5 Steps to get The Perfect Fitting Bra

Dearest Ladies,

I hope you have been well. I haven’t been keeping you company much lately, but I’m gonna try to post more, regardless of how busy I am. Blogging is my leisure time, but I hate being too tired to even do that or think about what to write.

Last week I wrote about something which in my opinion is hideous and some of you readers said they should be banned:


I plan on writing more on the subject. I have now created an underwear category on my blog, which will include related posts.

In order to have good fitting clothes, you need a good fitting bra. Did you ever wear a dress and weren’t sure the fit is as flattering as it used to be? Did you have t-shirts which reveal every seam in your bra? Having a good, multi-purpose bra is extremely important, and if you don’t have it yet, it will seriously change your life. Regardless of your size, this is what you need to do when looking for a new bra, especially if you are starting out/starting over because your size changed:

  1. Get Fitted

    sex and the city bra fitting

    Miranda gets fitted (Sex and the City – S04EP08)

    Lots of (if not most) lingerie stores and department stores offer to give you a bra fitting for free. Believe me, it is not as embarrassing as you think it is. And just to clear up a common misconception: No, you do not need to be topless for the fitting. Try to wear your best bra, ideally under-wired but not a push-up bra. You will be measured while wearing this bra, so do not cheat. Remember, this is a matter of trial and error, until you find the perfect one which fits you like a glove (or a bra, for that matter). Do NOT wear a strapless bra for your fitting: your boobs are a bit more saggy in this sort of bra – just wear your regular, everyday, comfortable t-shirt bra – as long as it is not a push-up bra.  Remember that different brands may vary in sizes.

    DO NOT – Buy a bra at the local market (il-monti) without having the option of trying it on or return it. Always try a bra before committing to buy, especially if you cannot return it. If you are in a hurry, just don’t buy it, unless it is identical (brand + size) to another bra you had and loved.

  2. Trust Your Instincts

    While a bra fitting can make you discover things you didn’t know about your bra size, always trust your instinct. A bra fitter is sometimes bound to be wrong. Experience doesn’t automatically mean she is well trained. Do not let the fitter influence if you think this bra will be uncomfortable. YOU will be the one regretting it if it’s too uncomfortable to wear. You’ll end up feeling guilty for spending the money and trusting her. So while you should get someone’s opinion, you also have to be your own judge. At the local markets, people tend so just say: “Of course it fits you! Just try it on on your clothes and you’ll see!” or even worse: “It will stretch!”. No – Your bra should be perfect on the day you buy it. Make sure that you can close it on the last clasp to the right (in most cases), i.e. the ‘loose’ one. That way, when the bra’s band starts to loose elasticity, you can move to the left to make it tighter – Yes that’s the point of having 3 pairs of clasps!


    Check these 5 things – If still in doubt, ask for a fitter’s opinion.

  3. Sister Sizes

    This does not mean that you’ll be borrowing your sister’s bra 😛 It means you size has a sister size which will pretty much give you the same support. If say, I am a 34D, and no 34D bras are on the market, I can go up a cup, so DD, but go down a band size, to 32. The sister size to 34D is a 32DD. Remember, cup sizes are proportional to the band size. This means that a 28D does not have the same diameter and cup size of a 36D. If neither 34D or 32DD are available, 36C might be another possibility – we increased the band size but reduced the cup size. It is important to know your sister sizes too (you can calculate it : if you add the cup, you decrease the band – and if you increase the band, you decrease the cup – it is that simple). It comes in handy when you are trying on bras from different brands.

    Know your sister sizes!

  4. Wear a t-shirt

    The worst thing when buying a nice, lacy bra, which you actually want to get use out of (even outside the bedroom…) is when you wear your clothes and the texture of it, ruins the fit of your top. This does not mean that you need seamless bras or t-shirt bras with no details what so ever. If you want to go the extra mile from ‘boring’ everyday, plain t-shirt bras, all you need to do is try a t-shirt on your new bra. This will make sure that your bra doesn’t only look great when it’s the only thing you are wearing!

    T-shirt over 3 sister bra sizes

    T-shirt over 3 sister bra sizes

  5. Go back for more!

    If you followed these 4 steps above, chances of you having found your perfect bra are very high! So take a note of the bra, the brand, the size and even the style if possible – before the tag fades with washing machine use. The next time you need a bra, you know exactly where to go and what to look for. I would start by getting 2/3 bras with the perfect fit: A black one, a skin/grey coloured one and an optional white one. You can also go for funkier colours now that you are sure that your size is right! I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: My most recent purchase is an ultramarine blue one from Boux Avenue and I love it 😉

    With shops like Boux Avenue, it's hard NOT to find a bra love!

    With shops like Boux Avenue, it’s hard NOT TO find a bra you love!

    I promise you, once you find your perfect bra, you will be so much happier and more comfortable in your underwear. And your clothes will look better. I would rather invest in a good bra than in an expensive t-shirt. Having good underwear will give your existing wardrobe a well-deserved boost! Almost everything can look great worn over good, fitting underwear.

    Please do email me if you have questions! I am more than happy to help. This is a delicate subject and I understand that you might not want everyone to know you have a question through a comment 😉 My blog’s email is allthingsladymarija@gmail.com and only I will be reading what you write! No one else has access to my email, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

    I already have 2 friends who want me to help them pick out the right bra. It is important that if you do not particularly love fitters, you go with someone who has read and knows a bit about the subject. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.



30 comments on “5 Steps to get The Perfect Fitting Bra

  1. Lara says:

    very helpful indeed!

  2. Mammu says:

    Hi dear, great tips like always =) You are like a big sister who gives advice to the younger ones 😉 I use often the sister size trick, I didn’t know it was already know, I thought I was the only clever one hhahhahhha By the way there is a tag for you on my blog http://mammulikes.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/whats-in-my-date-night-purse-tag/ I hope you find it fun to do xxx

  3. Extremely helpful. Thanks! kisses

  4. LOVE it!! I’ve been wearing bras that are too wide at the belt and too small in cups for years. When I eventually discovered that there are more sizes than A-D cup and figured out mine, I was SO happy!! Out of all the clothing items, I think wearing proper bra size is the most important for us, girls.

  5. Roberta says:

    great tips! will definitely keep in mind next time 🙂

  6. Haha brilliant post! Definitely following you now!

    Check out my blog! 🙂

  7. KaT & Kiddo says:

    Much needed post! 🙂

  8. moonstone34 says:

    Great tips! Love the size chart, very helpful!
    xo, Jackie

  9. I don’t think I will ever wear this…. Tho! it looks okay. If it isn’t wool or cotton am not wearing.

  10. Nah! am referring to the plastic strap bra.

  11. FreeUrCloset says:

    Great tips, Marija, especially #5, haha. When I find ‘the one’, I end up getting it in every color. As for invisible — a total YAY for me! Perfect for the summer outfits.

    XOXO Nensi

  12. Jen says:

    Oh finding the perfect bra…it took me a long time! Such a great post – love all your tips! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I’ve never been to Europe but I was excited to experience a taste, although small, of Bavaria!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace

  13. Shin says:

    Thanks for the tips and trick, and your most honest opinion! Love it and please keep them coming!

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