taking summer pieces into autumn – A Guest Post by StyleInTransit

Dearest Ladies,

I am finally delivering this post, just as I promised you on Facebook! I have a guest post for you today, and this one is by Stephanie from Style in Transit. I urge you to visit her blog!

That’s all from M.‘s side… This is what Stephanie has to say:

As August rolls into September (sigh) we cannot but think of what to wear now that the heat dies down and the nights become cooler! Before you are even tempted to lash out on a new wardrobe, take note of what you already have and with this thought in mind: this post will show you how to ‘adjust’ your summer wardrobe to pieces which you’ll also wear in autumn.

Piece 1: The Maxi Dress

This is perhaps the most obvious but not necessarily the easiest to ‘adjust’. Some maxi dresses are admittedly too summery, but if you have a couple in jersey material hanging in your closet… the sort of clingy thicker maxi that’s be too warm for humid and unbearable days, then that’s just right! Simply pair with a jeans jacket or a denim shirt for the day, and a leather jacket or a nicely fitted cardi for the night (the latter can be either plain or a bit fancy depending on the dress and on your taste).

Another alternative is wear a boyfriend blazer over it or drape it on your shoulder like a cape. As for shoes, you can opt for sandals if it’s not raining, though I prefer the toes not to be all out… so a subtle peep toe or ankle strap sandals would do. If you want to experiment with the leather jacket, you can then combine it with ankle boots or play it down by wearing cotton slippers. (P.S. I believe that you can never go wrong with Converse or Vans).

The Maxi Dress

Piece 2: The Denim Shirt

This piece is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe – it’s a universal piece: you can never be too young or too ‘old’ to wear it. It’s also universal because it’s a neutral item and one that you can wear all year round. So let’s take it from summer to autumn! In summer you were probably wearing it on your favourite pair of shorts with the sleeves rolled up, or thrown lazily on your bikini while lounging at the beach. I can also imagine it being adorned with some bling on a crisp white pair of pants.

If in summer we ditched the jeans, then that’s our first choice… and this season jeans on jeans does not look weird or gaudy but very trim and slim! Add a chunky brown belt and pointed pumps and you’re good to go. If you want to make it work for the office, you can wear the denim shirt under a simple sleeveless black dress and complete the outfit with a tan handbag and tan heeled brogues / loafers (I have a pair of each and I love them!). If it’s starting to get nippy in the evening and you want the preppy look, pull over a cable knit sweater (not too thick though, at least not yet!).  It would help greatly if you button the shirt all the way up and you set the tips of the shirt’s collar for a pointed look.

The Denim Shirt

Piece 3: The Pants

Whether you have a white pair or a cobalt-blue pair, like myself, it is possible to wear these pieces both in summer (in the evening, mind you) and in autumn. In the HOT months, you can roll up the ends of your pair of pants ‘chino style’ and then slip on a tank top; if the latter is plain, accessorize with a cuff or edgy bangles, or with a statement piece at the neck. If the tank top already has some sort of design, then you can keep it simple and instead add the effect on your feet.

Come fall, these pants can be worn with practically anything (well, almost anything)! From white shirts to T-shirts (plus blazer), from sleeveless vests to a light sweater – there are endless possibilities! With blue pants you may have quite a choice, though the palette of colours might be slightly more limited than what you could wear with white pants. You can try patterned shirts, like a floral design with the same colour scheme, i.e. just a dash of blue somewhere, or even a plaid shirt! (Plaid is apparently so next season). A leather jacket would surely look good on the blue pants, though perhaps a bit questionable over white pants, but a black tailored blazer definitely fits in nicely with both pairs of pants.

the pants

These are the pieces I can think of at the moment, which as you notice, are actually ‘basics’ – it’s no wonder they transition well! As you may have read year after year, it’s your safest bet to stock up on basic pieces because there are endless possibilities of mixing and matching. Whether it is from ‘summer to fall’ or ‘spring to summer’, you would not need to change your wardrobe too drastically, or at least not all at once!

That’s all from Stephanie’s side. This was her very first guest blog, and I think she did a hell of a job! 🙂 I will be guest blogging on her blog too, but don’t worry I will definitely mention it again later and give you a direct link!

Don’t forget to visit and read her blog: Style in Transit. Her blogs vary from this kind of post to “short and crispy” – She’s got great balance!

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