Eau Thermale Avène – Tolerance Extreme Range: A review

Dear Ladies,

A while back I told you about what went on at the Eau Thermale Avène and Lierac bloggers’ event. You can read and see snaps from the evening over here. After having used many of the products which I was given religiously, a new post was due.

Eau Thermale Avène is one of Europe’s top dermatology & hydrotherapy brands using active thermal spring water and as few ingredients as possible. The products are aimed to target sensitive skin but can be used by everyone. Avène Thermale Spring water is believed to have healing and calming properties which soothe the skin and prevent it from becoming irritated.

The Tolerance range immediately caught my eye. It is a range that “respects your skin’s physiology” while providing a soothing sensation as well as hydration.


Initially I tried the Tolerance Extreme Cream in Rich Texture. I enjoyed this very much and it is in fact quite rich. Since my face isn’t very dry, it was a bit heavy for me to use in the morning before foundation. I thought it would be better for me to use it as a night cream. That’s when I decided to try the Emlusion (Light Texture) to possibly use in the morning.


I tried the Emulsion and fell in love with its’ consistency. It gets absorbed very quickly without leaving your face feeling greasy. I started applying this daily in the morning before applying my foundation.


As for my evening routine, I have been using the Tolerance Extreme Cleansing Lotion. This is a 200ml tube of goodness! Nothing feels more soothing on your face then this cleanser, after a day at work where the ACs tend to suck in all the moisture! This cleanses all of my make up, including eye-make up and the most stubborn liquid lipsticks. It leaves my face feeling clean and well hydrated.


Following toner application (I wish that there was a toner from Avène!), I apply the Rich Cream in the evening as a moisturizer. It does not feel heavy at night since it has more time to be absorbed and it leaves my skin hydrated up until the moment I wake up.

What I haven’t told you yet is that this range comes with D.E.F.I packaging (Device for Exvlusive Formula Integrity). This packaging ensures that the product remains sterile and no bacteria from the outside gets in. Thanks to this packaging the product can be free from preservatives and is protected throughout the whole use.



There is also a masque in this range which I look forward to purchasing and trying out.

I have been really enjoying this brand and have seen changes in my skin, where it is looking more vibrant and clearer altogether. Ever since I started using Avène products, most days I do not feel like I need to put on foundation as my skin has been looking so much better.

I cannot recommend this brand enough… The products are rich and provide you with all day hydration and no irritation. Most of all it is great to know that you are not putting any “dodgy” ingredients on your skin, including preservatives.

Oh and for you ladies, I have 5 10% off vouchers to be used on Eau Thermale Avène products from selected pharmacies in Malta*. The first 5 of you readers to share this post on their Facebook account will get a voucher 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post and get sharing!


*Vouchers can only be distributed to readers living in Malta.


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