Apparently I’m Obsessed…

Hey Ladies!

So I’m finally back with a post after 4 days.

Going through my drawer of beauty crap, I decided to organize my nail polishes box yet again, and then it hit me… I am obsessed with nail polishes! There, that’s my confession. And I was completely unaware of it until now. I had no idea I was such a sucker for polishes, but come to think of it, I do tend to buy a new polish 1 out of 3 times I see a nail polish stand. So I counted… and I won’t share the number. All I’m gonna say is that these are not all of them…

DSCF8797 (1)

Why do we do this? Let’s be real… I have spent too much money over the past 5 years on nail polish, and I didn’t even realize it. And the thing is, I still love my Nude polish best…

DSCF8788(1) DSCF8790 (1) DSCF8791 (1)DSCF8795 (1) DSCF8801 (1)

Feeling incredibly guilty, I went through them and threw away the few dried up ones. And then I decided to get my box OCD organized. After putting them in ‘colour-wheel’  order, I decided to mark the tops of the bottles with the colour inside. Now I have a colour-coded, ‘colour-wheel’ ordered (too big a) collection of nail polishes. So yes… My name is Marija and I’m a nail-polishoholic.

To justify the obsession, I chose one of my latest additions (a.k.a. addictions) and painted my nails. What do you think? It’s #170 Deep Purple by Sally Hansen. I wouldn’t say it’s a deep purple but it’s pretty nonetheless. These polishes are so great, I would love to have them all! (NO – YOU DON’T NEED MORE)


I love this colour but this has to be the end of the obsession. I am putting myself on a nail polish ban, effective immediately. The ban is a necessary evil. I will not be buying any nail polishes UNLESS it is to ‘replace’ 2 empty ones.

Did you ever need to put yourself on a ban? Let me know your horror stories! I’d love to know 😀



29 comments on “Apparently I’m Obsessed…

  1. sarahagius says:

    yeah. you know you’re obsessed when you have the same colour of nailpolish … in 4 different brands. you need to DETOX yourself woman!

    • says:

      lol, how about the same colour of the same brand in duplicates lol!! Just cos you forgot you had it!

    • marijadebono says:

      but they all have a different tinge to them… one of them would be deeper… one of them would be a tad brighter…. you know the drill! it’s your fault I am aware now 😛 When you were looking for the grey one, I almost counted them! Today I did! haha

  2. says:

    Ohhhh we share the same addiction! I have 167 nail polishes, 44 Gelish Colour Gels, and 36 colour gels! But I worked in the nail industry so I am technically excused Marija lol :p

    And I did put myself on a nail polish ban! And totally forgot about it when I saw a nail polish stand!! Im sooo bad with polishes. By the way, the only reason I know how much I have is because i colour code them using a number system on my colour wheels, sooo yeah. And the sad thing with my addiction is, I tend to use a colour I buy, and buy another when I do my nails again. It really has to stop. Big waste of money really.

    You have some pretty colours though. I recognized quite a lot of them in my collection!

    Call me when you go to NA (Nailpolish-o-holic Anonymous!) I’ll definitely join you!! xxx

    • marijadebono says:

      OH MY – THAT’S A LOT! I’m a newbie compared to you 😛 But yes, you have an excuse. I don’t have the same colour by the same brand yet, I tend to know exactly which polishes I like haha. Then again, I do use almost all of them cause I change my polish 2/3 times a week. My toes are a different story. There isn’t one of them I haven’t tried. Oh btw, I had given some of them away to my sis a month ago… so the number was reduced, because they wouldn’t fit in my box. LOL


      I’ll let you know when I am going to the first NP Anonymous meeting 😉

      • says:

        lol well my collection goes back 5 years! Btw if you leave them upright they won’t dry up mar, and there is a really good product which thins them out again when they thicken. I ran out of it and forgot its name, so Ill let you know what it is when I repurchase it.

        Thank you for taking me along with ya :p

        • marijadebono says:

          It’s better not to be alone, just in case I pass by a stand on the way 😛 To be honest I never had problems with drying, only a few old ones which I do not miss. But I heard of thinner and I plan on getting one. I know there’s a good one by O.P.I.

