NOTD – Catrice: Genius in The Bottle

Dearest Ladies,

I’m back with another post. Did you check out yesterday’s OOTD post yet?

This will be a short one! I had forgotten how great Catrice Nail polishes treat me… So a few days ago, I picked one of the many bottles I have and I painted my nails! The name of the polish I used is #07 Genius in The Bottle.

I’m not sure if this is a holographic nail polish, please enlighten me, if you know, cause I don’t 🙂 It doesn’t photograph 100% accurately. In reality it is less obviously ‘golden’ and ‘yellow toned’. It has the gold to bronze, to a slightly green finish. It is quite cool actually, and it “changes colour” when you move your fingers in the light!

It has been on for more than 2 days and today I had to actually trim one of my nails, and it still hasn’t chipped. I was quite surprised it survived the nail clipper too! The first time I used this, my nails weren’t too healthy; they had lots of ridges and they were quite brittle – it didn’t quite work then – the effect did NOT look good… But now that my nails are healthier, I think it looks pretty neat 😉

What do you think? Have you ever tried any nail polishes by Catrice? Is this colour too out there or weird? Be honest…

I’d love to know what you ladies think!



Storage Space for Everyday Makeup

Dearest Ladies,

My friend picked me up today and we ran some errands. She needed to buy some make up storage, you know the acrylic clear ones. I didn’t need any… But you know me, and organisation never hurt anyone, right? Consider this post as my Favourite of the Week. Some past posts of this kind are this and this which will be linked later on.


And there it is! I cost €15.95 from Homemate and me and Sarah (from My Place in the Kitchen) discussed which one/s to get cause there were lots of different ones and different sizes too! We agreed this was the best one for our needs after some time and by the way, the top part can be separated from the little drawers, so it makes it a little bit more handy. Sarah got two, to fit most of her stuff in, and I got one to fit in my everyday make up (and a little big more!)


I blurred the photo and it looks weird, but I had a creepy face which I will spare you all from seeing! Just look at how much it can actually hold! There are a number of brushes (Real Techniques) which I use every day, my eyebrow/lash brushes (from e.l.f), foundation (from Bourjois), primers (from Catrice and Wjcon), mascara (by Bourjois which I reviewed here) and a number of lipsticks on top, including my new favourite Lip Cream by NYX. In the first drawer I have my MUA Loose Powder (which I reviewed here), concealer which I do not use daily, and the Natural Glow by K Co which I got from London.IMAG0618The second drawer has some single eye shadows, a couple of blushers and the Jumbo Eyeshadow sticks from e.l.f, as well as a Wjcon one. All in all, it fits more than the essentials for every day make up. God forbid I needed all this every single day! I actually use less and less products every day, especially now that it is getting very hot in Malta. I might actually do a summer make up look soon, using, the bare minimum, so stay tuned for that! P.S. That red thing you see on the side is a beauty blender dupe, it’s working, but it is cracking and I only used it 3 times! I will review it and compare it with the original Beauty Blender which I got from London but haven’t used yet.

Earlier this year I showed you my LIDL make up storage space, which you can see and read all about here. That one holds the rest of my stuff, especially the things I only reach for sometimes, but definitely not everyday. Oh, and this is my nail polish collection right here. Let me warn you,  I am obsessed, but I haven’t broken the ban yet 😉

Do you like my new storage space? Quite handy and neat, right? Would you go for something similar?

I’ll be back tomorrow.


Mermaid Colours Eye Look Tutorial Post

Dearest Ladies,

Today I have for you an eye look which was quite popular with my Facebook fans and was also requested by the lovely Lexania.

So here we go…

1. Primer and Foundation

Start by using a primer on your face. This will help even out the skin tone and the texture of your skin. It will help you with dryness, flakiness and so on and will create a smooth canvas for the foundation to blend on. I used the Wjcon Primer Corrective in Perfect Face (this is the white one). Wjcon also have other colours like green and purple to counteract redness, bluish tones and so on. It would be best to ask staff at Wjcon to help you out if you are unsure which one is best for you.

