New Designers Show – 2nd set of 5 at the MFW’13

Dear Readers,

I am back with the rest of the designers. A few hours ago I shared with you my opinions on the first 5 Designers we got to see at the show. I am now back with the second set of 5 and the  event will be covered except for my upcoming OOTD and make up post. After Jeff Francalanza’s collection, these 5 followed.

  • By Dali (Daniela Camilleri)

This collection featured nicely toned very wearable bags. The “carriers of personal belongings” (what a cute referent to handbags!) were rather varied in texture, size and form but they are the sort of bags I could see myself purchasing (you know, because I always need a new handbag!). I thought the collection wasn’t too out there which in my opinion is good, who needs a cone shaped handbag really? I’d dare say that the thing I enjoyed most during this years Fashion Week is how wearable the items displayed were, even at the Bridal Show or at the Charles & Ron Show. The first bag is something I could imagine myself carrying my laptop in, the second one shown below is just nice and formal but spacious nonetheless which reminded me of some of the Prada imitation bags that were sold on the streets of Rome and the third one is inspired from the very much loved bowler bag. I was surprised I liked it as I usually hate white bags, belts and shoes, but I guess Daniela made it possible for me to like it with the combination of colours in the whole outfit.

Dennis  (35) Dennis  (36) Dennis  (37)

  • Sef Farrugia

” A fusion of organic geometric prints on fine skills mixed with knitwear made out of lurex, cottons and viscose.” I particularly loved the first two outfits shown below. As for the rest, I didn’t really understand why there had to be so many patterns but it was definitely interesting to see nonetheless. We saw a lot of lines, patterns and a mixture of both which in some cases weren’t items you’d expect the general public to wear. Definitely an interesting choice for the runway though. I also adored the dress Sef wore herself and I felt it really suited her curly hair style and figure. My favourite item from this collection is the crop top in the first photo below.

Dennis Callej  (28) Dennis Callej  (31) Dennis Callej  (32)

  • Creative Factory 7

Oh I am so happy about this one. I cannot get over how awesome this collection was and there are so many things I liked about it. They really are a creative factory. Their head pieces were so cute, I couldn’t believe it. Their work is inspired by visual arts. I loved the stripes in conjunction with zips, solid colours and the rest. This was again one of my favourite collections yesterday night. I just thought it was way too much fun! The mosaic prints accompanied by sponging effect of ‘paint’ on the fabric was just perfect in my view. The outfit shown in the last photo reminded me ever so slightly of the pointed cross pieces by Charles & Ron.

Dennis Callej  (36) Dennis Callej  (37)

Head pieces- creative factory 7

  • Celeste & Pavli Style

“Iconic patterns are the cornerstone of the collection stressing its feminine, yet androgynous aesthetic.” This was the most comfort-driven attire of all the outfits we’ve seen in the show. All models were wearing a black cap with a printed lightening bolt and featured printed pieces with comic exclamations like “Boom” and “Splat”. The shoes were the same in some of the outfits which I thought was a little too laid back from the designer’s side. It was also the only collection that had a male model, who in this case was wearing a bathing suit with a detail at the end of his trunks. I liked the collection but I feel that the designers could have experimented a bit more maybe with another pattern or a few cuts that are not something we see every day like the skater skirt. However, I liked the effortless look all the models conveyed even by their posture. I would say if the designers’ aim was to make the usually dorky comic lovers look cool, mission accomplished ladies!

Dennis Callej  (39)Dennis Callej  (41)Dennis  (49)

  • Ritienne Zammit

“Designs based on a contrast between the romance of baroque and the edginess of punk.” This is the most out there and in your face collection of all. Honestly, everything was in our face, as the models were very clearly (through the plasticy material) not wearing any bras or merely visible nipple covers. This was not something you would wear to school or to a wedding but it was visually interesting to see nonetheless. The contrast between the sheer elegance of the baroque pieces with the spiked plastic material was a very hard-edge, nicely softened up. I did not love the head pieces and the plasticy material reminded me too much of rain coats we used to wear when we were in school. What I loved was the sheer material from the baroque pieces, and by loved I mean, I want a dress out of that material, NOW please. Have a look and tell me what you think.

Dennis  (52) Dennis  (55) Dennis  (56)

That is all! Photos here were all by Dennis Calleja except for one. I will now rank the top 3 out of these 5.

Top 3 from the second set:

  1. Creative Factory 7
  2. By Dali
  3. Celeste and Pavli Style

From the whole ten… this is how I would rank the top 5 collections:

  1. GreMar
  2. Creative Factory 7
  3. Sunita Mukhi
  4. Jeff Francalanza
  5. By Dali

Well done to all the designers! Without a doubt there is a lot of talented to be discovered and I look forward to seeing what these designers will come up with in the following years.

Which ones do you absolutely love out of this set? How would you rank your top 3 out of all the colelctions? Let me know in the comment section.



13 comments on “New Designers Show – 2nd set of 5 at the MFW’13

  1. Mammu says:

    I like all of them and more than the last five! I couldn’t choose, they all have something cool!

    • marijadebono says:

      That’s great to hear 😉 🙂 Not even a first preference? 😉

      • Mammu says:

        I really like the first outfit of Sef Farrugia, so pretty! Love the By Dali (Daniela Camilleri) wearable bags , something you don’t see much on fashion shows – wearable stuff 😀 I love the colors and 60’s vibe from Creative Factory 7 and the casual cool style of Celeste & Pavli Style. Ritienne Zammit definitely not for everyday (or evening or whenever) but still cool and edgy and sexy!

  2. marijadebono says:

    Reblogged this on marlingual and commented:

    Last 5 new designers!

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  4. Anthea Turner says:

    Ok so the Dali bags are to die for … really – I want one to go with my suits … I also like the pea coats by the Creative Factory, although I am not used to wearing so much pattern and colour at the same time, but I would be willing to give it a go. My fav though would have to be the lace laser cut skirt with oxblood leather panelling by Ritienne Zammit. Of course I would not team it up with the silver spikes top but with the lace applique top in your 2nd picture for the same designer.

    • marijadebono says:

      What a detailed comment! Yes I agree with you on most things! And yes, I want that fabric, so so beautiful 😉 Now back to the books until your next break ijsa 😛

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