Review for La Roche Posay – cicaplast mains – Repairing barrier cream

Dearest Ladies,

Being a full-time student, I rarely have time to wash the dishes. This might sound as me exaggerating or me making excuses… but in reality being a student takes more time than one can imagine.

When the people at Pro Health contacted me regarding ‘La Roche Posay’ products and when I saw the products themselves (I will be reviewing 2), I couldn’t help but think: My hands are a bit too pretty to be able to review a repairing barrier cream and do it justice.

I instantly thought of my mother who washes the dishes and does a million other tasks around the house. This was a good opportunity to restore her over worked hands. I also thought of my fiancé who’s always busy working in the garage and whose hands are always badly effected by the weather. Being a man means that he is not a fan of hand cream or any cream! However by time I did convince him to use a hand cream to protect his hands.


This is not your average hand cream – It is a barrier cream. This means that its job isn’t to just moisturize, but to make hands less prone to the damage caused by manual work. Using this cream will help reduce the damage as the cream creates a barrier of protection for 6 hours.

For as long as I can remember, my mother has always been on a hunt for great hand creams. I’m very happy to hear her say that this barrier cream is one of the best she’s ever tried. It is absorbed by the skin really quickly. I tested this on her fingertips when the skin was really broken and she was able to resume her work on the computer instantly – That is pretty impressive if you ask me!


These are a few of the many reasons why you should invest in this cream:

  • It will help your hands in the long term
  • It is not sticky and it doesn’t make your hands feel oily
  • Perfectly sized to carry in your bag
  • Unscented (therefore, perfect for both men and women)

Have you tried any of the other products in the cicaplast range?

I’ll be reviewing the cicaplast lèvres Repairing barrier Balm too – another life saver given this cold weather!



9 comments on “Review for La Roche Posay – cicaplast mains – Repairing barrier cream

  1. Amria says:

    This is especially great in this cold cold weather 😀 I haven’t used this product in particular but I am familiar with the brand and have used a lot of their stuff, I was very happy with the sunscreen for allergicc skin as it actually kept me rash free this summer ^_^ enjoy your hand cream

    • Haven’t used that one myself but sounds like a really great product. I have always liked the products by la roche posay The one I remember most is Effaclar, the facial wash.

      The lip balm I said I’ll be reviewing is really great too – exactly what one needs in the cold seasons 🙂

  2. Nice to meet you in here again, even you are a busy young woman. This one sounds interesting for me too. My hands are destroyed by water, soap etc. and I’m not as young as you are. I will check this one out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mammu says:

    I definitely need something like this for winter time! This really sounds like a lifesaver to me! Hope your doing ok sweetie! ❤ Xx

  4. I really like La Roche Posay’s products I swear by the spf 50 fluid, an the respectissme eye make up remover. I have tried some of the other products and they was nice. I never used the hand cream but I have heard good things about it and the lip balm. Steph x

  5. […] A while back I reviewed Cicaplast mains – Repairing barrier cream, a hand cream which my mother uses on a daily basis and adores. You can read the review of that product here. […]

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