What to Wear to a Fashion Show during the Malta Fashion Week – Guest Post

Dearest Ladies,

Yesterday I attended my first fashion show ever, which happened to be the Bridal Show for the Malta Fashion Week. The show featured a selection of lovely, delicate wedding gowns by Faragè Paris. You can read my detailed review and see photos of my favourite pieces here.

Today, I will introduce you to Carla. See for yourselves what she has to say about What to Wear to a Fashion Show:

With the Malta Fashion Week 2013 among us, many of us are asking, what the heck should I wear! Marija and I were discussing this over the weekend and I thought it would be a suitable time for me to guest post on her blog, seeing that I have attended several fashion shows in the past.

Tonight I will attend Charles & Ron’s fashion show. I purchased my first Charles and Ron outfit over 10 years ago. I have attend their shows and followed their work religiously for years.  Tomorrow will be my 8th time at Charles & Ron’s show. Every year I attend, I always invite a friend and every year I get asked the same questions from my friends: “Carla, what do I wear?”

Well here is my take on what to wear (and what not to wear) to a fashion show at the Malta Fashion Week.

  1. Don’t over do it


    They told me I could be anything… So I became a Pineapple!

    The point of going to a fashion show is to observe the work of an amazing designer. Whilst I think personal style is nice, there is no need to go over the top (YES, wearing a freaken tutu or anything else that is clearly over the top!) I think it is really disrespectful to go to a fashion show and take the opportunity to highlight yourself. Don’t steal the designer’s thunder!

  2. What to wear

    – If you are completely stuck on what to wear, a fashion show is never a bad time to pull out your little black dress. Some might say this is boring but I disagree.

    – Skinny pants teamed with shiny knits or a lacy top are personal seasonal favourites.

    – Whites are in, but wear with caution as not all white outfits work as evening wear.

    – Shiny or shimmery fabrics or knits, work better in the evening too.

    – I think jeans and shorts are a no no for any fashion show, but maybe that is just a personal thing.

    – Fluro (a.k.a. neon)  is really in at the moment, but once again – try not to make too much of a statement of yourself.

    – A classic skirt and top/shirt can look really classy. If you are considering a skirt, think romantic dinner date, not slutty clubbing chick. No one wants to see what you ate for breakfast, so watch your skirt length.

    – If you want to be a little more out of the box, by all means adopt fashion but try not to look like you copied the shop window of Zara or Mango, because chances are that 10 other girls will do the same thing and there is nothing worse that having the same outfit on as 10 other people.

  3. Heels

    Ballerina shoes are great. I’m so happy that they are fashionable, but not for a fashion show. It is time to pull out your nicer shoes, even if they are a little painful. The only place your ballerina shoes should be, is in your over-sized handbag so you can whip them out when you need to walk back to the car.

  4. Accessories

    Accessories can enhance any plan outfit. I prefer classic clothes but my jewelry is a little more out there. One of the reasons that I tend to go for my LBD is because it is an excellent backdrop to show off some elegant and original jewelry.

  5. Make Up

    Evening makeup is awesome. Keep your foundation natural looking. I love a smoky eye and with a neutral lip. I think this look can really look classy. Bright lips are really in, but will look overdone if done with heavy eye makeup as well.

  6. Wear a smile and Enjoy it

    The best feature on any face is a smile and from my experience of Charles & Ron’s shows there will be plenty to smile about!

Last Year’s Show

This guest post was submitted by fellow blogger, Carla. Carla admits that she is no fashion pro. Her taste is much more geared towards functionality and comfort. One thing she does know a great deal about is delicious healthy food, effective exercise and weight loss. Click here to follow her blog.


4 comments on “What to Wear to a Fashion Show during the Malta Fashion Week – Guest Post

  1. lov3less says:

    Now I’m ready to go for my first fashion show. All I need is an invite, haha.

  2. […] What to Wear to a Fashion Show during the Malta Fashion Week – Guest Post […]

  3. […] What to Wear to a Fashion Show during the Malta Fashion Week – Guest Post […]

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