  3. Mammu says:

    Wow that’s a lot! Until a year ago I almost didn’t paint my nail at all but my collection is growing fast 😛

  4. I’ve been on nail polish ban in May, because I wasn’t painting nails, so I figured it was best not to buy anything, to avoid temptation 😉

    I have a relatively large collection. I don’t know… maybe 30? But a lot of them were sale purchases (like €1 Catrice) or came for free (MUA sent 5 crack ones with one of the order as a freebie). I compromise with myself nowadays – I only buy 1 bottle at a time, it has to be the color I really really want to paint my nails next and I try to avoid getting very similar colors to what I already have.

    • marijadebono says:

      I do the same thing, but I do try to vary sometimes. Before I would only try neutrals. Now i manage to buy and USE other colours 🙂 Well, I do spend, but I only have one O.P.I. which cost around 10 euro. The rest are generally about 3 euro each or less 🙂 Catrice ans essence are very cheap and therefor very tempting! Sally Hansen have been having an offer that with one which costs 4.95 euros, you get another one free, which is cheaper than catrice, which sells around 2.80 in Malta

      • Hey, how are Sally Hansel polishes? I noticed yesterday they’re not terribly expensive for the standard range (although the color selection here is not very big). But how is the quality? I really like the one you have here in this post! I think here they are just under €4. Catrice new range is €2.99, old one used to be €2.79. Essence are really cheap, €1.99.

        I don’t own any expensive ones. Most I ever paid for a nail polish was probably around €6, for Rimmel Lycra and that was before I knew we had more affordable brands 😀

        I would really like to try China Glaze! sells them for €5.45. I always though they were a lot more expensive.

        Oh, on the subject on nail polishes! I recently found out you can buy amazingly cute Korean nail polishes on ebay! I saw one with the bottle shaped like ice-cream cone! I’m so doomed!

        • marijadebono says:

          how sweeeeet 🙂 do share a link! I am a sucker for cute packaging. i only just tried the sally hansen ones. with two coats, I am still chip free 24hrs later, no base coat and top coat. but i’ll get back to you in a few more days’ time. I always thought china glaze where similar to o.p.i. in terms of prices

  5. Amria says:

    so so many!!!! OMG! 😀

  6. Hi Marija. I do also like the polish… After I tested a lot, also cheep once, I desided only to buy some good now. The last I bought was China Glaze, and they are really good and now I have a lot of them. Purple is my favorit, so I love the one, you show here. You have a very nice collection. I like also to paint in layers, with flowers, tiger stripes etc. Only the fantasy stops me.

    • marijadebono says:

      True 🙂 I wish I was more capable of doing nail art on myself… I can paint alright, but going on the right hand is so much harder… I bought my first one from O.P.I which was around 10 euros… I like it, but I would rather buy others at 1/4 of the price. That way I get to try lots of colours and won’t feel guilty if I don’t like the colour 😉

  7. Lady Kate says:

    I have so many nail polishes too, I dare not count them but I must have around 40! I still always choose red colours even though I have a million other colours!! I love your collection 🙂 x

    • marijadebono says:

      I’m a bit over the big 40 I think… But yes I do tend to have the same colours from different brands. Before I would only go for neutrals and deeper browns. Now I opened up to a lot more colours, I even got a yellow one but I rarely ever used it!

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  9. pinkpearline says:

    We alll are seriously obsessed !!!

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  13. Jasmine Vella says:

    Whoa,what an amazing collection! I bet it has grown since then ,no? 😉 collection is about the same as yours or a bit less I guess, I have 85 bottles! But unfortunately, since I’m sixteen, it’s quite expensive for me </3

    • It hasn’t increased that much Jasmine. Space is always an issue and it is quite expensive to keep adding to the collection. I’m trying to use up what I have before I get new ones but sometimes it’s hard to resist the temptation!

      I hope you enjoyed the festive season! xxx

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