Then, move on to foundation. It is completely up to you what coverage you want to go for. I have been really liking light to medium coverage foundations because as summer approaches, I want less product on my skin. In fact I don’t even use concealer that much any more, as my skin has also cleared over time. Since these photos were take a while ago and I did not write the products down, I am not sure whether I used the Catrice Ultimate Moisture Fresh Skin MakeUp (which I reviewed on beautyandfitnessmalta right here) or the Catrice Photo Finish 18hr Liquid Foundation. I did not use powder because at the time my skin was getting dry in certain areas and I did not want to make it worse. These foundations I mentioned however do not really need to be set anyway.


Some people choose to do eyes first and then foundation. I do that sometimes but it depends on the colours and products I use. With these colours I knew I had control and that I would not mess it up. If you are using eye dusts, you have to be more careful especially because of fall out all over the cheek area. All in all it doesn’t make any difference if everything is blended out carefully and neatly. But if you are worried that you might ruin it, just do the eyes first, clean up any fall out eye shadow and move on to foundation and the rest.

2. Eyeshadow / Eyeshadow Stick

DSCF9026Also from Wjcon, I used the eye shadow stick in #08 turquoise. These sticks are very long-lasting and can be worn alone or with other shadows. I love to use them as a base to my actual eye shadow. This time I forgot to use eyelid primer. It didn’t really matter cause I wasn’t really leaving the house and I only applied make up for the purpose of this post. Eye primer however helps your eye shadow stay in place and makes sure it does not crease. After putting the shadow stick on my eyelids, I blended it out using a regular (flat) eye shadow brush.

Now onto the eye-shadow palette I used… This one is from E.L.F. but I am afraid that it is no longer available. As such, the brand doesn’t matter as long as the colours you choose are similar and are pigmented. I started my using the minty light colour… and then moved on to the purple shadow, next to it.


E.L.F. Studio Smokey Palette

Starting with the light minty colour, cover you eyelid completely. This will set your eye shadow stick and make sure it stays there.  It will also give an even colour to your lids. The sticks sometimes do not as it is harder to blend the sticks than the powdered eye shadow. Moving on… Using an angled brush (I used this one here), dip the brush in the purple shadow, tip off the excess and starting at the outer part of your eyelid (the side closest to your ear), blend it inwards into the minty colour.

First you might want to focus on packing on colour rather than blending. This is what I do, I blend the colours together when I know that I have enough of both colours on my lids. Using a crease brush or a round domed brush, blend the colours together to achieve a soft blended effect. This is a very important step to remove excess eyeshadow and to blend colours well for a softer look.


Left – UNblended – Right – BLENDED OUT

3. Eyeliners, Mascara and Brows

When I feel like having some fun with colours (like I did here), I opt for a coloured eyeliner at least on one of the lids (upper or lower). For this look I used, Turquoise, Gold and Black. Using a small brush like the e.l.f. Small Smudge Brush, I picked up some colour from the same Wjcon Eye Shadow stick I used before and applied it on the bottom lash line (not on the water line) like you would with a gel liner.


Wjcon Shadow Stick on bottom lash line

Then, I lined the waterline with a black eyeliner for some definition. The last step was to line the upper lash line using a gold eyeliner. I used my favourite metallic one from Wjcon #14 Gold Leaf. For a more intense look, I sometimes line my upper lash line using a black liquid eyeliner and then go over it (when dry) with the gold liner, just on top of the black liner. This is optional and it depends on the sort of look you are going for. Add 1 coat of your favourite mascara to seal the deal.


Added black eyeliner on the water line and gold on the upper lash line + Mascara

Next, I filled in my brows using the essence Eyebrow Stylist Set. I did not use a clear gel on top but you can do that if your brows tend to be naughty! Add another coat of mascara to build up the length and volume of your lashes. You might want to use false eyelashes too, but I didn’t.


