Review for Wjcon Longlasting eyeliner in #14 gold leaf

Hi Ladies!

So today I will be reviewing an eyeliner by Wjcon. It hasn’t been too long ever since I was introduced to this brand. Maybe a month or two maximum but I must say, I’m enjoying using their products. And after I was invited to the Wjcon Blogger’s Night, which I already talked about here, I got to know the people behind it and the range of products better. This is what I wore that night and the make up I used 🙂

Wjcon offers a vast range of colours when it comes to eyeliners… Let me refresh your memory…

Do you think your colour is in there?

Do you think your colour is in there?

The first time I went to Wjcon , their eyeliner in #14 gold leaf instantly caught my eye and I have been loving it since. I have recently gotten another one called shimmering bark which I also like. But I actually LOVE this one 🙂 I also got to try their Quick liners – I got one as a freebie at the event and I used it in this look here featuring teal, turquoise and greens.

So back to this eyeliner… Swatches:

DSCF8091 DSCF8095

This is one of the first times I wore this eyeliner:

IMG_4348 IMG_4347

I always wear it on the upper lash line… sometimes on its own and sometimes with a thin black line underneath.


  • Not expensive
  • Beautiful colour
  • Creamy
  • Truly longlasting… (Just to give you an idea, I hopped into the shower with the swatch on my hand and only rubbed the middle of it. The rest was still there even after I was ready.)
  • Creates great contrast to long dark lashes


  • A bit too creamy which can also be a good thing. Can be smudged and be used as a base. But I would probably need to refrigerate it before sharpening if I want a super fine line.
  • It is not a twist up – I have really gotten used to not having to sharpen my eyeliners.
  • Can not be used on the waterline – little gold particles which you do not want near the inside of your eyes 😛 (then again, why would you want gold on your waterline?)

The all.things.lady Verdict:

  • Great product. I loved this product so much, it was featured in my March Favourties post here. This product calls for experimentation and fun makeup looks!Get if you are stuck in a rut! Black is a good colour, but I strongly suggest having some fun with colours! 🙂

I am really enjoying this eyeliner from Wjcon! I’m also enjoying their facial cleansing wipes which I reviewed here. I will always be on the lookout for awesome coloured eyeliners from Wjcon 🙂

What do you think of this eyeliner? Would you ever buy a gold eyeliner? If not, why so? I’d love to know 🙂



One comment on “Review for Wjcon Longlasting eyeliner in #14 gold leaf

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