Making a house a Home #2 – Bedroom and Bathroom

Dear Ladies,

In my first post in the Making a house a Home series, I shared a few kitchen items (have a look over here). Today I will be sharing a few items which I got for our Bedroom and Bathroom. I have to confess… I have become obsessed with and I often find myself browsing through their gorgeous collections. I have been really enjoying this process of turning our house into a home and have been visiting many home ware stores. I’m super excited to have everything ready for the big day and the move.

I’ll get right to it… Here’s what I got:

Super Soft Fleece Throw


Our bedroom furniture is quite dark and I wanted to include some cool colours and fun patterns. I got this because I’m a fan of anything fleecy and it matched the bed set which I’ll be mentioning next. Got this one from Next over here. It is soooo soft and only cost €17 ❤

Triangle Geo Bed Set


My fiance probably couldn’t care less about our quilt cover! But I still wanted to get something colourful without it being too feminine. This Bed Set incorporates my favourite colours and is only €23 for the ‘Double’ size. I got it over here.

Cotton Rich Geo Triangle Fitted Sheet Set


The site gives you suggestions on how to style the items which is very helpful and also very convincing! 🙂 The Bed Set was styled with this fitted sheet set and I decided to get some of the matching items. This is how these 3 items look together as advertised on the site:


I can’t wait to use them!

If you are interested in buying any sheets from Next, make sure to check what the set includes. The sets I’m showing you today do not include the flat sheet. These sets include the fitted sheet and 2 pillow cases. I was aware of this before ordering and I don’t really mind as in winter, I like to use a fleecy blanket instead of a sheet (on top) for an ultra soft, warm and snugly bed!  But I really do suggest that you check before ordering to avoid being disappointed.

Dotty Blue Cotton Rich Fitted Sheet Set


Got this set in a separate order. I must say that I haven’t really opened any of these sets as I am pretty sure it will be very hard to repack them. The material seems to be of a very good quality but the true test of that will be when they are washed and ready to be used! These sheet sets cost €14 each.

Laundry Basket


For my birthday this year, my family decided to stuff many many kitchen items and accessories into this laundry basket. Unfortunately I had already packed all the items when I started this series, so I won’t be able to show you the items just yet. This laundry basket will fit in just right in our new grey bathroom. They got this one from JB Stores.

Soap Dispenser


My fiance was running an errand in Fgura so I thought it was the perfect time to sneak in to the new Matalan outlet for a quick look. Got this soap dispenser to celebrate the fact that we had ordered our new bathroom the day before. I cannot remember how much this cost but it was less than €5. I will definitely be visiting the store again when I’m in the area.

Cotton Towel (Studio Collection By Next)


I got 2 hand towels in ‘Denim Blue’ from Next to go with the bath mat that I’ll be showing you next. They are super soft but dense. These hand towels were €3 each and you can get them here.

Blue Ombre Tufted Bath Mat


This mat is rather thick and dense but still soft and fluffy. The dimensions are 50 x 80 cm and the texture is very similar to that of a towel.



I like the ombre effect and the pop of colour should really brighten up the room.

I really hope you enjoyed this 2nd post and do stay tuned as I have quite a few more items to show you, some of which are still on their way!






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