Anatomicals showering inferno: a Review

Dearest Ladies,

A while back, the lovely people at Anatomicals Malta sent me a few items to try out. I had picked a few of them myself; one of which was the Headache relief balm (which I reviewed here). The people behind Anatomicals Malta surprised me with a few more products and one of the surprise items was the showering inferno hot and fiery body cleanser.

You can get your own inferno over here!

I don’t usually fuss or care about which body wash I use… I usually use the first one I find in the shower which most of the time is something my mum would have picked up. Now that I have my own inferno (lol…) I just press the pump and use this one! The scent happened to be exactly what I love given that the product has a mix of aloe vera, witch hazel and peppermint oil. It is very subtle and won’t linger on your skin for too long. The scent reminds me of liquorice which I also love.

This body cleanser is great as it keeps your skin soft (even if you don’t have time to exfoliate). It obviously does it’s job as a shower gel… you’d get out of the shower squeaky clean and smelling gooooood 🙂

I’m not going to share the quirky description this time! I had a photo of it but I guess you’re gonna have to buy it if you’re very very curious – as usual it IS funny; this is Anatomicals we are talking about.

Do check out their website as they have a number of offers going on at the time. Oh, and my last tip is to click here and see their gift packs. If, like me, you haven’t even started to think about Christmas presents, you’ll definitely find something. The site is a great place to shop especially if you are on a budget but would still like to give quality presents!

Have you tried any of their items? What are you waiting for?



10 comments on “Anatomicals showering inferno: a Review

  1. says:

    The one I got sent has a gorgeous Apple scent to it! I love their products, this seems promising, and probably perfect for summer as its refreshing!
    I have an anatomicals review tomorrow coincidentally 😉 xx

    • I look forward to that Dav 😉 I love this one, I’m surprised at how coincidentally it is so perfect for me 🙂

      Now my family is slowly becoming anatomical (lol)… My sister bought the pink face care set and my mum decided to get the lavender hand soap 🙂 😛

  2. Sounds interesting, will check their page out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks what a great review! 😉

  4. Hello! I’m so glad I’ve read this article! Thanks to you, I’ve found another cruelty-free cosmetic brand! I’m really curious to try the products!

  5. […] and women. I have reviewed their Headache Relief Balm over here and their Showering Inferno over here. The Showering inferno has become my favorite shower gel at the time. I do suggest checking out […]

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