Day 15 May Photo a Day Challenge – 7 o’clock

Dearest Ladies!

Before heading out to go meet my boyfriend as part of my break from a productive day… I remembered: 7pm! Oh, well… and I was late!

I wanted to post a post at 7 o’clock today because…

Day 15

7 o’ clock

desktop 7pm

click to see larger version!

I’m sorry if this is a bit boring for you! But this is what I was doing at 7 o’clock today… listening to recordings and finishing off and checking transcriptions which I have also mentioned on Day 5. These are still not on paper… And about the May challenge, I only have two more posts which are backdated to do to be completely on track! You can see what every day’s photo/s should be here.

Unfortunately I am going to be very busy these coming weeks because of assignments and exams, so do expect fewer posts. I will be back full blast when I am in London for the IMATS as I will try to give you updates everyday!

May Photo a Day posts so far:

I hope you are enjoying this challenge! It is actually harder than I thought to keep up!



4 comments on “Day 15 May Photo a Day Challenge – 7 o’clock

  1. I agree, it is hard to keep up! I am behind as well. I bet that it will finally become routine just about the 30th or 31st 😉

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