Day 5 – May Photo a Day Challenge!

Hey Ladies!

I’m back with the May Photo a Day Challenge! And it’s day 5 already…

Here are the

Day 5


AllThingsLady May Challenge

I’m cheating again… This is not a photo, it’s a print screen! And it’s obviously not on paper yet, but it should be very very soon! That is a one of the transcriptions that I am doing in one of my Linguistics assignments regarding Language Acquisition in Children. It is obviously an interesting area but producing the data itself is a massive task on its own! And when you are done, you realize you haven’t even started your assignment… Oh and I’m spotting a spelling mistake! Comment if you find it 😛



2 comments on “Day 5 – May Photo a Day Challenge!

  1. […] to recordings and finishing off and checking transcriptions which I have also mentioned on Day 5. These are still not on paper… And about the May challenge, I only have two more posts which […]

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