The International Designers’ Fashion Show – MFW’13

Dearest Readers,

The Malta Fashion Week is coming to an end, and boy what a week it was! Tomorrow is the main event that all of these events have been leading up to and energy and excitement levels cannot be higher! Ok, not energy, not from my side at least cause I am knackered. Just one more night in heels left and my feet can finally have a very well deserved break.

The last two shows were fascinating! I am talking about the New Designers Fashion Show, both the first 5 and the rest and yesterday’s Fersani Fashion Show. Today featured 5 international designers, one of which is Maltese but is based in the UK.

Like I did in the previous posts, I will go through them one by one. The venue, the Prime Minister’s office in the Auberge de Castille, was the classiest venue one could go for which complimented the general theme of most of the outfits.

Photos by Dave Degabriele and Dennis Calleja (

  • Marella Ferrera (Italy)

This collection had a general theme and this was veils and intricate lace work. Apart from in some certain details, the only colours we see in this collection are Black, Nude, and Orange. The pieces vary in length, tightness, colour and cut. The different shapes make the collection a well rounded one, from cocktail dresses to evening gowns. Some of the dresses had veils which looked very traditional and were very pleasing to the eye. Others had matching scarves or shawls wrapped around. One particular one had feathers which I thought was gorgeous touch. Sleeve lengths and necklines varied from one piece to the other. One thing I also noted was the beautiful earrings the models were wearing. I wish I could get my hands on a pair!


Photo by Dave Degabriele photography


Photo by Dave Degabriele photography


Photo by Dave Degabriele photography

Photo  (6) Photo  (7) Photo  (19)

  • House of Jola (Nigeria)

I loved this collection! The colours and patterns were so alive and the models were the best ones throughout the whole night. I will share the photos I took with them later on because they were also the friendliest of the bunch. The theme of this collection was geometrical shapes, turned into patterns. Starting with the spiral motif, we saw triangles, perspective designs, spots, tiger print, and other geometry, some of which was inspired by the shapes of  flowers. The collection, like Celeste and Pavli’s Style on Wednesday (See it here) included a male model which was again, such a breath of fresh air. I will have to ask why the involvement of male models was so scarce this week. The dresses featured different shapes and were lightened up with Swarovski embellishments. The models were so talented and completely professional, their posture perfect and the clothes fit them like a glove. They walked with attitude like they owned the catwalk, it was all very impressive.


Photo by Dave Degabriele photography


Photo by Dave Degabriele photography

Photo by Dave Degabriele photography

Photo by Dave Degabriele photography

Photo  (23) Photo  (37) Photo  (39)

  • Fabryan (UK)

The collection started with the LBD, a classical basic that every woman should own. A mixture of blacks and whites followed with the very original peplum, dip hem blazer which was one of my favourite pieces. Evening gowns followed, with flowy, shiny satin, lace and ruffles. I did feel that the sequin dress did not fit in with the rest of the collection, just because it had nothing in common with the rest. I’m still unsure if that is a good or a bad thing. One of my favourites was the maxi-dress with the satin polo neck. I thought the contrast of the materials placed together was so subtly effective and played the textures like it was music.


Photo by Dave Degabriele photography

Photo  (44) Photo  (45) Photo  (50) Photo  (58)

  • Kevin Muscat (Malta/UK)

I’m not being patriotic here, but honestly, this collection was one of the best, not that I feel that any of the collections were not up to standard. I was telling Pierre from media after the show, that I just cannot pick a favourite. Kevin Muscat featured mainly shirts and shirt dresses. Choosing the colours black, grey and orange on their own was the best decision for this collection. The orange satin lit up the room like nothing else and the contrast was just sublime. I also loved the few LBDs the collection featured, using pleats and skater skirts and contrast coloured pockets. Maxi skirts, maxi evening dresses, pencil skirts and coat like pieces were also presents, this collection did not lack one single thing. No wonder Kevin made it to the UK successfully. His collection reminded me of the pieces stocked by Nara Camicie, which I always adore.


Photo by Dave Degabriele photography


Photo by Dave Degabriele photography

Photo  (68) Photo  (73)

Photo  (75) Photo  (74)

  • Biljana Tipsarevic (Serbia)

Last but not least, the lacy collection from Serbia. Wonderful, minimal pieces… By minimal I mean, not over the top – the detail was by far not minimal. Colours chosen were whites, off-whites, ivory, cream, gray and red. The collection started with subtle white midi dresses and finished with red sexy maxis. Paneled dresses combined with lace and fine mesh, belted skirts, suits and evening gowns, made this collection so diverse but yet within a theme, being classical, minimal and elegant. My favourites would have to be the first cream lacy dress and pretty much everything else. The designer’s dress herself was also show stopper.

Photo by Dave Degabriele photography

Photo by Dave Degabriele photography

Photo by Dave Degabriele photography

Photo by Dave Degabriele photography

Photo by Dave Degabriele photography

Photo by Dave Degabriele photography

Photo  (78) Photo  (82) Photo  (93)

The event was a glamorous one and it kept increasing my expectations for tonight’s show. The ambience at the Auberge de Castille was perfect and the event indulged all of our senses. We heard beautiful pieces of music by a Maltese composer, performed by a Maltese Cellist. We saw beautiful collections with breathtaking colours and details. We smelled (tasted and enjoyed) the wine we were given at the after party. We tasted the delicious food at the reception. And we felt just at home at this incredibly well-organized event.

Once again I have to say that the models were so talented and professional. The shoes were provided by Aldo and were also gorgeous.
All in all, a perfect evening for the fashion enthusiasts. I’ll be back tomorrow with the final post about the 15th Malta Fashion Awards!



7 comments on “The International Designers’ Fashion Show – MFW’13

  1. Mammu says:

    The only collection that catched my eye is the Biljana Tipsarevic one. So elegant and sexy, while the other collection left me with nothing to say with only one exeption – the feather detailed dress by Marella Ferrara, that is beautiful and interesting. Have a great weekend! xoxo

  2. From the pictures I have to agree that my favorite was the last collection, all that pure fresh white and lace was stunning.

    I have items which I adored from the other collections as well 🙂 they all looked so beautiful.
    I really liked the ethnic prints too! There was one I saw that was like an orange jumpsuit.


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