Fashion Items in Unexpected Places – A Collaboration with PART 1

Dearest Ladies,

We live in a world where we get stuck in our ways. We shop at the same stores without realizing we are paying too much! Are we too afraid to look for fashion items elsewhere? I hope not! Why pay more when there are cheaper options for the same quality? How about surfing a site which gives you great deals all year round? I’m talking about Sports Granted, you might not think it’s your first choice for something fashionable, but if we search the website a little harder… We might realize, it can be!

(Every image in this post directs you to the item on Sports – Click the image to see sizes and prices!
It is best to open links in a new tab)

  1. Jeggings

    Where in the world will you find jeggings at this price? If you have an answer, other than, spill! Their prices are unbeatable and the quality is very good. Why pay more for the same quality? I’d rather get two of these pairs instead 😀 I have one of these already and they are so so great. They are the most realistically detailed jeggings I have ever seen. Everyone will be fooled into thinking that you are wearing actual skinny jeans and not jeggings! The picture on the website doesn’t do them any justice, so look out for a post which will feature these jeggings in a greater detail, NEXT WEEK!

  2. Boots

    Wow – (€12.81) for a pair of boots? That’s incredible. But do you know what is even more attractive than the price for me? The fact that they are PLAIN. Oh my, every time I look for boots, I always end up being disappointed. The ones which I do like have to have something which ruins them, a large buckle, glitter or fur… or well, something that makes them not perfect – unlike this one I’m showing you right here – which is in my opinion: the perfect wedged boot. Comfortable but Smart nonetheless.

    And if you like to go for something a bit more “girly-gone-military” what about something like this one here for the same price?

  3. Sunglasses

    You honestly cannot possibly find a better deal! Sunglasses (currently) at 3 euros – and they do NOT look cheap! Who cares if you manage scratch them after just one summer? You won’t need to feel too guilty, at least they do not cost a fortune!

  4. Hoodies

    Sure, hoodies are not your most fashionable item, but they are comfortable and you can actually do a lot with them if you choose to be creative. (click here to go to the hoodie section)

    My favourites are these one colour hoodies, which cost a bit more but are currently on sale, selling for below €6! Yes, the prices are unbelievable! There are so many colours to choose from. My first preference would be this coral red one (marked as red on the website):

    I like this one too… I can imagine it over a number of garments.

  5. Cardigans

    This green one is just gorgeous. These cardigans are very soft and there are so many colours to choose from. Without a doubt, SportsDirect is the best place for you to stock up with basics! At just (€6.99), you can have as many colours as you like. And well, a good cardigan is always a must. I can imagine this one with a pair of chinos and a mustard vest underneath – there are so many ways you can wear a cardigan!

    Apart from all the different colours, we obviously have the option of getting it in black. Don’t we all NEED a black cardi?

That concludes PART 1 of this collaboration, ladies. Stay tuned for 5 other items from this incredible website in PART 2! I really hope you find this post useful. I agree, sometimes looking up clothing items until you actually select the few you are buying, can be tiring… But here I did all the work for you, so you should have no excuses! 😉

Let me know what’s in your cart at the moment 😉



Nail Art Kits – Pupa Milano Crazy Crystals

Dearest Ladies,

This is my 2nd post of the day. My 1st, posted this morning: July Favourite: Bourjois’ Healthy Mix Serum Gel foundation.

This post is not commissioned by Pupa Milano Malta and I was not asked to write about their products. Working with PUPA Milano  products is a dream come true! I am lucky to be using incredibly high quality products on clients and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Pupa Milano also offer some very funky nail art kits which look sophisticated but are actually very quick and easy to do at home!

PUPA Milano: Nail Art Mania – Bubbles

Today I met Fiona from Cruelty Free Malta. She wanted to try the Crazy Crystals so I patiently did her nails; the application was a very easy one. The kit comes with a plastic tray which makes sure that you do not make a mess. The excess crystals are not wasted and can be reinserted in the container where they belong. In a systematic way, I painted the finger nails and then sprinkled the crystals on the WET formula, one nail at a time. (I cannot stress this enough!) One by one, we did all 10 finger nails and I dusted the nails and fingers with the brush, which is also included in the kit.

