Earth Day – Countries I’ve been to so far

Hey ladies!

As you might already know, today (or yesterday) is Earth Day! I thought I would share with you all the amazing countries I visited on this Earth of ours! 🙂

It all started when I was 10 – I went to Italy with my classmates, met a penfriend and saw mountains for the very first time. Piemonte is one of the farthest, North regions on the left of Italy. It was amazing, we could see Monte Rosa from our Hostel. It wasn’t snowy at all.


A few years later, my uncle took me and some of my cousins to Germany for a skiing holiday. It was a terrific experience. We stayed in a hostel in Berchtesgaden, visited Austria, Salzburg and Munich too. I am in love with Salzburg, that is for sure. Again, there was no snow. We went skiing on artificial snow. The only time it snowed was before our plane took off, which delayed our flight by a couple of hours.

A few years later, I went back to Germany… Cologne for World Youth Day.

Then, I went for a 1 week cruise with my parents and my sister. It was amazing. We stopped in Tunis, Rome, Valencia and some other place which I cannot remember at the moment. It was great to be on board, eating luxurious food and being served like a queen. The shows were also spectacular and there were fun activities. It was a thing that at every harbour we arrive at, a party takes place on board to welcome the new passengers. All in all it was great but there still is no other harbour like the natural Grand Harbour in Malta.


A while later, I went to Ireland with my ex and his family. Ireland is beautiful. I got to see how the Irish live, visited Primark for the very first time in Londonderry and seen lots of countryside, beautiful calm bays and animals, don’t forget the cows and sheep. The scenery is spectacular, like nothing I have seen before. And the Guinness is just regular beer over there 🙂

The kind of houses you find in Donegal – all identical 🙂


Me at Cara Bay in Culdaff Northern Ireland


Happy me!

Then a few years later I went to Rome with my parents and my sister again. It was the first time I traveled with family and it was different. We argued but we had a blast! Rome is beautiful and I will return, probably not at new years.

Spot me!

Me and a girly elephant!

That’s it! Next is London for the IMATS which I mentioned here.

Where have you been to? Where would you go again? I’d love to know!



18 comments on “Earth Day – Countries I’ve been to so far

  1. flo says:

    Like the last picture, cute hat and elephant hehe 🙂 My dream is it to travel the world some day. I’ve been to Cuba, which was a really awesome experience, and I have been in most of the neighbour countries of Luxembourg. You should come to Luxembourg some time! 😉 but I guess it is not that interesting as Malta would be (love the harbor!)

    • marijadebono says:

      Thanks dear!

      well Malta is beautiful but we tend to get bored of it quickly! but living on an island has its perks for sure. id love to come to Luxembourg! one of my lecturers lives there and works at the university. many Maltese work there as translators or interpreters nowadays

  2. Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. It makes so many memories and opens our minds to fantastic new ways of life new cultures and new adventures 🙂


  3. Amria says:

    travelling is the only thing you pay for that makes you richer 😀

  4. Mammu says:

    Travelling is a wonderful experience and I belive it also makes us a better person as it openes our mind and hearts. I’ve been around Europe here and there but now with kids and cats and dogs I haven’t been able even to go home,Estonia for years so travelling is off limits for me at the moment 😦 How cool is that you can go to IMATS?! I’ve been in many countries but I’ve never been to London, I’m exited for you!!!

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