Makeup Choices I can’t stand!

Hey Ladies!

I hope you are doing alright! Basically, this is another tag post! When I saw this tag post by Marilyn from MammuLikes, I was relieved that it was different! This one is interesting and a bit of a change from the rest of the tag posts too.

I’m gonna go ahead and start and we’ll see how many things I’ll manage to mention!

  1. Lip liner

    I don’t hate lip liner. I think it’s good to use especially with red lips. But why do you have to line them and leave the house without filling them in? I never got the gist of it… Besides, I feel that if you do that… you look like, how do I put this mildly? A slut.

    Exactly… Image Source:


  2. Orange, tinted brows

    Some middle-aged women in Malta seem to think that it is hip to wax/shave their brows completely and then tint  or line their skin (cause there are no brows left to line) in an orange colour. If they had orange hair, maybe it would be understandable, but no. I don’t know where they got this idea from. Seems like Irish brows is all the previous generation desires… It might be that they look orange because the tattoo has faded – Well I guess you need to keep up with the maintenance!

    They honestly have their brows done like the left brow… for everyday, not the carnival alone. Image source:

  3. Over-bronzed faces

    Yes, a healthy glow is something we all aspire to have. So a little bit of bronzer and a bit of highlight would usually do the trick. But why do you need to look like a carrot? Some people pick the wrong colour of bronzer and even worse, they put on too much… especially if it’s a shimmery one. Why? Just, Why?!

    Is this what you were going for? Image source:

  4. Concealer Lips

    Believe me, I love my nudes. I have spoken endlessly on my Catrice Be Natural Lipstick in #010 which I wore herehere and here and so many other times! But Nude is one thing, no lips at all is another. Unless you are doing a photo shoot where part of the final look is that, no, your lips must be seen.

    Not her best moment. Image source:

  5. Too much on your eyelids

    I am one in favor of having fun with colours, like I did here, but a whole frikken rainbow is a bit over the top don’t you think? This is unless you know how to make it look good (see below)! You have time to test out colours… you don’t need to try out your 100pc palette all in one night! Pick 5 colours max and work with them. And if you’re using more, make sure you blend them VERY well! I shouldn’t be able to count them easily.

    This is cool… Image source:

    This is too! Image Source:

    This is not. I think it’s a bit much for everyday…

  6. Panda eyes

    I know some eyeliners seem to fade… some fade all over your under-eye area causing you to look like a panda. But I would invest in a gel one or the essence longlasting one which costs less than 3 euros. There! Problem solved. Otherwise, you can always set it with a little bit of black eyeshadow… or go for waterproof.

    This one is exaggerated, but you know what I mean. Image Source:

    Not what you were going for…

  7. Eyeliner gone wrong

    Winged eyeliner can be sexy and it is something  I wish to perfect. But, does it really need to reach your ears? No… it’s called ‘eye’ liner not ‘all-over face’ liner… You only need to elongate your eyes a little bit. No need to line till you get to Spain! If it’s hard for you to line your eyes neatly, maybe try a felt tip liner next time?

    Oh Jenny!

    The model still looks great but don’t try this at home!

  8. Nails that look like claws

    I’m not gonna say much about this except for:

    Can you open my ice tea please? Image Source:

  9. Fake Beauty Spots

    Unless you are in a play or photo shoot, or doing an Spanish/Italian face inspired look, stick to you own freckles and beauty spots. Don’t make people wonder if your spot fell in your drink during the party…

    I couldn’t find an image for this one, but you all know what I mean!

  10. Disco Ball eyes

    Shimmer can give a nice finish but don’t go overboard. Work with your matte colours and then include shimmers if you want to. Use shimmers with moderation in general. You don’t wanna end up looking like a spotlight or a disco ball…

    Pretty colours, but use 1 or 2 shades max! Image source:

    BE CAREFUL! Source:

I am sorry if I offended you with my snide comments haha! I was just having fun and trying to help here 😉 But afterall, this is just one person’s opinion. No one ever said don’t experiment!

What make up choices would you eradicate if you could? Let me know with a comment below.



38 comments on “Makeup Choices I can’t stand!

  1. Mammu says:

    Hahhhhaaa I loved your comments 😉 I never saw orange eyebrows 😀 That is something new to me. I don’t mind rainbow eyes or too much shimmer but I do try hard to not to do that myself, atleast not at daytime 😛 xxx

    • marijadebono says:

      Haha glad you did it, seems like I let out a lot of frustration cause by tons of work to do! I don’t mind them either if done tastefully! 😉 thanks for the tag btw! really enjoyed doing this one!

  2. I have a lot of the same hates!!!
    The lip liner thing is so 80s and bronzer is just a small part ill extend it to include fake tans, nothing worse than a patchy orange face and body.
    Being a makeup artist I pay attention to detail, expecially when out… I just can’t stand seeing drunk girls with makeup smudged all over and applied to thickly. And don’t get me started on claw like nails! Unless done for “competitions” then they can be beautiful works of art. But not my idea for every day nails. So much more clean, neat and fashionable to keep them short!


