore ran out of most of my blushes and decided to give this a try once again. I actually love the blusher. I am not usually keen on shimmer but it doesn’t bother me in this one and I have been using it daily. In a way it highlights the face as well.

I haven’t been using the bronzing powder it comes with because it is also shimmery which is something I’m not sure I can live with.




P.S. This is the first one e.l.f. had. If I remember correctly, after this one they had a range of similar duos in different shades and some of them were cream products.

MAC lipstick in JIST


This is by far my most favourite lipstick in my collection. It is the only MAC one but is always the one that saves the day. When I am in doubt about what colour to go for, I go for this. It’s perfect with a dark smokey eye look. This is a frost lipstick and I think goes very well with my complexion especially now that my hair is more coppery toned.

That’s all I have to say for today! I hope you found this post helpful especially if you are looking for something in particular which I happened to mention.

P.S. Here is my updated self in cartoon thanks to Bitstrips. Yes, I wear glasses now!

Do you use any of these products? Which ones do you like and which ones not so much?
I’d love to hear about it in the comment section.



Happy New Year + Sicily Makeup Haul

Dearest Ladies,

First of all, I’d like to wish you a very Happy New Year! 🙂
I spent New Year’s Eve in a square near the duomo in Catania where a concert was being held. We had champagne and sparklers in our bags to celebrate after the countdown. At the countdown there were some amazing fireworks… As for the dress code, the idea was not to freeze to death!

Once again, it has been a while since I blogged but having just returned from Sicily for a holiday with my parents, I thought it would be the time to post a small haul for makeup and beauty products. Sicily was great fun and me and my mum did a lot of shopping but I didn’t get too many products. I must say that I regret not getting a gift pack from Bottega Verde, especially once they went on sale… but my luggage was quite full. I also regret not getting more Pupa Milano Lasting Colour Gel nail polishes as they were much cheaper than from Malta.

This is what I got…


From Pupa Milano…

I had already tried the Pupa Milano Lasting Colour Gel nail polish here and I also have the gel top coat, so when I saw them I picked up another colour.

Since I used to work with Pupa Milano, I know about the wonders of the Vamp! Mascara. I have it in purple as it was given to me as a gift but it was time to get it in black, so I did.

I also got this make up kit for my fiancé’s mother:

From Kiko I got a concealer (which I needed on the trip) and an eyeshadow stick for myself and a lipstick and an eyeliner for my sister. I love eyeshadow sticks and I find them very practical to create a quick look. I wrote about why you’ll like them here.

While in a shop for decorative items for homes, there was a small stand for a brand called Stillday. My nail polish was chipping so when I saw nail polish I picked up this blue colour and nail polish remover since I didn’t have with me and redid my nails when I was back at the hotel. The nail polish was so cheap… some 1 or 1.50 euros and the nail polish remover was around 2 euros.

Because of the cold weather, my lips started to get dry and chapped and while I did have lipbalms with me, they were not doing the job. I popped in Bottega Verde and chose this one with Argan oil. I must say it’s really effective and the burning sensation I had on my lips was gone in a few hours after a couple of applications.

That’s all! I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope I’ll be able to post again soon. I might be posting a few photos from the trip as there was quite some beautiful scenery.


P.S.  If you would like the specific number (for colour) for any product, leave a comment down below.

Storage Space for Everyday Makeup

Dearest Ladies,

My friend picked me up today and we ran some errands. She needed to buy some make up storage, you know the acrylic clear ones. I didn’t need any… But you know me, and organisation never hurt anyone, right? Consider this post as my Favourite of the Week. Some past posts of this kind are this and this which will be linked later on.


And there it is! I cost €15.95 from Homemate and me and Sarah (from My Place in the Kitchen) discussed which one/s to get cause there were lots of different ones and different sizes too! We agreed this was the best one for our needs after some time and by the way, the top part can be separated from the little drawers, so it makes it a little bit more handy. Sarah got two, to fit most of her stuff in, and I got one to fit in my everyday make up (and a little big more!)


I blurred the photo and it looks weird, but I had a creepy face which I will spare you all from seeing! Just look at how much it can actually hold! There are a number of brushes (Real Techniques) which I use every day, my eyebrow/lash brushes (from e.l.f), foundation (from Bourjois), primers (from Catrice and Wjcon), mascara (by Bourjois which I reviewed here) and a number of lipsticks on top, including my new favourite Lip Cream by NYX. In the first drawer I have my MUA Loose Powder (which I reviewed here), concealer which I do not use daily, and the Natural Glow by K Co which I got from London.IMAG0618The second drawer has some single eye shadows, a couple of blushers and the Jumbo Eyeshadow sticks from e.l.f, as well as a Wjcon one. All in all, it fits more than the essentials for every day make up. God forbid I needed all this every single day! I actually use less and less products every day, especially now that it is getting very hot in Malta. I might actually do a summer make up look soon, using, the bare minimum, so stay tuned for that! P.S. That red thing you see on the side is a beauty blender dupe, it’s working, but it is cracking and I only used it 3 times! I will review it and compare it with the original Beauty Blender which I got from London but haven’t used yet.

Earlier this year I showed you my LIDL make up storage space, which you can see and read all about here. That one holds the rest of my stuff, especially the things I only reach for sometimes, but definitely not everyday. Oh, and this is my nail polish collection right here. Let me warn you,  I am obsessed, but I haven’t broken the ban yet 😉

Do you like my new storage space? Quite handy and neat, right? Would you go for something similar?

