Making a house a Home #1 – Kitchen

Dear Ladies,

As some of you might know, in just about 6 months, I will be getting married! While many plans are underway, making the house that we will be moving into feel like a home is one of my top priorities.

A few days ago I shared this sneak peek on my Facebook Page.

Homeware collage

While I had been buying stuff here and there when I came across a good deal, I officially became obsessed after watching Smashing Darling x‘s Homeware Hauls on YouTube. The items Allyson featured in her videos, made me visit instantly… and I placed my first order that same night!

 These are some of my most recent Kitchen-related purchases:

Set of 4 Happiness Stacking Mugs


I’m a sucker for pretty mugs! Is it just me or does the mug of your choice effect the way your tea tastes? 😉 I thought these would give a nice touch to the kitchen to make sure that we start the day with a positive vibe! The rack might also come in handy.

I got these from for €13 – Click here to get them.

Yellow Ramekins


I don’t bake very often but when I do, I like to try out something different. Like the time I made Passion Fruit Pudding Cake for my fiancé. Well, I had to borrow ramekins that day, but now I got mine! I got these from Pitre and they were around €2.75 each. I decided to get six of them and got a 10% off since I applied for their loyalty card.

 Containers with Rainbow Lids


Apart from the vibrant colours, I love the fact that the lids stack on each other. This set is a real space saver and since we don’t have a large kitchen, these hacks will surely make a difference. The containers are transparent and you’d be rest assured that there is a size for every use. I got these from Homemate for €9.99

White Serve Bowl


This large serving bowl is great for serving salads during lunch. I’m not sure how much these kind of bowls retail in shops in Malta but I’m pretty sure that I got a good deal at €7.00.  Got this one from as well and you can get it here.

Chopping Boards x3


Nothing special here, simply a good bargain. 3 bamboo chopping boards for just €13. Got these from Homemate.

Oven Mitt


This one matches the stacking mugs… Trying to create a theme here 🙂 Will definitely be using this as I’m quite accident prone and it’s the sure way to avoid burning my hands!! Got this one from for €7 – You can get it here.

Glass Dish


My sister got me this one as a ‘just-because’ gift! It’s got the perfect size for 2 people and I look forward to start making pies in it to take with me to work. She got this one from CoseCasa.

Set of 3 Storage Tins

These jars were actually the reason I visited I was sure I’d find a set I like and I did… But they came with a twist…


Aaaa! When I saw it I wasn’t sure whether I should laugh or cry! I contacted next and they issued a partial refund as I didn’t feel like paying shipping to return just 1 item. I’ll have to work around the upside down sugar or put a sticker or something! Maybe we’ll just keep it as is for kicks! Oh and it matches the mugs and oven mitt 😉

Got this one for €11 and you can get it here.

I definitely recommend as the shipping is super fast and everything is packed very well – nothing made it home broken. You get free shipping on orders over €35.

I hope you enjoyed the first post in the Making a house a Home series. Next up will be a bathroom and bedroom haul from various stores!




2 comments on “Making a house a Home #1 – Kitchen

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