Favourite Face Product of the Week

Dear Ladies,

As some of you might know, I started a new series of posts with one favourite product of the week. I use so many products and this helps me get in at least 1 “review” of a product per week.

Last week’s product was an eye product by e.l.f and you can read the full post here.
This week, it’s a face product from the Undress Your Skin range by MUA. I have really grown to lover this brand and this was my first purchase here. I did not post a second haul, since most of the items I got were for clients, but I ended up keeping this one for myself (sneaky right?!). The shade I got is porcelain and it can be a bit light on my face in terms of colour, but with good all-round contouring, it looks great and I find that I do not even need to use concealer with it! How great is that?

This is what MUA have to say about the Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation.

The perfect blend of skin-care and make up, the Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation covers imperfections whilst maintaining your skins natural glow. With light-diffusing particles this product is designed to create that instant radiance on your skin. Ranging from shades ‘Porcelain’ to Golden’, Make Up Academy’s Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation has been designed to suits all skin tones.

I have heard bad things about this foundation. Some said it has shimmer particles and apparently it wasn’t loved straight away by many. I don’t think mine has shimmer particles but there was talk of MUA having changed the formula. Either way, I love this one and I am so glad I got it and I really love the consistency,  the coverage it provides and the overall finish. Do you have any questions about the product? I am planning a full review of this as soon as I finish my exams and assignments.

What’s your favourite product for the week?
Let me know in the comment section.



4 comments on “Favourite Face Product of the Week

  1. sjvella says:

    Mine doesn’t have any shimmer. I think it is a good medium coverage foundation, its not my fav foundation but it is not bad at all for everyday use 🙂

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