4. Blusher, Bronzer and Highlight

Using a matte bronzer, contour your face by blending bronzer below the cheek bones and on the temples (sides of your forehead) and on the sides of your nose if you need to. A little bit of blusher to give your face a pop of colour and you are good to go. Highlighter is optional but it really does make a difference. Blend in some highlighter on the brow bone and above the cheekbone to give your face a little bit more radiance. I use the essence (liquid) I ❤ Runway Highlighter. Don’t worry if you are not sure what to do, I will plan a post specifically on contouring and highlighting in the near future.

DSCF9092 (1)


Where I put Highlight (then, Blend it out!)

You’re done!

So this is the final eye look below…

And this below is my first attempt of the look for one of the events from Malta Fashion Week this year… I used black eyeliner on the upper lid as well in this case, and I seemed to have a more purple concentrated look since my outfit was indeed purple.


 Don’t forget to add some clear gloss or a nude lipstick to complete the look!


I hope you like this look as much as I do and please do let me know if you try it out! As you can see, it’s not that hard to do and looks a bit different to your everyday make up. Feel free to comment if you have any questions or if something is till unclear 🙂
I’m more than happy to help!

P.S. You can see my London & IMATS Beauty Haul Video through this post here since there is a direct link there. I am also planning my clothes + accessories + other stuff haul soon 😉 It will probably be a video as well, so feel free to subscribe to my channel!

Do you think this is something  you would ever go for? Let me know 😉


Lipstick Post

Hey Ladies!

Several weeks/months ago mammulikes tagged me in a post and I finally am getting down to it! I had forgotten the questions and left them unanswered in my drafts. But now, here are the questions:

How many lipsticks do you own?

20 – 19 lipsticks and 1 lipstain – I am only counting the ones which I will ever consider using.

DSCF8966 DSCF8968

Which was the first lipstick you ever bought?

My first lipstick ever was part of a kit an ex bf had given me (this is what I think about ex boyfriends by the way) I think that the first one I bought was from the e.l.f. essential line, the shade Fantasy, which is similar in colour to the one I mentioned before.

e.l.f. essentials – Fantasy

Which was the last lipstick you bought?

It has been a while, but I think it is Catrice 020 Maroon which I mentioned in my April/May Favourites here. This is a very pretty colour. At first, I thought the colour’s name was Macaroon which would have been sweet! But apparently it is called Maroon – which is nothing like what it is. It is a nude to brown shade which looks so great. Reminds me of e.l.f.’s essential lipstick in Fantasy. You can read a review for this Catrice lipstick here, written by my friend Olga from watercoloursilk.

Swatches for the mentioned Lipsticks will be at the end of the post!

What is your favourite lipstick brand?

Various, but namely Catrice for the selection of colours, texture and price.


Favourite pink lipstick?

Not a pink lipstick fan, but I’d have to say, e.l.f.’s Mineral Nicely Nude, which is the only ‘pink’ lipstick I will ever wear.


Favourite nude lipstick?

Definitely Catrice 010 Be Natural, which is one of the lippies I cannot stop talking about.

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in 010 Be Natural

Favourite peach-coral lipstick?

This has to be Obey by Illamasqua which I won in Stefy’s giveaway. However I still have to figure out how to make it work with my pale to olive skin tone.


Coral Flair from Vivo would have to be the most corally wearable one I have but this is not peachy at all, it is quite red indeed. The one by essence in their Vintage District Limited Edition line is the perfect one for everyday use.

DSCF8977 DSCF8978

Favourite red lipstick?

While I love Rimmel’s Apocalips in Big Bang which I reviewed here, I barely ever manage to leave the house and keep it on my lips for longer than half an hour. My boyfriend always tells me “You look better in more natural colours” so I always feel self-conscious. It’s very sexy nonetheless.

Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang

Big Bang

My most wearable red, while a tad bright, has to be Catrice 010 Lobster Love which I reviewed here.