The final result…

Fiona’s pretty little nails! 🙂

Pretty neat, huh? These crystals are a limited edition product, so make sure you get them now!  There are 12 colours, so rest assured, you will like at least one of them. 6 of them are fluo colours, which are bright but perfect for summer. This is what Fiona had to say about this morning’s Pupa Milano Experience: click me!

Crazy Crystals

Crazy Crystals Nail Art Kits

Keep in mind, that these are not meant to be done before washing the dishes! They are ideal for special occasions and their lasting time varies according to what you do. Housework might not help them stay longer, so take the day off if you need to! 😉

I plan to write more about the brand – I was thinking “5 must-have Pupa Products”. Would you like that?

Do you own any of the nail art kits? Have you ever tried Pupa Milano products?

No? What are you waiting for? 🙂


P.S. If you would like to try any of these nail kits or any other Pupa products, please email me on and I will send you all the information you need.

Lipstick Post

Hey Ladies!

Several weeks/months ago mammulikes tagged me in a post and I finally am getting down to it! I had forgotten the questions and left them unanswered in my drafts. But now, here are the questions:

How many lipsticks do you own?

20 – 19 lipsticks and 1 lipstain – I am only counting the ones which I will ever consider using.

DSCF8966 DSCF8968

Which was the first lipstick you ever bought?

My first lipstick ever was part of a kit an ex bf had given me (this is what I think about ex boyfriends by the way) I think that the first one I bought was from the e.l.f. essential line, the shade Fantasy, which is similar in colour to the one I mentioned before.

e.l.f. essentials – Fantasy

Which was the last lipstick you bought?

It has been a while, but I think it is Catrice 020 Maroon which I mentioned in my April/May Favourites here. This is a very pretty colour. At first, I thought the colour’s name was Macaroon which would have been sweet! But apparently it is called Maroon – which is nothing like what it is. It is a nude to brown shade which looks so great. Reminds me of e.l.f.’s essential lipstick in Fantasy. You can read a review for this Catrice lipstick here, written by my friend Olga from watercoloursilk.

Swatches for the mentioned Lipsticks will be at the end of the post!

What is your favourite lipstick brand?

Various, but namely Catrice for the selection of colours, texture and price.


Favourite pink lipstick?

Not a pink lipstick fan, but I’d have to say, e.l.f.’s Mineral Nicely Nude, which is the only ‘pink’ lipstick I will ever wear.


Favourite nude lipstick?

Definitely Catrice 010 Be Natural, which is one of the lippies I cannot stop talking about.

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in 010 Be Natural

Favourite peach-coral lipstick?

This has to be Obey by Illamasqua which I won in Stefy’s giveaway. However I still have to figure out how to make it work with my pale to olive skin tone.


Coral Flair from Vivo would have to be the most corally wearable one I have but this is not peachy at all, it is quite red indeed. The one by essence in their Vintage District Limited Edition line is the perfect one for everyday use.

DSCF8977 DSCF8978

Favourite red lipstick?

While I love Rimmel’s Apocalips in Big Bang which I reviewed here, I barely ever manage to leave the house and keep it on my lips for longer than half an hour. My boyfriend always tells me “You look better in more natural colours” so I always feel self-conscious. It’s very sexy nonetheless.

Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang

Big Bang

My most wearable red, while a tad bright, has to be Catrice 010 Lobster Love which I reviewed here.

Favourite purple lipstick?

I have no purple ones but the closest one to the colour would be e.l.f.’s Studio Matte lipstick in Tea Rose which is a lilac colour.


Favourite fuchsia lipstick?

I will never have one of these. OK – I have a pink but I won’t use it on myself – I only bought it to use on clients. I also have the e.l.f. Studio HD Blush which can actually be used as a lipstain, but no, fuchsia is just a bit too much.

Favourite unusual color lipstick?

It’s not really unusual. It looks weird when swatched, almost a tad yellow, but it looks great on the lips. And it’s the one by essence in their Vintage District Limited Edition line again. It is actually a 2 in one lipstick-lipgloss type of thing. The lipstick on its own is very hydrating too!


