London so far…

Hey Ladies!

So apparently I am a very light sleeper in London, I always wake up 1/2 hours before my alarm goes off and my friends are always still fast asleep. At least this gives me time to finally write a full post! Internet died on me this morning, so I am actually finishing it now, and it’s almost 7pm here.


The trade show was great. All the educators did something we did NOT already know, be it glitter, body paint, runway. I feel that I have learned so many things and I am dying to try out new techniques and body paint and so much more. Good thing I got a photo-shoot coming up for which I am in charge of makeup! I did buy some stuff, but it was all stuff I either have been waiting to try for ages or stuff I needed, like a mineral foundation. Got some K CO, Real Techniques, the Beauty Blender, MAC, NYX, stencils for body paint and some other brands which I will later list down. Some great things, great shows/lectures and pretty good deals too.

The crowded hall!

Me, Matthew Ambrosio (Runway Dos and Donts) and Martina

Some amazing body paint on your ”average man” πŸ˜›

By the woman behind MIA brushes

The Company

Martina prepared me to face the underground with bravery when she leaves!

Considering how little I knew the girls before we flew to London, the company was brilliant! We clicked and we laughed really hard. We shopped till we dropped, Β almost literally! It was great really and I cannot wait till we meet again and share the photos and memories over some cocktails.

Martina, Marija, Violet and Me at an Italian restaurant!

Oh and Johnny Depp did the best he could…

Johnny was a bit skeptical about the whole IMATS thing…

The shops and the bank account

The shops are great, my bank account, not so much! I spent a lot but I knew this would happen. If you do not shop when in London, I don’t know when you do… I got a bunch of clothes for me and my baby sis today from Primark and H&M mainly. I got some comfy flat shoes which I needed. A great pair of chinos from Zara and a bikini top which I adored from Victoria’s secret, which by the way, have the cutest changing rooms, with sofas in the waiting area and all. So, I just cannot complain, except for the annoying formality of actually having to pay for all of it πŸ˜› We also went to the M&Ms Store which is great and I know have a green M&M soft toy to share a bed with! We visited the Disney Store today which was every child’s dream world.

DSCF9317 DSCF9316 DSCF9319 DSCF9318


New PJS! πŸ™‚


At Victoria’s Secret


Some of my buys…

I’m off now ladies. Marija and Martina have already left for Heathrow Airport but I still have till Tue/Wed Morning here to look around and see some museums and art and maybe a musical!

Off to take a walk and maybe something to drink!



8 comments on “London so far…

  1. Miss Uschi says:

    Looks like you had a really amazing time!!! The PJ just looks super cute! πŸ™‚ I just love London! Wish you a great time till Wednesday morning. πŸ™‚

  2. Im glad you girls had a great holiday, you managed to make me slightly homesick! I have to come with you for the next one!!!


  3. Martina says:

    Mwahhhhhh. Xxxxxxx misx u xxxx

  4. […] obviously did get other things apart from MAC which I also mentioned in yesterday’s post. But I will write about that in the afternoon when I come back for my nap before I head to Luton […]

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