1st day of May OOTD and Animals!

Hey Ladies!

Yesterday was a public holiday, and in the eve we were invited to my boyfriend’s sister’s place. But before we went to this new park in M’Scala with lots of animals! These are the animals I’ve seen!

DSCF8213DSCF8214 DSCF8218 DSCF8226 DSCF8227 DSCF8231 DSCF8256 DSCF8260 DSCF8265

And this is what I wore… not for the animals!

DSCF8244 IMAG0324 IMAG0327

Maxi Skirt: Boohoo

Lace Top: Ebay

Waterline Cardigan: Boohoo

Necklace: Peacocks

Handbag: Accessorize

Sandals: Bershka

I’m really loving these sandals! They are the perfect heel size and didn’t hurt my feet at all, not even the first time I wore them.

I hope you like the outfit, it’s easy and effortless.



7 comments on “1st day of May OOTD and Animals!

  1. Sarah Agius says:

    What was the OOTD again? Sorry, too busy looking at llama :3

  2. cute as a button! xxx

  3. Stephen says:

    Letting your boyfriend see animals is a huge mistake…
    Now apart from the Cute Girlfriend, Husky, Duck, Hedgehog, Slow Loris, and Leopard, your boyfriend also wants a Goat, some Rabbits, and a Horse. Wait till I see an Alligator and a Rhino…

  4. […] was comfortable all night, I just threw a long black cardi (which I wore here) on and the Bershka sandals I wore here with another maxi […]

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