Fersani Fashion Show – MFW’13

Dear Readers,

I am back, and with a fabulous collection by Fersani which I genuinely adored. Oh and I am warning you, this post is pic heavy! Tonight’s show was so completely different to yesterday’s new designers’ show. (Posts about yesterday’s show, here and here)

The collection is made up of a myriad of colours and delicate lace work, silky and shiny materials, tulle, fine mesh and a few thread knits which reminded me of dainty little doilers. All in all this show offered brightness, ruffles, classy pieces, dip hem, peplum, asian inspired kaftan like dresses, a touch of nature’s best and most of all, sexy, confident models who were not afraid of having fun and showing some skin. If I had to sum up the whole collection in one word, it would be WOW.

Yes, not all pieces are 100% wearable by the general public. But this is a fashion show! If we wanted to see normal, we’d stay on our front porch and watch people go by. Of course we want to see something different! But I agree that yes, it is refreshing to see some pieces you could see yourself wearing. I thought that the collection was versatile enough, so much so that all the pieces can be worn by anyone with some minor changes from the catwalk version.

Let us take a look, shall we? (Photos by me, by Dennis Calleja – www.denniscalleja.com, by Kurt Paris – www.kurtparis.com, by Malcolm Laudi – www.mlaudiphotography.com and by Dave Degabriele which I will be interviewing as soon as the fashion week is over)



Photo  (5)

Pretty, pretty, pretty! The detail was impeccable! I thought the matching bag gave it an extra Oomph! Lilac and green – a match made in heaven. So delicately beautiful with a rather usual cut, the dress is blooming.

Stunning shot by Dave Degabriele photography

Stunning shot by Dave Degabriele photography

Check out Dave’s beautiful shots at the Bridal Show in this album here!

Photo  (6)

I had heard about this piece prior the show, but I could in no way picture this! There is water, And in the water… There are fish! Look at the reactions of the audience… Truth be told I would have saved this piece for later. It is so original and the idea behind it was that the piece symbolizes Malta as an island and the sea around us.


One of my favourite pieces! (Actually they all are…) But this one has sheer elegance and movement to it, it just reminds me of the beginning of spring, when everything is still a tad cold, hence the cool tones. It has a greek toga sort of cut which makes the dress look very particular. A quick reminder of the great Greek Goddesses.


Photo by: ML photography- www.mlaudiphotography.com

Photo by: ML photography http://www.mlaudiphotography.com

Two of the fun coloured ones… There were a number of pieces with fun, bright colours, from pink to orange tones, to lilac, green, yellow and blue. The skater skirts were all so full. The obvious colour blocking using such bright colours and pastels works so marvelously well.


I had to include the peplum! The colour combination was just perfect even for the non-girly-girl like me or anyone who isn’t particularly attached to pink and purple just because society told them to be. The dress has just the right balance of colour. I thought it was lovely and the material of the peplum is so much more classy than the peplums we keep seeing and are almost fed up of.


The dip hem! Another one of my favourites. Such a red carpet sort of outfit and the choice of colours is so so magnificent. I loved the fact the low part of the skirt is layered, which is not something we usually see in high-low skirts. The lace detail on the longer side of the skirt contrasted so nicely and helped the layered skirt blend in nicely into the whole outfit. I felt that Marygrace Pisani, not only internalized the trends we are seeing, but she also challenged them to a point where she made them her own. The trends were now following Fersani, not Fersani following the trends.

Dave Degabriele photography - (Check out his photos for the Bridal Show here: http://on.fb.me/11pgNAE)

Dave Degabriele photography

A sexy, sultry dress which leaves little to the imagination. Intricate lace details hug the female body in a delicate way. Another timeless piece in this collection.
Photo  (27)

This one is just another beautiful hi-low dress. Such an elegant dip hem… The designer really did show us how versatile this trend can be. I just love the warm tones especially on such a beautifully bronzed model. A dress loved by many in the audience.

Photo  (28)

The one with the parrot! I thought it was so simple yet so original and the model… she was my favourite. Not only did she make the dresses move the way she wanted, she really showed that she was having the time of her life modelling for us tonight. So expressive and the camera really loves here, and she loves it too.

Photo  (31)

If I could name this one, I would name it ‘Water Lilies’. That is the first thing that came to mind when I saw it. Little flower shaped pieces of fabric, sewn onto a beautiful flowy asymmetric dress. Again, this combination of colours would have never crossed my mind as I would automatically avoid anything fuchsia altogether. This combination however, tones down the pink to a playful mixture of colours.

Photo  (32)

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Not your average cocktail dress. An asymmetric bluish piece with charcoal and silver tones. Completely wearable and a gives a romantic, breezy looking outfit which is just perfect for this time of year. This is an outfit I would gladly wear to a wedding reception or a graduation dinner.

Photo  (40)

I saw this one on the booklet which we were given and I absolutely loved it straight away. Though I would be the kind of person who  would automatically go for length if I ever get to choose a wedding dress, the play with lengths is so much fun as we can see in this heavily flowered piece. I’d say, the experiment was a lot more than successful.

919901_10151465231417857_1388313604_o 913726_10151465231457857_1017845174_o

The play with ruffles in this wedding dress reminds me of the waves of the sea that surrounds our island. The flowers give the dress the last bit of girly glamour it calls for. Apart from the collared neck which is not the most common thing one would go for in a wedding dress, I also loved the veil which was the traditional kind, which the groom or the father would have to lift up.

Photo  (44)

Photo by: ML photography- www.mlaudiphotography.com

Photo by: ML photography http://www.mlaudiphotography.com

Finally, the dress which drew my attention immediately.  Who would have thought clams would make such an incredible hair accessory? This ‘frutto di mare’ dress was gorgeous and such an unexpectedly interesting composition. The hairstyle (by Toni&Guy) was also complimented with little fan-like accessories which made the style look so polished and complete. The see through bodice, hugs the female body which made me think of mother earth. I was talking to Malcolm Laudi and he said this one had fish too but apparently few people noticed it cause we were to enthralled by the clams. He was quick enough to capture photos…


The fish “tank”


Photo  (49)


Finally, as I have expressed deeply and endlessly in this post, I feel that Marygrace Pisani is immensely talented and her work will not be forgotten after tonight’s show. I am definitely sure that she will be recognized world-wide in the future. Also a thumbs up to her little son which was the most stylish kid in the audience (surrounded by Joseph Muscat’s two little girls). What a player right?!

What do you think of this collection? I’d love to know which piece you would say is your favourite.

Until the next show,


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