My Brow Palette – K Co

Dearest Ladies,

I’ve never written a blog post about brows or how I do mine. So today I wanted to share with you the brow palette that I have been using for almost over a year.

For a very long time I used to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in my brows. I still keep the Rimmel one in my handbag just in case I need it and I’ve had it for ages. This is the one I’m talking about, my shade is 004 black brown:

After getting into make up and after having started watching tutorials on YouTube I decided to try Eyebrow powder/shadow. I have very thin brows and they are quite straight in terms of shape. I must say that I hardly leave the house without filling in my brows. That little step really does a lot for me. I tried the eyebrow stylist set by essence and I already preferred the way the product made my eyebrows look.

Anyway, when in London for the IMATS last year I decided to look for a good brow palette. I was approached by a lovely lady at the K Co stand, a brand which I had never heard of since then. She tried a few products on me and gave me a good offer on a number of products. Out of all of them, this brow palette is my favourite and the one I’ve used most.

The palette comes with two eyebrow stencils but honestly I’ve never used them. On the box it say that it costs 25 pounds but since I got an IMATS deal, it cost me less.

It comes in black sleek packaging which I like and is easy to open unlike other palettes on the market.

These are the four shades of powder it consists. This palette can therefore be used by women of different hair colour. I mostly use the third colour as it matches perfectly and my sister uses the darkest shade since her hair is darker than mine. The palette includes a small sturdy brush which is quite useful. However, I usually use my e.l.f. small angled brush to fill in my brows.

The shadow/powder is very pigmented and stays on for long without smudging, not even in the summer months. It is obviously matte and can also be used as eyeshadow. I bet the darkest shades would be great for a smokey eye look.

I used to use eyebrow gel but I don’t anymore. Even though eyebrow pencils are a good option, I find that this palette gives me the most natural looking brows. I’d recommend this palette to everyone I know.

What do you use for your brows? Any other products worth trying?



One comment on “My Brow Palette – K Co

  1. […] This is a combination of products which I use every single day. I love the brush because it is small enough to give me control over my very thin brows. I also love the brow powder and I have written about it here. […]

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