At the ‘Declaré Cosmetics Beauty Training Seminar’

Dearest Ladies,

A few days before Easter I was invited to two beauty seminars hosted by Paloma Cosmetics Limited. Each seminar tackled a different brand, these being Declaré and Juvena. Unfortunately I only managed to attend the Declaré seminar but this is what went on during the day at St. Angelo in Birgu…

Declare 06

The view just outside the Conference Room

We were greeted with breakfast with scrumptious pastries and fresh strawberries after which the seminar began. Declaré is a luxurious brand from Switzerland which started out in 1978 as a brand that caters especially for sensitive skin. This is every product’s focus.

Declare 03

The products have SRC – complex which means that they have a Sensitivity Reduction Complex, working against itchiness, redness, dryness, unevenness, large pores… and helping the skin to protect itself. All the products are dermatologically tested with some of them being allergen free and free from fragrances, all of them working on a long term effect on the skin.

Declare 04

Declare 02

There a number of different ranges focusing on different desired effects on the skin:

  • Allergy Balance (Containing no fragrances, preservatives or colorants)
  • Soft Cleansing
  • Eye Contour
  • Stress Balance
  • Pure Balance (Containing no alcohol)
  • Pro Youthing (Anti-aging)
  • Hydro Balance
  • Vital Balance
  • Age Control
  • Caviar Perfection (Most luxurious of all!)
  • Definite White (Targeting pigmentation)

Declare 01

Declare 05

The event went on with the speaker going through the products in all of the ranges, giving us the opportunity to test them out on our skin to feel the effect of each product. We then stopped for a lunch break and later for lunch where we were greeted with a wow factor.. These below are Molecular Cocktails made from Prickly Pear and Strawberry Liqueur. The lime gives a twist to the bubble which you then burst in your mouth to be able to get to the flavour 😉

Declare 08

Declare 09

After the lunch break we went on to an explanation about what happens in salons and how one should go about working with clients and suggesting products. I had the chance to undergo skin analysis which showed that I have dehydrated skin which is a bit sensitive but otherwise quite healthy.

Upon leaving we were each given a bag with some products to try out which I look forward to reviewing in the future. These are the products we were given:

Declare 07

 Declare 10

Declare 11

Declare 12

Declare 13

Declare 14

It was a very enjoyable event and also very informative. While I have already used the products a few times, I look forward to testing them out long term to be able to give a balanced opinion in my reviews.

Stay tuned if you want to know more about Declaré and how their products helped my skin!



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