New Designers Show – First 5 at MFW’13

Dearest Readers,

I met Sarah at about 6 and we headed to Xara Lodge together for the New Designers Show. I was very excited as this was going to be one of the longest shows featuring 10 new designers. I was obviously curious what we would be seeing… especially in terms of shapes. (this post is also the part of the May photo challenge here as the entry for the 8th day – shape)

Sarah from and Me just before the started!

Sarah from and Me just before the started!

We were there early so we had time mix and mingle until we were guided to the terrace where the catwalk was set up, just like it was in the Bridal show (read about it here). I was glad to see Charles & Ron (see their show here) where there to checkout the new talent.

In this post I will only be discussing the first 5 since there were too many to put in just one post! I will be using Dennis‘ work as it is already selected and they’re a lot more professional looking than mine!

  • Sunita Mukhi

This collection was a fun collection of bags all featuring an eye motif. Truth be told, I am not sure if this is inspired by the Maltese Luzzu’s eye or the original Evil eye, but I liked it nonetheless. “A sprinkle of opulence, a dash of luxury and a touch of the best that life has to offer.” I’d say this collection is a lot of fun and colour. I particularly loved the little bags Alexia was wearing and the Neon backpack even though I would usually never go for a backpack, let alone a neon one! I also loved the fact that the models wore plain dresses so that we could put our attention solely on the fabulous bags. Have a look, and see !

Dennis  (1)

Photographer Dennis Calleja –

Photographer Dennis Calleja –

  • Samantha Muscat

This collection featured bohemian inspired pieces with the majority of pieces in warm earthy colours. “Bohemian Collection shows off designs with an ethereal quality that takes the designer back to her roots.” The nature inspired patterned pieces are my favourites from this collection especially this feathery silky one! I must admit, I felt that some of the pieces did not bring anything new to us at the audience but these 3 dresses below were very flowy, summery and easy on the eyes.

Dennis  (13)

Photographer Dennis Calleja –

Photographer Dennis Calleja –

  • Nataly Vassallo

Nataly’s work was distinguished from the rest by the use of wool, in the most original ways. Her pieces from the not so wearable to rather wearable. “Uniquely handcrafted clothing with a creative use of local wool. Inspired by Maltese Culture and her love for the craft.” I’d say unique, some pieces were more wearable than others. The designer herself was wearing lovely accessories also made of wool! It would have been a good idea to merge that with the clothes in the show or maybe showcase them with LBDs. I particularly loved the necklace worn my the model in the lilac dress. I like it so much, in fact, I think I want one. Now, please.

Dennis  (21) Dennis  (22)

Dennis Callej  (13)

  • GreMar

GreMar is work by Marie Grech and she was one of my favourites tonight to be very honest with you. Her pieces were not out of this world in terms of being different. They were delicate classical pieces which every woman ‘needs’ (more like, dreams to have) in her wardrobe. Honestly, the most stunning gowns and dresses I have seen in quite a while. Made me dream I had occasions I could wear them to, like red carpet events and galas! This collection is “Inspired by the woman’s figure and the month of May which is symbolized by flowers.” Well done to Marie! I must say, for me, this collection was a show stopper. I think their collection actually deserves a post on its own.

Dennis Callej  (16) Dennis Callej  (17)

Dennis  (28)

  • Jeff Francalanza

His collection was made up of corsets with several mixed media. I did like the collection very much however I wasn’t sure about the neckline of a few of them, however, the models were comfortable in them nonetheless. “Collection composed from 6 different corsets, each with an original feminine touch using various materials including fur, feathers, chains and more.” I was honestly fascinated by the mirror one! Not that it was something we have never seen before, but the shapes of the mirrors complimented the classical cut of the corset and made it look so geometrically steady and structured. I also loved the one with the pearls. Kinda reminded me of a classier Moulin Rouge!

Dennis Callej  (20)

Dennis  (31) Dennis  (32)

Those were the first 5 designers for you! I must say the show was fantastic and I cannot wait to show you the next 5, but I am so tired, I am honestly falling asleep in front of my overheating laptop…

If I had to rank the top 3 out of these 5 designers according to what appealed to me and what I honestly loved… this is how it would look:

  1. GreMar
  2. Sunita Mukhi
  3. Jeff Francalanza

Not that the others weren’t great, but these 3 were more original and easy on the eyes. There was something in the essence of these 3 collections which made me like them so much more!

Until the next 5, I wish you a very good night or a pleasant day, depending on the time you are reading this. Stay tuned for my first MFW OOTD! 🙂

*Updated* Here are the next 5 designers in this post right here.

Oh, and which one would you say is your favourite New Designer so far?



29 comments on “New Designers Show – First 5 at MFW’13

  1. marijadebono says:

    Reblogged this on marlingual and commented:

    All Things Lady’s experience at the Fashion week!

  2. Mammu says:

    You look so pretty on the photo ^__^ I like GreMar and Samantha Muscat.

  3. Anthea Turner says:

    Sunita Mukhi’s take on the ‘eye’ is truly original – ❤ that purse. Are there any links to their contact details please?

  4. I like Jef Francalanza and Samantha Muscat! This is so amazing!! I have always wanted to go to fashion shows!! …*sigh* 🙂

    • marijadebono says:

      I did not think Samantha Muscat’s collection would be liked so much. I honestly chose the only 3 I liked, the rest were rather boho inspired with earthy colours. It is quite fun and it is nice that the organizers think it is important to involve Maltese bloggers!

      • I agree with the boho thing. I really like that kind of style though, so I like the first dress by Samantha Muscat. It would be something I would wear. but Francalanza is just SO impressive, I think. I really liked the shattered mirror corset. It is like ART!

        • marijadebono says:

          Oh yes, I loved that one!

          PS. Here are the rest of her pieces:

          Let me know what you think 🙂

          • They remind me of Pocahontas… I wish she used more colors!! But then again, she was trying to go for earth tones. I like the second one the best, crop top and skirt, if I’m going for wearability. The boots make it!

            • marijadebono says:

              I agree with you there. Maybe colours that were a tad darker would have contrasted a bit more with the models’ skin tones. That is the main reason why I didn’t love them. Cause I am very into the boho chic look.

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