Spinning Rings Collection

Hey Ladies,

So today I am writing about a collection that is very close to my heart. The first time my boyfriend gave me a ring (actually it was three rings), was from the Spinning Collection. This collection features a large number of stackable rings giving you limitless possibilities. I had mentioned the latest additions to my Spinning collection in my Birthday Gifts Post, back in March.

This sort of gift is perfect, as one can keep getting you the same sort of present and making your collection bigger every time, giving you new options of wearing the rings you already have.

In Malta, you can get these at 202 Jewellery. The shop has also introduced a system where by you get a stamp for every ring you buy, and after a number of stamps, you get a free ring too! The first time you buy spinning rings, you also get extra stamps to encourage you  😉

My collection is growing… and my boyfriend always knows what to revert to when in doubt about a new present. Whenever he takes me with him to choose a ring… It takes me forever, because they are all so pretty…

This is what their tempting ‘stands’ look like, and you can obviously try them on and create different combinations before choosing which one will get to go home with you!


They are currently neatly placed in my little Sausage Dog Ring Holder from ASOS which I mentioned to you here. I will now show you each ring one by one! 🙂 You can also see most of these here. Some of them are not showing, probably because they were discontinued and replaced with new designs.







Paisley White


Paisley Black








My most recent additions altogether! Snowflake, Flowering and Fly

These rings are so so pretty and can be worn either on their own one by one or together in many different combinations.
These are some of my favourite combinations with the ones I have…


Paisley White and Paisley Black (Ying Yang)


And with Brilliant in the middle


Brilliant, Paisley Black and Flowering


Paisley Black, Snowflake and Flowering


Fly, Brilliant and Princess

IMG_4423 IMG_4422

Now here are some of my favourite pictures found online:

Super Stack!

If I ever get to add more to my collection, these are probably the ones I’m gonna look at first:

June (It’s not my birthstone, but who cares?!)

Black Magic

Mix Heart



Glitter Heart

Spinning Jewelry is honestly the best present you can give to the person you love, be it your mother, mother in-law, sister, friend, auntie or girlfriend. You can match bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and you can create so many things using charms, links and so on. My siblings and I bought 3 rings for my mum on mother’s day and I matched a pair of Buttercup (stud) earrings too. It was one of the gifts she truly loved.

Spinning rings are available in a variety of prices corresponding to their width. They are also available in gold and some of them also have diamonds. You can also start by buying the birthstone ring on someone’s birthday and extending their collection on the next occasion. Mine are all silver, and only Brilliant is thicker than the rest, and therefore cost more. You can see some of the ones 202 Jewellery have right here, but remember, they also have new collections coming in very frequently!

Do you have anything Spinning? Are your eyes on a particular item? Let me know!



14 comments on “Spinning Rings Collection

  1. I have the butterfly and the crystal one too 🙂 I love them, but my weakness is the Chamilia bracelet for sure!

    • marijadebono says:

      Hmm… It is beautiful, I don’t have it though. Buying the bracelet alone is already very expensive. So yet it is gorgeous, but these are more affordable 🙂

  2. flo says:

    Aw I have fallen in love with them! Wish I had a boyfriend like yours too 😉

  3. lov3less says:

    I’m not a big fan of ring jewelry, but I want those.

  4. Mammu says:

    Love them and the combinations are so pretty *____*

  5. Those are some lovely collections of rings and i love the Paisley Black, Snowflake and Flowering more. Nice post

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