Beauty and Skincare from IMATS and London

Hey Ladies!

Once again I woke up way too early and I had more than 2 hours to kill and wait till I can go downstairs for breakfast. So I’m just gonna mention some of the make up I got at IMATS and other things I got, mainly from Boots and Superdrug.


I heard good things about Aveeno, so when I ran into some of their products I got myself the Daily Moisturising Lotion. I have used it a couple of times and it smells fantastic, an oatmeal and honey sort of smell because those are the key ingredients. It is however fragrance free which is great. It provides moisture which can still be felt on the skin after 12 hours. I am not even kidding. I think this was a good buy even thought it is quite large and therefore weight.

From Superdrug

I have also been looking for the raved about Bio-Oil so as soon as I saw it at Boots (I never have in Malta) I thought I’d give it a try. It really works. I used it on some old scars and in just 3 days I am already seeing improvements. It also great on the face and on any problem area.

The miracle worker

When we went to Westfield, which by the way, has shops which stay open till 11pm, me and Marija especially, could not resist going into Lush. Since Lush had closed down in Malta, I thought I would get something useful which is a lush creation on its own. I opted for a moisturizing and massaging bar which smells fantastic and The Volcano Foot Mask which I only used once so far. The sales person was so helpful in helping us choose products that do not break the bank but are still great.

moisturizing, massaging bar by LUSH

I also got 2 items from Body Shop yesterday for just 3 pounds. Would you believe it? I got the travel sized Sweet Lemon Shower Gel and a hand lotion from the relatively new Cranberry Joy collection.

Hair Care

As soon as I got to the airport in Luton, I searched fora shop selling hairspray cause it was the only thing I forgot to take, mostly because I did not have a travel sized one. I chose one by V05 which is the same brand which does the best dry shampoo I’ve ever tried which I should be reviewing soon but I have mentioned in a lot of favourites. So far it survived the London weather without making my hair all flaky and dirty.

travel-sized version

My auntie wanted me to look for an Aussie product for her and because I did not find the full-sized conditioner, I got 5 small ones. Later I did actually find a full-sized one and with it I bought a heat protective conditioner and a mousse for me.

The small, 1.69 GBP option

With every 2 small ones, you get one for free at boots, so I got a small version of the body scrub/polish. This one smells like peaches, which I love!

I am dying to dye my hair and if I did find a foam kit, I’d do it before I get to Malta. It seems like I won’t and I guess it’s better to do this at home rather than in a cosy hotel room.

Make up

I got 2 things from MAC. A blusher, only the refill and a lipstick. I opted for a frosty lipstick, not because I like them that way but because I love the colour. The one I got is Jist and this is a photo of it I found online.


I obviously did get other things apart from MAC which I also mentioned in yesterday’s post. But I will write about that in the afternoon when I come back for my nap before I head to Luton and back to Malta in the middle of the night!

Be back in a few hours time!



10 comments on “Beauty and Skincare from IMATS and London

  1. Daniela says:

    the volcano foot mask looks awesome! πŸ˜€ ixtri ixtri!

  2. dynelle21 says:

    I usually get all my hand lotions and shower gels from Bath and Body Works, but that Cranberry Joy hand lotion from The Body Shop…I think i’m gonna try that!

  3. A lot of goodies…use them and let us know which one is ur favourite kiss

  4. I love lush, something I really miss! and bio oil can be found in all pharmacies πŸ™‚ xx

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