Favourite Mascara of the Week

Hey Ladies!

So I’ve really come to love writing this product of the week post! It helps me to try and vary the products I use from week to week and lets me focus on one item at a time rather than on posting a billion reviews!

So far I have shown you these products in the past 2/3 weeks:

I missed last week’s, so this week, I’ll try to squeeze in two! I had planned to post this earlier but the photos weren’t good enough. But now, here we are…

Today’s product is the Bourjois Fan-tastic Volume Mascara, which usually retails at €13.24 on asos.com. At the moment it is out of stock. I got this a while ago, when ASOS had a 30% off beauty products discount with some other things, so it cost me around €8 that day. It is still more expensive than say, Catrice mascaras, which sell around €4.50 – €5, but still, this isn’t the most expensive mascara I ever bought.

After having tried it, I realized it was money well spent, unlike in the cases of some Max Factor mascaras which cost around €15 but were still disappointing. From what I saw online, this mascara is actually relatively new.


Apart from the funky ‘almost flat’ packaging, this mascara has a fan (brush) sort of wand, something which I haven’t seen before. It is the wand which intrigued me most to the point of buying it. It is made out of rubber/bendable plastic and not actual hair bristles like some other mascaras. It picks up just the right amount of product and with the ‘bristles’ of the wand being on one side only, it prevents getting spots under your eyes or below your brows from the other ends you won’t be using. It’s also great as it only pulls out the amount of product you’ll be needing, not more. With the other normal wands, you probably only you use the product sitting on the side you are touching with the lashes. The rest gets back in the tube when you are done… which come to think of it, is not very hygienic.

The wand and formula give you a rather natural look to your lashes which I love. I also use this on days when I decided not to use eyeliner at all. It volumizes my lashes in a very dark but subtle way. It doesn’t give a false-lash effect or extreme length, but the volume it provides is indeed FAN-tastic.

DSCF8924 DSCF8927

It’s one of those wands that look exactly the way they do on the ads… I hate it when you see a massive CLEAN wand and you love it, but then you open the mascara and it’s all clumped up on the wand! This one was a love at first sight mascara, for real.

This was my first Bourjois product and I loved it! I also have one of the intense pot eye shadows which is just beautiful. I would love to try their serum foundation next, the healthy mix.

Have you ever tried anything from Bourjois? How do you like the brand? Let me know 😉



2 comments on “Favourite Mascara of the Week

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