New Makeup Storage Space

Hey Ladies!

I hope you are doing alright and that all of you residing in Malta have started earning your entries in my current competition with Beadazzled (Malta) here. You have 13 days left… The more times you share, the more entries you will gain!

This is what you could win if you enter…

Turquoise charm bracelet  from Beadazzled

Turquoise charm bracelet from Beadazzled

all.things.lady's prize!

all.things.lady’s prize!

Anyway, this post is about storage! A while back I had shown you how I organized my makeup stuff in my bathroom and bedroom in this post here. Scratch that! A week ago, we received the weekly LIDL brochure and I saw this over the door thing and I thought it would be perfect to put it in the bathroom. My stuff has been in the way and sometimes got wet when we were washing our faces… SO this would solve the problem immediately! Today my father came home with one of them and it cost €12.99 so it is pretty good… This is what it looks like:


Pretty neat, huh?


I am using the first tier from bottom for face products… So I have my primers, foundations, concealers, highlighters, brows and some other stuff like mascara, eyeliner and some shadows which I use regularly.


The tier in the middle is for lip products, blushers and bronzers too. This one fits pretty much all the stuff I have, even the ones which I do not use regularly. P.S. You can checkout all of my e.l.f. collection in this post here.


On the highest tier I put some palettes and eyeshadow quads and eyeliners and the such which I do not reach for on a daily basis. This tier is a bit high so I cannot really see everything if I am not wearing heels, which is why I put the items that are long or the ones that I use least here. Here’s a better idea of what I put in this one…


This left me with only my brushes which weren’t in it. I put them in the pink box I used to use before for my essentials. I put the box in a drawer so no dust will get on the brushes. There are only a few because the others need to be washed! This is how I wash and dry my brushes here. P.S. You can checkout my e.l.f. Brushes Review post here.

DSCF8082I still have a few eyeshadows which I rarely use in that little silver brief case. But I hardly ever be opening that one anymore cause I got all I need here on the back of my bathroom door!

That’s it! I think it’s a great idea and a huge space saver as this won’t bother anyone being behind the door! Looking forward to applying my make up from this new set up! Oh and LIDL still have them if you wanna grab one!

What do you think of it? Do you like it? Let me know.



5 comments on “New Makeup Storage Space

  1. says:

    How good.. I need to head down to Lidl before they’re finished! Really handy for everything really. Thanks for sharing, cos i don’t flick through the Lidl magazine and although I shop there at least twice a week, I never check out those sections where things like that are which is silly really! 🙂

  2. […] this year I showed you my LIDL make up storage space, which you can see and read all about here. That one holds the rest of my stuff, especially the things I only reach for sometimes, but […]

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