Belated Day 6 – May Photo a Day Challenge

Hey Ladies!

Today I’m back with the May Photo a Day Challenge! And it’s day 7 already… and I am one day late.

Here are the

Day 6 (Yesterday’s)



My Sleeping Pattern

Oh my god. It had been horrible. With shows every day, and having to go back home and edit photos and videos to blog about the event as soon as possible, I am finding it really hard to fall asleep! Sleeping at 4am in the morning and waking up at 7 or before has left me with a completely disrupted sleeping pattern which needs attention asap!

On a lighter note… This is the “photo” I am sharing with you today. Do you think our sleeping position has anything to say about our personality?

I go for Fetal and Freefall! Which one are you?

I was going for a broken make up product actually but then I decided not to!

I’ll be back with today’s post! I promise.



3 comments on “Belated Day 6 – May Photo a Day Challenge

  1. […] This post is part of the May Photo a Day Challenge I am doing! This is the post for the 7th day of the month. Read about sleeping pattern changes in this morning’s post here. […]

  2. […] I hope you are all doing great. I must admit, I am knackered! This Malta Fashion Week has been fun but it has also been really hectic! Blogging till 3 am in the morning has its toll on you especially if you have to wake up early the next day. So yes, my sleeping pattern is a lot more than broken. […]

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