Belated Day 11 – May Photo a Day Challenge

Hey Ladies!

So as a I said, I now have time to get back to my studies and my regular stress-free blogging. This is me trying to catch up with the May Photo a day Challenge from my boyfriends’s house.

This is today’s post: Mothers’ Day Special – May Photo A Day Challenge 12 and this one you are reading is technically yesterday’s. This one is one of my faves…

Day 11 (Yesterday’s)

A Smile

Smiling is something I like to do very often! So instead of sharing ONE photo, I am going to share some of the documented, most sincere smiles I had 🙂 Luckily I have a lot of things that make me happy and a lot of people who make me smile in my little life.  Here you go…

‘tiny’ me!

Shoes… making girls happy, even little ones

flower girl… some 20 years ago or so…

Me, sis, and Mickey!

Me, reading my work at a poetry reading!

My sis an me xxx

me and my man 🙂




Change – and theatre… yes, that’s the same hair…

Short hair and singing at MCC

Ice cream…

Musical Theatre

Being in a band…


On my birthday picnic 🙂 

My house…

Lifelong friendships! ❤ Photo by William Cachia

At the International Designers Show – Next to Pierre, head of Media for MFW – Photo by Malcolm Laudi


My life is full of joy thanks to the people I love! Photo by William Cachia

Boyfriend and his sis ❤


Seeing an old friend!

Sarah and me at the New Designers Fashon SHow

More friends!

Being ourselves… Even if that’s crazy

My Artwork – Tears of JOY

The happiest wedding I’ve ever been to!

The reason behind most of my smiles… 🙂

And one final photo by Malcolm Laudi which I am so happy about…


I hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures!

Love and lots of smiles,


20 comments on “Belated Day 11 – May Photo a Day Challenge

  1. such a cute post! Love it!

    Didn’t know you were so creative! Love your painting!

  2. sarahagius says:

    Lovely! Lifelong friendship indeed 🙂 ❤

  3. Kylie says:

    I really like this post 🙂 keep it up 🙂

  4. Mammu says:

    Awww you were such a cute little girl! I love the pic with you and your boyfriend with a guitar, it’s just so cute!!!!! ^__^

  5. Rhi says:

    Aw this really made ME smile! What a cute post, and you really do look so happy ❤ xxx
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    • marijadebono says:

      awhhh thats nice 🙂 im glad it did, and yes, i am very blessed…. and 2013 is gonna be a year something really amazing will happen.. but shhh… more about that when it happens!

  6. says:

    Cute post! Love it.. When’s the next blogger meet up? Im dying to meet everybody 🙂 xxx

  7. lov3less says:

    Love the tears of joy.

  8. pinkpearline says:

    Aww your childhood photos are adorable !

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