How to be Comfortable but Stylish in Summer

Hey Ladies!

This weekend I was a little bit more relaxed cause I am over and done with 2 of my exams.

Also, I am so so happy to have reached 20,000 views today! My blog has been live since January and in less than 6 months, you have been reading my posts daily, and that just makes it all worth it! Thanks for all the comments and likes… I am actually thinking of creating an international giveaway just for my top commentators on the blog when I reach 25 thousand views. What do you think about that?

Anyway, more about that later… This is what I posted this weekend:

A New Painting!
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Favourite Face Product of the Week

To be honest with you, I am barely realizing it’s summer, and it is almost summer for me too as I will be done with exams in 18 days, and then I’m off to London with the girls!

It hasn’t been too hot in Malta, and usually, by this time of year, we can hardly stay in a room without switching on the AC. This year, I still wear a cardigan in the evening, I still sleep under a quilt and I don’t even use the fan, let alone the AC in my room! But, I am not gonna fall for it, it ALWAYS gets incredibly hot here in Malta. The kind of hot weather that makes you shower 2 or 3 times a day. The kind of scorching sun in which you should never leave the house without sunscreen.

It’s not the nicest of feelings and well, wearing high heels that make it hard to walk is one less thing you should be worrying about at this time of year. I had actually written a post about wearing flat shoes a while ago, and you can check it out here. Here are also two ootds where I wore flats: here and here.

I have for you, 4 different Polyvore sets with summer basics and some statement pieces. In summer it’s better and more practical  to be more comfortable, but how can you still look polished and stylish? This is how…

Smart but Comfy

laid back 1
Having to go to work is a bummer in summer, even if you are a student worker. And well what is a motivational killer if not unbelievably hot weather? Though your office might actually have an AC, in something similar to this, you’ll still look smart and chic for a work meeting. No pain in your feet, and you’re still looking smart in a sleeveless top. What about having your hair tied up and away from your face? That’s the best thing. And about these sandals, I used them in another post a while ago. Gold makes them look a bit dressier than your average pair of flat sandals and I should really get myself a pair!

Breezy Dresses and Wedges

Sometimes you might still feel like a little bit of heel or something a bit more girly than sandals. Wedges do the trick and they’re actually quite comfortable. Also wearing wedges and not flats, looks like you put in a bit more effort into your outfit before heading out. And what’s better than a dress with light fabric for air to circulate? 😛 Finally, some wooden accessories never hurt anyone either!

Colour Block Dresses

Again, something lightweight, a pair of flats and a cute bag. A statement necklace to top it all off and you’re good to go! These dresses are just perfect for summer, so I would stock up on these, maybe even some 1 coloured ones. They’re perfect, and you can dress them up or down according to your needs!

Harem Love and Neon

harem love

I still don’t own a pair of harem pants but I’m dying to get one. When I saw these on Etsy, I was so stunned with all the beautiful colours and patterns. They are almost psychedelic. Neon is so in right now, so pairing it with a flowy harem would be brilliant. Wearing a tight, corset-like plain top contrasts with the loose effect of the harem pants. And flip-flops keep making the whole look more earthy and effortless. I also used a necklace which I had used earlier in the sets in this post here. I try to repeat the items sometimes, because it is good to know how we can reuse items in different outfits to their full potential in all scenarios.

I’m actually looking forward to summer now with these beautiful colours and fabrics.

Which one of these outfits is more you? Would you experiment with any of the other looks?



21 comments on “How to be Comfortable but Stylish in Summer

  1. Mammu says:

    I’d say nr.2 and 3 are more like me, mostly 3 which is more comfy and casual to run after my kids 😀 I’m always about heels and pretty clothes (doesn’t matter if uncomfortable :P) but this year I feel exhausted and feel the need for extra comfyness 😉 Have a nice sunday!

  2. lov3less says:

    Loving outfit no1. Simple and will last through time.

  3. Very smart clothes all of it. Personal I would prefer nr. 11 og nr. 4, but all are smart. Good luck with your exams. Have a nice day and enjoy the weather for me too. Last time I visited Malta, we had around 37 degrees and that was hot.

  4. Loving the first outfit!!

    Congrats on the views!! Keep up the good work!!

  5. This is really lovely! I olve the first set!

    TFD | The Fashion District

  6. FreeUrCloset says:

    I know exactly the kind of summer heat you are talking about, 😉 London is a nice summer refuge. Love your Polyvore creations. GL on your finals and congrats on 20K views!

    XOXO Nensi

  7. katebastable says:

    Love the harem/neon outfit – I want it so much!

  8. […] Summer is the perfect time for ICE COLD drinks, especially if you live in a country where the heat makes you sweat like a pig, like Malta. So yes, something refreshing is usually the one thing you need to bring you back to life! Oh… and if you don’t know how you can still look smart and stylish in the scorching sun, but be comfortable at the same time, make sure you check this Polyvore post here. […]

  9. Jen says:

    The first outfit is definitely my favorite; black and gold are such a chic combination! I’m in love with that lace fringe top!

    xo jen

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