OOTD – Date Night + Handbag Tag

Dearest Ladies,

I have an OOTD for you today, but it’s also a tag post from the lovely “Mammu” 🙂 She tagged me forever ago, but it was still on my “blog-posts-to-write” list. I’m talking about the “What’s in my date night purse?” tag post. This is her original post.

Me and my boyfriend have rather busy lives. He has his band (see their photo-shoot here), his teaching job and a full-time job – I have my studies, my dissertation, my blog and a few other things. It is therefore important for us to make time for each other. So yesterday, we went to an Indian restaurant – it was our first time trying the cuisine. We loved the food and wine and it was a really perfect date night.


I decided on the same bag that I wore in this ootd post, I got it from ASOS a while ago. I was going for the “New Look Clutch Bag 1”, shown in one of my first posts. But, while I love that bag, it is so small, it’s stressful – it’s too hard to fit all you really need in it. I borrowed one of my sister’s dresses (from New Look) and I wore it over sandals which I bought (and only wore) for a wedding.


This is all the crap that managed to fit in my bag:

  • My Phone
  • Tissues
  • My Keys (with my sizable key chains)
  • A Camera
  • A Catrice Lipstick (mentioned in a favourite’s post)
  • A box of Daygum Chewing gum
  • My ID Card


Yes, you might be wondering why I did not take my purse with me… For starters, it’s rather large, and secondly, this was my boyfriend’s treat. He saw me struggling to put it in the bag, and he reminded me that that was the deal from the beginning 🙂


I hope you like this look! I will try to post more regularly but as I said, it’s been a hectic couple of months.



19 comments on “OOTD – Date Night + Handbag Tag

  1. Both of you look very happy together, and you look very beautiful in your sisters dress. You need to find a new bag for your dates, a little bigger. He he he

    • marijadebono says:

      Thanks Irene!
      Noooo…. this one was already “too” big! I like tiny bags, I think they are incredibly pretty! But they are not practical, and well, my boyfriend sometimes like to put his keys, wallet, sunglasses+case in the bag too- so really, I do have to say goodbye to my teeny bags at some point! 🙂

      Thank you so much for the lovely compliments 😉

  2. Anthea says:

    You look lovely xxx

  3. Kylie Cassar says:

    you look amazing 🙂 xx

  4. Mammu says:

    I’m so excited to see a post from you! You look so beautiful here, this dress looks great on you – the color, the shape, everything just suits you perfectly! And the shoes and the clutch are very cute also. And also your most important accessory looks good with beard 😀 I’ve missed you xxxx

  5. marijadebono says:

    Thanks for the lovely words! I was never a fan of peplum to be honest, but I didn’t mind this one – thank god I have a sister to borrow it from, right? 😉

    “your most important accessory” 🙂 😀 I was surprised at first, when he shaved the rest of his facial hair (he had a full beard for a while), but I got used to the ‘goatie’ quickly and I really like it, I think it suits him 😉

    I missed you too! Still going to be hard to post daily though… It’s great to see response, even though I sometime feel guilty, as if I “abandoned” my readers!

    • Mammu says:

      I haven’t even wore anything peplum yet and it has been a trend for a long time now. I’ll probably start wearing it when it goes out of fashion…this would be so me 😀

      Don’t feel guilty, it’s normal we all need some time for real life as well even though I always feel awful when I don’t post for a long time, it eats me up inside hahhhaha

      • marijadebono says:

        Yeah, who cares? 😉 Wear it wherever you want, as long as you do it in Mammu Style 😀

        You know exactly how I feel then… But I agree with you, sometimes we need a bigger dose of the ‘real’ life 🙂

  6. sjvella says:

    Love the outfit 🙂

  7. LayonieJae says:

    Thats my kinda dress you look lovely! xxxx

  8. […] OOTD – Date Night + Handbag Tag (allthingslady.wordpress.com) […]

  9. […] OOTD – Date Night + Handbag Tag (allthingslady.wordpress.com) […]

  10. rubyangel711 says:

    I have always loved the colour Navy and have always loved Lace—great combo for an amazing outfit:)

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