Favourite dark lipstick?

My lipsticks aren’t too dark. My darkest one has to be e.l.f.’s essential line’s Voodoo which I somehow do not find myself using that much anymore. It actually broke today while I was swatching it, along with a Vivo one which also broke 😦

Favourite texture/finish?

I prefer matte lipsticks over shiny/glossy/frosty ones. I love the Ultimate Colour ones by Catrice. I also loved the Matt Sublime ones by Wjcon. The one’s by Vivo are great too and the smell is fantastic.

Wjcon’s Sublime Matt in #601

Some of my favourite Catrice and Vivo lipsticks

Other favorites?

I think Vivo lipsticks deserve a mention. They are pretty but most of all, they smell amazing… I couldn’t quite figure out what dessert it was but then I realized it was toffee 🙂 Great, and you won’t be the only one smelling it.


Here are the rest of the swatches of most of the lipsticks I mentioned here:
P.S. Since this was a tag post, I will only be tagging Davi from Lady with no Name and Stefy from Obviously, anyone who is interested in this, can go ahead and do it, even readers who do not have a blog. I would love to see your answers in the comment section. Oh and if you would like to see any of these colours on my lips, just let me know.

I don’t know, I think I am just lucky to almost always get it right when it comes to lipsticks, I know what I’ll like and I usually know what I won’t. But I’m a little bit curious now… How many lipsticks do you own? Do you usually get it right just by swatching it?


Shopping tips – problems with ‘picturing’ your wardrobe

Dearest Readers,

I haven’t posted a list in ages and since I will be going to London next week, I thought, “What better time to post something about shopping?” This is also something for me to keep in mind!

Shopping can be fun, but you have to be careful, unless you want to do this every year:

Weirdly enough, being a lady sometimes means that: the more clothes you have, the more you feel like you have nothing to wear. Still, unless our bank accounts are exploding with money (mine isn’t) and our closets are huge, we sometimes need to hold the breaks, if anything, just to keep our closets clean and tidy, right?!

If you’re anything like me, you do not want to carry an extra bag when you are shopping. But when looking for something in particular, you might want to actually do that: take it with you. That’s the only way you can get it right on the first time (unless you have a photographic memory). Otherwise, your trip to the mall can be more than simply unsuccessful. Besides, it will turn out to be a waste of your time as you might need to return it. This is why picturing your wardrobe from afar, might not be such a good idea:

1. Colour and Pattern

This is probably the most realistic problem. Colours and Patterns seem to be different in our head to what they are in reality… So, you decided not to have one extra bag with you, but you still need to get the right item to go with it. You brave the shops, and end up with a darker/lighter hue than you originally desired. Grrrr! Whether you LOVE shopping or HATE shopping – this is just a waste of time!

The colour and pattern might match the image of your skirt in your head, but will it work when you get home to try everything on? Not sure about that. You will then need to buy a new top anyway, and a skirt to match your new top – this habit can become dangerous!

Source: Twicsy

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a look at your closet before you head out. You don’t want to head back with 10 new items and realize that ‘ooops’ you have so many items in the very same colour. (I do know people who don’t mind that actually…)

2. Cut and Shape

You might be thinking, “This would look great with my latest peplum addition.” But I say, “Will it really?”

Flares and pleats seem to re-size themselves as need be when they are only in our head. You wouldn’t want to look like a lampshade and sometimes you think skinny pants do the trick. Just ask yourself if you have enough or too much play with shapes in your outfit.

Just because something is all over the shops, doesn’t mean it should be all over our closets. Peplum might be in, but I’ll never wear it – the cut and shape is not really for me. Again – our mental image of what we have in our closet drawer is not always accurate, so unless you are shopping for fun, beware and be aware!

Not sure if this shape is really ‘you’…

3.Texture and Material

While some people can pull off wearing different materials combined and different textures and patterns, this is not a matter of choosing a print and checked shorts and not caring about anything else. While we should all be encouraged to play with soft and harder textures, plain and bolder patterns, one must keep in mind that not everything goes, at least, in my opinion.

