all.things.lady’s first Birthday!

Dearest Ladies,

Today happens to be a very special day for this blog!

first birthday

I cannot believe it’s been a year already!
I remember going over names for the blog in my head so vividly…
I guess it’s true, time flies when you’re having fun!

I wanted to say thank you to all of my readers for all of the support throughout this year!
It has been a great journey and the response I got from all of you always kept me going.

P.S. I’m thinking about having a small giveaway to celebrate one year of blogging.
Don’t forget to like my Facebook Page Β all.things.ladyΒ to always be updated.
I’ll be writing about the birthday giveaway in the coming days.

Once again: THANK YOU!



21 comments on “all.things.lady’s first Birthday!

  1. Mammu says:

    Happy birthday to your blog sweetie! ❀

  2. Roberta says:

    Happy Birthday. Admired you for setting up this blog on the first day and admire you even more now for doing such a good job out of it! Here’s to more birthdays xxx

  3. Congratulations, I’m looking forward to celebrate several with you πŸ˜€

  4. Congratulations darling, wishing you very more happy blogging years to come. Steph x

  5. Happy Birthday to your blog. May it have many more fab yrs!

  6. sjvella says:

    Happy Blogging birthday πŸ™‚

  7. Congrats Dear…. Wish you all the best

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