How to make Frappés at Home

Hey Ladies,

Something different to mascaras and lashes now! Let’s talk drinks – specifically Frappés and Shakes
The photos are not in good quality because I shot them with my phone, so my apologies!

Summer is the perfect time for ICE COLD drinks, especially if you live in a country where the heat makes you sweat like a pig, like Malta. So yes, something refreshing is usually the one thing you need to bring you back to life! Oh… and if you don’t know how you can still look smart and stylish in the scorching sun, but be comfortable at the same time, make sure you check this Polyvore post here.

My boyfriend is one who loves the Frappé ordeal… He’s the kind who would crush the ice with his teeth when he finishes his drink. So over the past few weeks, I tried my best to see what I can come up with. Let’s just say he’s a very lucky guy. Starting with the…

Iced Coffee/Frappuccino


I prepared this drink more than once for him. The first time I used Coffee Ice cubes floating in milk and the second time, I used a hand held blender to crush the ice cubes. The second one gives the same taste to all of the shake while the first one requires you to heat up the milk for a few seconds so that the Ice Cubes start melting while floating in the milk.

This is how it’s done:

  • Use 2/3 spoons of Coffee and dissolve it in boiling water in a mug
  • Fill the ice-cube tray with the coffee and freeze
  • When frozen, fill the glass with milk and put around 4/6 coffee ice cubes
  • You can crush the ice together with the milk using a blender before pouring it into a glass
  • Top it all off with some whipped cream
  • Drizzle Toffee sauce on the whipped cream
  • Sprinkle some coffee on everything
  • Drink and Enjoy!

Cadbury Crunchie+Dairy Milk Chocolate Frappé

My mum has been buying Crunchie Biscuits, which are great, but really, they’re completely equivalent to the original chocolate itself except for the shape. And what’s better than Cadbury’s Dairy Milk with Whole Nuts for the perfect chocolate flavour?

IMAG0482This is how it’s done:

  • This time I used lactose free milk, so that I could try it.
  • Cut the chocolate bar/s in pieces, and chop the Crunchie biscuits into smaller pieces
  • Using a hand blender, crush the chocolate and Crunchie biscuits with some ice cubes and the milk
  • Put Toffee Syrup at the bottom of the glasses
  • Drizzle chocolate sauce/syrup around the empty glasses
  • Pour the frappé into the glasses
  • Top the glasses with some whipped cream
  • Drizzle some more chocolate sauce on top
  • Sprinkle some hot chocolate powder on it
  • Place a half Crunchie biscuit on top of the cream or use any other chocolate
  • Insert a straw, it’s best to buy some of the wider ones…
  • Enjoy!


The end result is usually a very happy boyfriend and A LOT of calories 😉
Today’s frappé is going to be a Bounty flavoured one… so we’ll see how it turns out!

Until then, what other Frappés have you tried outside the house?
Which ones would you like to try to make at home?



6 comments on “How to make Frappés at Home

  1. Yum!! I’m gonna try these at home 😀

  2. Mammu says:

    Yummmyyy, I love them all! I used to created all different kinds to myself when I worked at my husband’s coffee. You know italians love their coffee, but mostly classical espresso and that’s it 😛 I also love the caffè shakerato, I guess it would be a shaked coffee:mix ice, coffee, milk and Baileys in the shaker and well, shake 😀 It’s simple but so good and when you pour it with a special thingy (no idea what it’s called but looks like a big spring) it comes out so nice and creamy. Now I need to make some Frappès or Shaked Coffees, damn 🙂

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