5 things you would like about EYESHADOW STICKS

Dearest Ladies,

Today I’ll be talking about a particular product; a product which for some reason might not be your first choice. If that is the case, my assumption is that you’re just used to using the ‘traditional form’ of eyeshadow – I’m gonna show you just how much simpler and easier these products will make your makeup application!

Warning: You might want to try these after reading this post!

My Wjcon lasting colour stick eyeshadow: Rose Quartz 03, Tiger Eye 04, Turquoise 08


My e.l.f. Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks


The PUPA Milano Long Lasting Eye Stylo in 004 Meteorite Green (Limited Edition)

I am talking about Eyeshadow Sticks (a.k.a Jumbo eyeshadow pencils and eye stylos). These are the ones I own and I will be comparing them to the ‘traditional from’, i.e. powder eyeshadow (loose/pressed/baked). This is why these sticks can be better than the eyeshadow you already have. I’ll also be comparing the brands (PUPA Milano, Wjcon and e.l.f.) in another post.

Here are all.things.lady‘s 5 reasons why you should get (at least one) eyeshadow stick/s.

They are:

  1. Clean and Tidy

    I’ll start by stating the obvious: Loose eyeshadow can be messy… But, even pressed (compact) eyeshadow can be messy at times. It varies from one brand to the other depending on the quality. Stick eyeshadow, on the other hand, is the complete opposite: Mess free. You couldn’t make a mess using these products, not even if you tried really hard 😛

    The packaging is usually very sturdy, so no lids will break (there aren’t any), and no shadows will break (these are not pressed). No… nothing like that. You can be as clumsy as you are (I know I am…) and drop them 10 times a day, it won’t ruin your product!

  2. Travel Friendly

    Because of the type of packaging, these products are the perfect ‘candidates’ to carry in your handbag. You should not have any problems when it’s really hot outside… And the good thing is that if the product does melt a little bit, still: no problem there – you’ll actually be able to blend it more easily. (Don’t leave it on the bbq in summer… that is kinda pushing it :D)

    The truth is that you do not even need to carry an eyeshadow/blending brush.  We have enough crap in our over-sized bags as it is! All you need is your ring finger… But I’ll tell you more about this in point #4.

  3. Very long-lasting

    Depending on the brand, these products tend to be very long lasting. The last time I used a combination of them, I put my make up on at around 2pm, and it was still perfect by 11pm – honestly, I didn’t even need to retouch it once. Mind you, I walked in the sun for over half an hour…

    Obviously, having a good eye make up remover is always a must. I use Clinians, but I’ve run out, I’m using Nivea till I repurchase, (which is good but Clinians is even better. Read my Nivea review here.) In most cases you won’t even need a primer, but when using a primer you are always on the safe side.

  4. Much Simpler

    It’s not a case of being lazy. It’s a case of being practical. We don’t afford spending over half an hour daily applying makeup. We usually have a lot less than half an hour to get ready for school or work! And well… what do we do? We mostly use it for special occasions, cause that’s  the only time we have enough time to perfect our make up.

    When blending, the heat of your own fingers makes the product warm up. This makes it easier and quicker than using brushes.

  5. Versatile

    With just one eyeshadow stick, you can already create a good, polished look. If you want to mix it up, you can also use 2 or more and blend the colours well.

    They can be used on their own and in most cases you won’t even need to set them. Some ladies choose to use them as a base to their powder eyeshadow. This creates a lovely blend of colours and will make your powder eyeshadow look even more vibrant. You can also play with these using an eyeliner brush for a fun coloured eyeliner. Some of them are actually marketed as stylos i.e. both an eyeshadow and an eyeliner.

I hope I gave you enough reasons to get at least 1 eyeshadow stick. I promise, if you choose the right brands, you will like them. And with these babies, your everyday makeup will be more fun and more colourful. You can still sleep those extra 5 minutes; you can apply these products in seconds. Add a little bit of mascara and you’re always good to go 😉


Good luck! Tell me your experiences with shadow sticks – as you know, I’d love know 🙂



29 comments on “5 things you would like about EYESHADOW STICKS

  1. Lara Azzopardi says:

    Totally agree with all these points!

  2. Mammu says:

    I guess I have to give them a second chance. 🙂 I have let all mine to go bad and I had to throw them away…now I just got 1 or two.

  3. lady.with.no.name says:

    Love jumbo pencils! I thought i wouldn’t but boy was i wrong!!

  4. Meoowcat says:

    Im now tempted to try some eyeshadow sticks! 🙂 also could you check out my blog too? thanks

  5. Angelica Fenech says:

    i will definately try these 🙂

  6. nhieubeauty says:

    Great post! I need more eyeshadow sticks. I finally just ordered the NYX in milk. And I definitely won’t mind more in different colours!

  7. She says:

    I’ve never tried these shadow sticks. I have rubbish saggy eyelids and always worried that the sticks would damage them if they tugged to hard. Are they smooth to apply? – If so, I may try purchase some soon as those swatches are gorgous!
    Susan x

  8. Ashesela says:

    Great post and lovely swatches!! 😀
    I found your blog on a blog hop, and am now following! 😀

  9. rubyangel711 says:

    I love eyeshadow sticks…so easy to use and convenient…great post!

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