  3. Anthea says:

    Maria … Just one day in court with me and you would want to either start screaming at the top of your voice or desperately try to introduce a grooming course. However, if I had to choose the worst make up look it would have to be the black eye look i.e cappa dark blue all over your eyes, non existent blending combined with the thickest eyeliner that can fit your eyelid

  4. Rhi says:

    I really loved this it made me laugh 🙂 all of these things piss me off too especially concealer lips (why would you want to look dead?!) and the weird lip liner thing, a lot of older women seem to do that in Malta too! xx

    Visit The Other Side Of Cool
    Tweet me! @othersideofcool

  5. Martina says:

    HAHA all good an relevant points! loved it!

  6. Suzanne Carbonaro says:

    lolll I still remember some girls (a couple of years younger) who did the lip liner thing back in the 90s!! Being a young teenager, I thought it looked cool but now I just think it’s trashy! And glitter…90s again lol! All make-up came out in glitter and all the young teens were wearing glitter all over their faces and bodies! Definitely a: “What the hell was I wearing?!” moment!! 🙂

    One of my pet hates actually has to do with hair rather than make-up – the bright clown red colour that many middle-aged women seem to love. What’s worse it that I just saw a couple of teenagers this week with the same colour – they looked extremely trashy – on the same level as the lip liner trashy!

    This colour actually looks great on some people with long, straight, sleek and shiny hair but if the hair is dry, lacks lustre and is simply hideous on its own, then the colour just adds to its atrocity! -_- Ladies! Get a clue!

    • marijadebono says:

      oh yes! very few people can pull off the red hair look. Definitely not rather dark skin toned middle aged women… but well… sometimes we do things to look better and end up looking hideous! 😛

      i remember a time when i really wanted to buy/get (i was too young to buy) body glitter! glad that’s in the past!

  7. Dianne says:

    A very well written piece with great visuals! You just keep getting better and better, Marija…Well done and keep up the good work!!!

  8. Roberta says:

    How I miss catching up on this blog every day! But at least I’ll have a lot to catch up on in summer 🙂
    PS, love this post! Hilarious 😛

  9. Amria says:

    I really loved the second rainbow eye, I would wear that even if you’ll shoot me 😀 haven’t seen orange brows yet, but I did see red ones with black hair, it may be a teenage stand out thing.

  10. Maya says:

    ughhh i hate all these too! what is the point of removing your eyebrows completely?? and those nails amuse me in lectures, you can tell they can’t type properly! I have loads more pet peeves when it comes to make up… maybe i should write my own post! 🙂

    Love it Mar 🙂 and I don’t think you sound hormonal (haha), because I totally understand you! 🙂

    Maya x

    • marijadebono says:

      Haha! you should. it’s like we’re all out to get them 😀 oh and it’s ok if I do 😛 We are all allowed to be once a month! Glad you enjoyed it and great seeing you last weekend ❤

  11. burp says:

    you’re entitled to your opinion of course, but don’t you think everyone should be allowed to look exactly how they want?

    • marijadebono says:

      oh definitely! You’re right actually and I should include that in the post. These are only the things I can’t stand and that’s only one person’s opinion, some people may hate the way I do my own make up but it won’t stop me. No one should NOT do something because I mentioned it here, it might actually work for them!

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

      • I agree that everybody should be allowed to look how they want, but we are going out into the world looking like that. Out to be judged from people with their opinions. We are all judged, and judging. Some makeup decisions are just a big NO, NO to most of the people. But if somebody wants to draw attention on those ways, than they should be prepared for some critics 🙂

  12. Hahaha really hilarious post! I’m also not a huge fan of the lip liner… but It was a trend right . I’m love to wear nude lipstick but that’s maybe because I’m tinted and I also have brown hair so that makes me look more tanner.

    TFD | The Fashion District

  13. great post – I think I might have been guilty of the claw nails at some points in my student life 🙂 –

  14. Ami says:

    Great post 🙂 I’m not a fan of the drawn on thick black eyebrows. (We call the Scouse brows here.) There is a point where they stop looking defined and just end up looking bigger than your eyes. O.o

  15. The CLAWS I definitely do not understand. How can somebody function with those, or worse, how do they apply make up with claws on their hands 🙂
    You are totally right about the rest too. I completely agree

  16. OMG. I agree with almost everything here! ❤ I love your posts and the pictures were hilarious!

  17. […] be funny, in fact this post, where I was a tad sarcastic and mean seems to be a general favourite: Makeup choices I can’t Stand I also like to blog about life, this one is one of my favoruites: My Take on Mistakes. This is […]

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