Wjcon’s Bloggers’ night!

Hey Ladies!

So last Friday, I was invited to my first bloggers’ event. These sort of events are always fun because you’ll meet other bloggers . You also learn about the brand and the products and in this case, we were asked to go around the shop and swatch everything we like! I had already tried the brand before the event and I have used some of their products in this make up look here.

Wjcon is an Italian brand which is only available in Italy and Malta so far. It offers very competitive products because they manufacture their own products themselves so there is no middle man swimming in commission! Wjcon is pronounced like this: Why+Con because there are so many ways you might think it could be said… Wjcon means: We are an icon.

I had already gotten some of their products as I have shown you here, and I have actually reviewed their face wipes here.

I was sick on the day and I wasn’t sure if I was gonna make it… But I did, I tried really hard to cover my red nose and headed out. I was the first one to arrive and I met the lovely Marisa immediately who was wearing a gorgeous yellow dress which really complimented her skin tone. As time went by all the other girls (and boys) arrived. We had a drink and started looking around.

Eyeshadow creams, foundations, lipsticks...

Eyeshadow creams, baked trios, bronzers, foundations, lipsticks…

Some foundations and pressed powders...

Some foundations and pressed powders…

Their Amazing Eye and Lip liner section!

Their Amazing Eye and Lip liner section!

Oh and keep in mind that Wjcon is cruelty free!


A few moments later, we went upstairs to their Funky Bars! In these funky bars they do nails, make up and brows.  At the Nail Bar, they do Gels, Gelish Polish, Manicures, Pedicures and so on. At the make up bar, they take care of your makeup. Anyone can go for a make up application without an appointment which is free, they will  show you the products and how they used them. No one will force you to buy them. You can also book your makeup session for a small price. At Beauty Bar they do waxing, facials and so on and at the Brow Bar they do waxing, threading and 3D brows.


The Nail Bar

We then went back downstairs while their make up artists and nail technicians continued their work at the bars. We swatched everything we wanted and some of us had their make up done by the talented Angelo and the other make up artists who have all been on the Wjcon Journey from the very first day!

Me at the event – Photo by Daniel from Devil Wears Pra-duh

Before we left, we were given a little gift-bag with two freebies and I got the Long Lasting eye shadow stick in Turquoise and the Quick Eyeliner (waterproof) in Teal which I have used in an eye look which I will be sharing with you this week.


Since I had really liked their long-lasting eyeliner in gold leaf, I decided to get another metallic one and I chose the shimmering bark one which is a metallic brown. I had just gotten a brownish eyeliner from MUA shown here, but I didn’t really like it. I also got Wjcon’s long-lasting eye shadow stick in tiger eye. see the swatches below to see how pretty they all are…

DSCF7845 DSCF7851 DSCF7852

It was great evening and I am glad I didn’t stay home. I’d like to thank all the girls who kept me company and the lovely people from Wjcon for inviting us!



8 comments on “Wjcon’s Bloggers’ night!

  1. Amria says:

    oooh so lovely, looks like it was a great event1

  2. flo says:

    nice 🙂 I wish we had events like that in Luxembourg too!

  3. Mammu says:

    Looks like heaven to me! 😛 I love the colours you chose, so pretty!

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