Anatomicals no old bags allowed: a Review

Dearest Ladies,

As you know I’ve been away for quite a while. I wrote about this yesterday in this post over here.

Today I am back with a review. I mentioned Anatomicals Malta to you a while back when they sent me a few products to try out. The brand has fun packaged products with a very reasonable price range; products for both men and women. I have reviewed their Headache Relief Balm over here and their Showering Inferno over here. The Showering inferno has become my favorite shower gel at the time. I do suggest checking out reviews, even from other bloggers, before placing your order – it’s always good to know what others think of the products.

no old bags allowed is an eye gel by Anatomicals. I find that it is perfect to use daily and especially after a long night or an all-nighter.  Excluding the fact that you’d be tired, it’s almost equally annoying that your eyes burn or hurt because of the lack of sleep. And well, who loves waking up with bags under their eyes? When using this eye gel, no old bags are allowed!

The eye gel instantly gives a soothing and refreshing feeling to your under eye area. I sometimes apply this over the lids as well. The product comes in a small squeezy tube but has lasted me quite a while as you only need a small amount per use. The gel is quickly absorbed by the skin and make up can be worn over it without any problems. The good thing about this product is that it makes you feel fresh and young even on the groggiest of days!

The all.things.lady Verdict:

Great product! I suggest you try it out.

Like Anatomicals Malta on Facebook here to learn more about their products and be the first to know about special offers.



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