My First Michael Todd True Organics Order

Hey Ladies!

Yesterday I posted an Outfit Post and a post about my Spinning Rings Collection. And earlier this week I posted about How to make Frappés at Home among other things.

Today I am back with a ‘haul’ type of post. Yes, yesterday, a lovely purple box finally made its way to my house! I had a few problems with it getting here because there was a shipping issue but the customer service solved it instantly at no charge. I do not usually splurge on stuff unless I really want (or need) an item especially if the items are shoes, but I guess my skin is something I would invest in. That is why I placed my first order on


*Drum Roll*

As soon as I opened the sealed box… The most amazing scent filled my room! Lavender and Citrus… ❤


Citrus Lavender Body Bar Soap


Dry Skin Discovery Kit

I chose the dry skin one because as you know, I have been complaining about my skin changing. I have found a temporary solution when using one of the Wjcon primers, but this might help me eliminate the problem completely. Truth be told, I am quite new to organic products but I guess this was the best start! I have tried almost all the items in the discovery kit except for the mask. I love how everything is travel sized and that it comes in a pocket, cause it will be the first thing in my suitcase when I am packing to go to London next week! Everything smells fantastic with a general citrus smell as well as tropical fruit and cranberries – yummy scents.



Have you ever tried anything organic yet? Did you ever buy any Michael Todd items?
Let me know.



6 comments on “My First Michael Todd True Organics Order

  1. Rosita says:

    Marija I use Neal’s Yard Remedies (website here: and they are great 🙂 you should drop by when in London…they have shops all over London..if you would like to visit, I suggest the one in covent garden and to go when there is the apple market in convent garden…the apple market is all about handcrafted staff and it is lovely!! you will def love it, loads of nice original stuff.

    Rosita 🙂

  2. I don’t know this brand personal, but prefer organics too. I use to buy from The Body Shop, ad you also have at Malta. The prices there is also much more fair than in the rest of Europe, where the products are much more expensive. I’m excited to hear more about your new products, when you have used them some time. Thanks for sharing.

    • marijadebono says:

      I’ll definitely share my views when I have a better formed opinion. Yes I love body shop products! I used to swear by their lead free deodorants, even though they are more expensive. I also love their lemon scrub ❤ I like the spray on coconut lotion and I can't get enough of their strawberry and vanilla renges, including the perfumes! 🙂

      I thought the prices would be the same everywhere since it is a franchise… :/

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lovely and interesting stuff!

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