Review for La Roche Posay – cicaplast levres – barrier repairing balm

Dearest Ladies,

A while back I reviewed Cicaplast mains – Repairing barrier cream, a hand cream which my mother uses on a daily basis and adores. You can read the review of that product here.

Today I present to you the lip balm from the Cicaplast range. Even though occasionally we’re having sunnier days in Malta, we still need to protect our lips. The cold weather causes our lips to get chapped and cracked and that is not pleasant at all. In Malta it tends to be very windy which causes more dryness.

The texture of this balm is not sticky at all and feels pleasant on the lips. Once applied, one instantly feels a soothing effect and lips feel smoother immediately. I for one have a tendency to bite my lips when I am nervous and I’m glad I always have this saviour around. It’s also perfect to use when you have a cold as usually after blowing your nose endlessly, your lips feel dry and sometimes have a burning sensation. You can use it around your nose and just above your cupid’s bow to relieve that sensation and feel a bit better.


This barrier repairing balm looks like a clear gloss when applied. It is very hydrating and looks completely natural. It is not scented so that is another plus. It has no particular taste either which means it won’t bother you after a while. As you can see in the photo it comes in a squeezy tube and I’m very happy that it doesn’t leak like other balms I’ve used.

My conclusion: Another great product by La Roche Posay!

Try it – you can find La Roche Posay products in leading pharmacies in Malta.



5 comments on “Review for La Roche Posay – cicaplast levres – barrier repairing balm

  1. Roberta says:

    So glad my favourite blogger is back! And with a great review too! I can not do without lip balms in the weather unfortunately, so I’ll check this out as soon as my present lip balm runs out 🙂

  2. Roberta says:

    Typo – ‘winter’ not ‘weather’ 🙂

  3. Ruth says:

    i use the cicaplast body balm i beleive it is. it was given by my gp when i had flare ups of my face of dry flaky patches on my face and it does wonders. also i use it when my daughter have rash on her bottom (gp told me its like a nappy rash but since she’s 6 and not using diapers anymore i think it’s eczema) and it heels perfectly after 2-3 days

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