Favourite purple lipstick?

I have no purple ones but the closest one to the colour would be e.l.f.’s Studio Matte lipstick in Tea Rose which is a lilac colour.


Favourite fuchsia lipstick?

I will never have one of these. OK – I have a pink but I won’t use it on myself – I only bought it to use on clients. I also have the e.l.f. Studio HD Blush which can actually be used as a lipstain, but no, fuchsia is just a bit too much.

Favourite unusual color lipstick?

It’s not really unusual. It looks weird when swatched, almost a tad yellow, but it looks great on the lips. And it’s the one by essence in their Vintage District Limited Edition line again. It is actually a 2 in one lipstick-lipgloss type of thing. The lipstick on its own is very hydrating too!


Favourite dark lipstick?

My lipsticks aren’t too dark. My darkest one has to be e.l.f.’s essential line’s Voodoo which I somehow do not find myself using that much anymore. It actually broke today while I was swatching it, along with a Vivo one which also broke 😦

Favourite texture/finish?

I prefer matte lipsticks over shiny/glossy/frosty ones. I love the Ultimate Colour ones by Catrice. I also loved the Matt Sublime ones by Wjcon. The one’s by Vivo are great too and the smell is fantastic.

Wjcon’s Sublime Matt in #601

Some of my favourite Catrice and Vivo lipsticks

Other favorites?

I think Vivo lipsticks deserve a mention. They are pretty but most of all, they smell amazing… I couldn’t quite figure out what dessert it was but then I realized it was toffee 🙂 Great, and you won’t be the only one smelling it.


Here are the rest of the swatches of most of the lipsticks I mentioned here:
P.S. Since this was a tag post, I will only be tagging Davi from Lady with no Name and Stefy from Obviously, anyone who is interested in this, can go ahead and do it, even readers who do not have a blog. I would love to see your answers in the comment section. Oh and if you would like to see any of these colours on my lips, just let me know.

I don’t know, I think I am just lucky to almost always get it right when it comes to lipsticks, I know what I’ll like and I usually know what I won’t. But I’m a little bit curious now… How many lipsticks do you own? Do you usually get it right just by swatching it?


Apparently I’m Obsessed…

Hey Ladies!

So I’m finally back with a post after 4 days.

Going through my drawer of beauty crap, I decided to organize my nail polishes box yet again, and then it hit me… I am obsessed with nail polishes! There, that’s my confession. And I was completely unaware of it until now. I had no idea I was such a sucker for polishes, but come to think of it, I do tend to buy a new polish 1 out of 3 times I see a nail polish stand. So I counted… and I won’t share the number. All I’m gonna say is that these are not all of them…

DSCF8797 (1)

Why do we do this? Let’s be real… I have spent too much money over the past 5 years on nail polish, and I didn’t even realize it. And the thing is, I still love my Nude polish best…

DSCF8788(1) DSCF8790 (1) DSCF8791 (1)DSCF8795 (1) DSCF8801 (1)

Feeling incredibly guilty, I went through them and threw away the few dried up ones. And then I decided to get my box OCD organized. After putting them in ‘colour-wheel’  order, I decided to mark the tops of the bottles with the colour inside. Now I have a colour-coded, ‘colour-wheel’ ordered (too big a) collection of nail polishes. So yes… My name is Marija and I’m a nail-polishoholic.

To justify the obsession, I chose one of my latest additions (a.k.a. addictions) and painted my nails. What do you think? It’s #170 Deep Purple by Sally Hansen. I wouldn’t say it’s a deep purple but it’s pretty nonetheless. These polishes are so great, I would love to have them all! (NO – YOU DON’T NEED MORE)


I love this colour but this has to be the end of the obsession. I am putting myself on a nail polish ban, effective immediately. The ban is a necessary evil. I will not be buying any nail polishes UNLESS it is to ‘replace’ 2 empty ones.

Did you ever need to put yourself on a ban? Let me know your horror stories! I’d love to know 😀