Making a house a Home #3 – This and That

Dear Ladies,

It has been a while, hasn’t it?

It’s been a bit hectic with planning the wedding and getting our place ready but tonight, I finally share another post with you. These are a few things I got a while back for our future home. This time I’ll be sharing some essentials.

Here we go…

Fisherman’s Knot Doormat


I got this chunky doormat from for €11. Unfortunately it is not available anymore but there are quite a few mats to choose from.

My mum really liked this one too and we got another one for her.

Mr and Mrs Magnet


This little magnet was a gift from my sister 🙂 Will surely find it’s place on my fridge in a few months.

Yellow Silicone Non-Slip Heat Resistant Mat 


Got this one to protect the counter when placing hot pots and pans. My mother got two in red to compliment her new kitchen and I got 2 yellow ones as I’m going for a cheerful bright colour scheme.

These cost around €1.60 each from AliExpress.

To get them, click on the link below:

12 Piece Dinner Set

This was probably the bargain of the year… Who would have thought that you can find a dinner set at €18? Oh, and it arrived in one piece and packaged so carefully!


My only concern before having received this was that the bowls would be a bit small for a salad or a pasta dish. It is a bit on the small side but bigger than expected. The suggestion on the site was to style this set with a set of Pasta Bowls which I didn’t get at the time. (But now I did and they are on their way!)


Unfortunately this set is no longer available but you can get the pasta bowls for just €11 by clicking here:

Ironing Board


Just an average iron board – probably one of the least things I’m excited to use but at least I like the colorful cover! Got this one from Homemate – there was a good selection to choose from. Happy ironing to me!

Picnic Basket

Love love love this one! It was even used as a prop in our pre wedding shoot.


My sister visited Flying Tiger in Sliema before I did and was sending me snaps of the things she came across. Could not pass up on getting this one – I just think it is so cute! You can get this from Flying Tiger at €15 Euro but hurry as it has been a while.

That’s all for my 3rd post in this series.
Do have a look at Making a house a Home #1 – Kitchen and Making a house a Home #2 – Bedroom and Bathroom if you haven’t yet.

Stay tuned for future posts as I have lots to share with your!
On the top of my head, new sheets, bathroom accessories, storage solutions and a bargain quilt set.




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