Day 14 May Photo a Day Challenge – Need

Hey Ladies!

So earlier today I posted the Belated Day 13 May Photo a Day Challenge – Sunrise and Sunset. Now I am back with today’s photo! Will do the missing ones by the end of this week, hopefully.

You can see what every day’s photo/s should be here.

Today’s photo is….

Day 14


I actually needed a haircut, and I was lucky my hairdresser was available and she gave me a nice haircut and got rid of my split ends. So instead of doing something I actually need… I’m gonna go on an ironic note…

I think I NEED a new handbag...

I think I NEED a new handbag…

My massive drawer cannot fit anymore bags… So yes, I need one! I actually had an owl addition last weekend:

My baby eBay Owl!

Are you crazy about bags like I am? Do you have a compulsive need to get new ones? Is it just me or do you always need another colour, shape or size? I’d love to know! 😛

Handbags & Love,


7 comments on “Day 14 May Photo a Day Challenge – Need

  1. Mammu says:

    That owl purse is so adorable ** I always want to but new purses cause I actually need them but every time some, nice clothing item catches my eye…..and there goes my money 😀

    • marijadebono says:

      haha i know what you mean! or else, i go shopping cause i need a basic black one and see something else instead, another bag. so i still need a big basic black one lol

  2. flo says:

    aaaaawwww the owl! *.*

  3. vogueandheels says:

    Are those all of your bags? Oh my you have a big collection, but its always good haha and a girl can never have too much!


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