More so, not everyone will look good in the same things. For instance, I do not think that velvet goes with everything, but some people combine it with different things and make it look great anyway. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment. But, if you are looking for something specific, take the item you need to match to with you. (Am I preaching?)

If you don’t, you might find out that your most favourite buy does not look good with your linen pants… Your lacy blouse would look better with satin, and whatever have you. Be daring in what you are wearing but do look at the mirror before you head out to the world.

You’re doing it right! Source: marieclaire

4. Space

If you are going to grab some more basics, remember, our closets are finite. You can make space… but there is a limit. Don’t go for massive furry coats or puffy jackets if you are not sure you are actually going to wear them. They will take up half of your closet space, at least until you decide to stop feeling guilty and put them away for good. I’m not suggesting crop tops to save space, but even when it comes to shoes, think: do you have space where you can store these massive wedges?

No one wants to see your shoe boxes on your balcony in the scorching sun. That is too upsetting – Shoes need to be loved! But you need to be practical. This also applies to bags, so do look into space saver solutions if your closet is a fuller than your fridge.

Unless you have your own Mr.Big, in which case…

Space is not an issue!

Here… Now you have space for your 1,000 pairs of shoes, all of which you clearly need.

5. Money

We all wish that money is never an issue. Truth be told, it sometimes is especially if you are a full time student! At this point in my life I would rather stock up on basics from cheaper brands but then splurge on a good suit, a staple handbag or a statement necklace.

Shoes fall under a whole new category.  (caution: lie alert) They deserve all the attention, but that being said, I would only splurge if they are to die for and if they won’t be killing my feet! I don’t want to spend too much money on shoes I can never walk in again.

Go for good deals, carefully. Splurge on the things you definitely love and will wear and enjoy for a long time. If you can afford designer wear, that’s great. But again, I’d get something I can get a lot of use of like the perfect Burberry coat or a Louis Vuitton bag. ❤

Wise words or not so much?

I do suggest keeping these things in mind when shopping especially when faced with limitless possibilities. But at the end of the day, shopping should be fun and obviously as Carrie Bradshaw suggested, it counts as exercise too.

I know that many people hate shopping and I hate it too sometimes (when I am too busy to find what I need…)! These tips should help make your life easier the next time you need to head to the mall.


Apparently I’m Obsessed…

Hey Ladies!

So I’m finally back with a post after 4 days.

Going through my drawer of beauty crap, I decided to organize my nail polishes box yet again, and then it hit me… I am obsessed with nail polishes! There, that’s my confession. And I was completely unaware of it until now. I had no idea I was such a sucker for polishes, but come to think of it, I do tend to buy a new polish 1 out of 3 times I see a nail polish stand. So I counted… and I won’t share the number. All I’m gonna say is that these are not all of them…

DSCF8797 (1)

Why do we do this? Let’s be real… I have spent too much money over the past 5 years on nail polish, and I didn’t even realize it. And the thing is, I still love my Nude polish best…

DSCF8788(1) DSCF8790 (1) DSCF8791 (1)DSCF8795 (1) DSCF8801 (1)

Feeling incredibly guilty, I went through them and threw away the few dried up ones. And then I decided to get my box OCD organized. After putting them in ‘colour-wheel’  order, I decided to mark the tops of the bottles with the colour inside. Now I have a colour-coded, ‘colour-wheel’ ordered (too big a) collection of nail polishes. So yes… My name is Marija and I’m a nail-polishoholic.

To justify the obsession, I chose one of my latest additions (a.k.a. addictions) and painted my nails. What do you think? It’s #170 Deep Purple by Sally Hansen. I wouldn’t say it’s a deep purple but it’s pretty nonetheless. These polishes are so great, I would love to have them all! (NO – YOU DON’T NEED MORE)


I love this colour but this has to be the end of the obsession. I am putting myself on a nail polish ban, effective immediately. The ban is a necessary evil. I will not be buying any nail polishes UNLESS it is to ‘replace’ 2 empty ones.

Did you ever need to put yourself on a ban? Let me know your horror stories! I’d love to know 😀