I’ll be back tomorrow.


Makeup Choices I can’t stand!

Hey Ladies!

I hope you are doing alright! Basically, this is another tag post! When I saw this tag post by Marilyn from MammuLikes, I was relieved that it was different! This one is interesting and a bit of a change from the rest of the tag posts too.

I’m gonna go ahead and start and we’ll see how many things I’ll manage to mention!

  1. Lip liner

    I don’t hate lip liner. I think it’s good to use especially with red lips. But why do you have to line them and leave the house without filling them in? I never got the gist of it… Besides, I feel that if you do that… you look like, how do I put this mildly? A slut.

    Exactly… Image Source:


  2. Orange, tinted brows

    Some middle-aged women in Malta seem to think that it is hip to wax/shave their brows completely and then tint  or line their skin (cause there are no brows left to line) in an orange colour. If they had orange hair, maybe it would be understandable, but no. I don’t know where they got this idea from. Seems like Irish brows is all the previous generation desires… It might be that they look orange because the tattoo has faded – Well I guess you need to keep up with the maintenance!

    They honestly have their brows done like the left brow… for everyday, not the carnival alone. Image source:

  3. Over-bronzed faces

    Yes, a healthy glow is something we all aspire to have. So a little bit of bronzer and a bit of highlight would usually do the trick. But why do you need to look like a carrot? Some people pick the wrong colour of bronzer and even worse, they put on too much… especially if it’s a shimmery one. Why? Just, Why?!

    Is this what you were going for? Image source:

  4. Concealer Lips

    Believe me, I love my nudes. I have spoken endlessly on my Catrice Be Natural Lipstick in #010 which I wore herehere and here and so many other times! But Nude is one thing, no lips at all is another. Unless you are doing a photo shoot where part of the final look is that, no, your lips must be seen.

    Not her best moment. Image source:

  5. Too much on your eyelids

    I am one in favor of having fun with colours, like I did here, but a whole frikken rainbow is a bit over the top don’t you think? This is unless you know how to make it look good (see below)! You have time to test out colours… you don’t need to try out your 100pc palette all in one night! Pick 5 colours max and work with them. And if you’re using more, make sure you blend them VERY well! I shouldn’t be able to count them easily.

    This is cool… Image source:

    This is too! Image Source:

    This is not. I think it’s a bit much for everyday…

  6. Panda eyes

    I know some eyeliners seem to fade… some fade all over your under-eye area causing you to look like a panda. But I would invest in a gel one or the essence longlasting one which costs less than 3 euros. There! Problem solved. Otherwise, you can always set it with a little bit of black eyeshadow… or go for waterproof.

    This one is exaggerated, but you know what I mean. Image Source:

    Not what you were going for…

  7. Eyeliner gone wrong

    Winged eyeliner can be sexy and it is something  I wish to perfect. But, does it really need to reach your ears? No… it’s called ‘eye’ liner not ‘all-over face’ liner… You only need to elongate your eyes a little bit. No need to line till you get to Spain! If it’s hard for you to line your eyes neatly, maybe try a felt tip liner next time?

    Oh Jenny!

    The model still looks great but don’t try this at home!

  8. Nails that look like claws

    I’m not gonna say much about this except for:

    Can you open my ice tea please? Image Source:

  9. Fake Beauty Spots

    Unless you are in a play or photo shoot, or doing an Spanish/Italian face inspired look, stick to you own freckles and beauty spots. Don’t make people wonder if your spot fell in your drink during the party…

    I couldn’t find an image for this one, but you all know what I mean!

  10. Disco Ball eyes

    Shimmer can give a nice finish but don’t go overboard. Work with your matte colours and then include shimmers if you want to. Use shimmers with moderation in general. You don’t wanna end up looking like a spotlight or a disco ball…

    Pretty colours, but use 1 or 2 shades max! Image source:

    BE CAREFUL! Source:

I am sorry if I offended you with my snide comments haha! I was just having fun and trying to help here 😉 But afterall, this is just one person’s opinion. No one ever said don’t experiment!

What make up choices would you eradicate if you could? Let me know with a comment below.


Picnic with Friends – Makeup look post

Hey Ladies,

Last week I had my birthday and I organized a picnic with a bunch of friends. I wanted to look good but keep the makeup simple as it was only a picnic and we were all in jeans and sneakers! The look is similar to this one here, except for the mascara and lipstick. This is my go to look lately.

This is what I went for:


This is what I used…


L’Oreal Paris Mat’ Magique Mousse Foundation in 115 Golden Ivory (in my list)
e.l.f. Studio Maximum Coverage Concealer in Porcelain (in this list and mentioned here and here)
essence Mattifying Powder in 01 natural beige
Vivo Cosmetics Blush and Highlight Duo in Sweet Peach (in this haul here and reviewed here)


essence long-lasting eyeliner in 01 black fever
wjcon long lasting eye liner in 14 Gold Leaf (mentioned here, reviewed here)
Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in #004 Black Brown
essence Lash and Brow Gel Mascara in Clear
Catrice Lash Plus+ Length Mascara (Click for a review)


Catrice Ultimate Colour in #010 Be Natural




Me and my boyfriend 🙂 ❤


Us with a couple of friends 🙂


Good times 🙂


Cake decorated by my sister!

marijabday-59 marijabday-64

I hope you enjoyed this post! And again… I’m sorry for not posting it earlier!

P.S. Maltese girls you are still in time to enter our competition here!