What to wear on Valentine’s Day

Dearest Ladies,

First of all, happy Valentine’s day to all! ❀
I promised you this post yesterday and here it comes… If you’re still undecided what to wear here are some basic ideas.

Being a day full of romance, I feel the need for something feminine. I’m not saying be a total girl and wear pink but for a Valentine’s day date, I would recommend a dress.

Here are a few options of what you could wear with items you probably already have in your wardrobe.

Valentines 1

A figure hugging dress, be it in polka dot print or not, enhances your figure and brings out the curves in the right way. A thin red belt for contrast and patent shoes and bag to complete the look!

Valentines 2

If you want to wear the colour that dominates this day, go ahead! Use black or navy blue for contrast. While wearing a blazer and a pencil skirt might give out a work look, the sheer panel in the top in this look is elegant and feminine which makes this kind of outfit work for Valentine’s day.

Valentines 3

A nude lace bodycon dress is very feminine. You can pair it up with burgundy for a little bit of contrast. A black statement necklace, a waterfall blazer just in case it gets cold and stilettos and you’re good to go!

Valentines 4

If you’re still confused on what to wear or nothing seems to look good, do not panic. You can always go for the little black dress. It will not be boring if you jazz it up using bold colourful accessories. A colour matching pair of shoes can really highlight the outfit.

Valentines 5

As I said earlier, I suggest dresses, skirts and flowy pieces for Valentine’s day. However if you feel strongly about not wearing a skirt, you can always opt for a cute pair of shorts. You can easily wear flats in this outfit and still look smart. A lovely shirt with a flowy material and a pussy bow contrasted with gold stud earrings is a good idea. You can also add black sheer heart tights to complete the outfit.

That’s all from my side. I hope you found this helpful and that wherever you’re going, you find something you’re comfortable in and enjoy yourself with your loved one.

As for me we will be having a cosy dinner at home… I might be ignoring this post and wear comfy PJs!

Have a good one everyone!



2 comments on “What to wear on Valentine’s Day

  1. divainside2 says:

    Love the polka dress and nude lace combinations

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