My First MUA Haul + Initial Impressions

Hey Ladies,

This is what I ordered from

  • Matte Perfect Loose Translucent Powder – €2.71
  • Undress Your Skin Flawless Skin Primer – €3.53 (refunded)
  • Magnetic Nail Polish in Mayfair – €2.06
  • Lipstick in shade #11 – €1.18
  • Kiss Proof Lip Stain in Fabulicious – €1.77
  • Intense Glitter Eyeliner in Malt Chocolate – €1.18
  • E6 Eyebrow Brush with Comb – €1.77

I will write what my initial impressions of every product are below the photos!

DSCF8012 DSCF8013

This powder helps mattify the skin and reduce oiliness. I like it, even though it says translucent  it is actually a light beige colour so I do not think it would be good for the darker skin tone girls. It gives a lovely flawless finish without looking too white like the e.l.f. Studio HD Powder. Will be using this everyday! I like it because since the colour is light, it doesn’t clot on drier areas of skin, making your foundation look orange. It does not change the colour of your foundation.


Oh I love love love this primer. Unfortunately even before I ripped the plastic seal, this product was already leaking… But I told MUA on twitter and they refunded it immediately without even asking for a photo or so. Love love love, I have used it for 3 days straight now and it did not break me out at all. Gives a smooth silky feel to the face prior foundation application, and makes the application of make up, 10x easier. You will save up on foundation with this because since your skin is flawless after you apply it, you will need less foundation as it will blend like a dream.


I was really looking forward to this Magnetic Nail Polish. It is quite a new thing and it is rather cool. I chose the colour Mayfair and I got it on sale too. I wish I have grabbed more colours. However, I removed this in about 2 days time because I thought it was a bit to striking, so next time I might only use the magnet on the ring fingers.

DSCF8005DSCF8006DSCF8008DSCF8015I have been told that MUA lipsticks are great and so so cheap. I got this one in shade 11. When I ordered the first time (the order which never came home to me!) I had chosen 4, bare, juicy, nectar and something else. But since then, I have gathered so many lip products that I just chose one to try it out. The colour is identical to one lipstick I have from Wjcon (will be showing you this one in another post), but the Wjcon one is matte and I think is a lot more long-lasting. Then again, this one is cheaper and definitely worth the price.


This one was one of the pretty useless purchases. It is not that I don’t like it. And I tried on only 1 half of my lips and it does really stain for a while. However, this is so close to my lip colour, it is almost useless. I used it under my favourite nude shade bu Catrice (#010 Be Natural) just so that the nude looks better. Still good to put in my bag and use when I need a tad of more colour to my lips as it gives a more pigmented colour to my lips.


Truth be told, I’m not sure I like this. When swatching,  I had put primer first, but this could be swiped invisible with just one touch of a finger… so I doubt how long-lasting this one will be. Then again it was cheap, so even if i blend it on my lids as a base for my eyeshadow…


Finally this brow and lash comb. I like it, I needed one because all of mine were either too small, had bits that were broken, so I just got this. It is quite large and picks up the clump on your lashes from mascara. Great indeed.

That’s all I got ladies! Have you ever tried MUA? Do you have any of these products? Let me know!



13 comments on “My First MUA Haul + Initial Impressions

  1. Mammu says:

    I never tried anything from MUA but I definitely want to! I’m glad everything worked out this time, I guess stuff happens sometimes and everybody deserves a second chance 😉 Wjcon is an italian brand, I didn’t know they sold elsewere as well, haven’t tried anything from them but of course I want to! Too many stuff to buy, to try and not enough money! Why do we live in this world where we want all the stuff we don’t need 😀 Have a great start to your week =)

  2. Ah, I was hoping your lost package eventually arrived!

    I’ve realized that out of everything I ordered from MUA (which is some 20+ products), I only actually use 4 things! The Love Hearts lip balm, the Undressed eyeshadow palette, the Intense Kisses lip gloss and the cream blushes. I did enjoy trying other things, but I wouldn’t repurchase. That said, I would go for their new lip crayons, if a right kind of sale pops up 😀

    • marijadebono says:

      Oh I wish that happened too….

      Yes I agree with you! I didn’t need another eyeshadow palette, that’s why I didn’t get the undressed one. The love hearts lip balms are cute but I didnt get one because I cannot just buy something and keep it closed till I need it, I have to open everything lol. I’m not into lipglosses and I have found my perfect blush from Vivo, so I don’t need to try new ones!

      I’d like to try other things, like their concealers and such but at the moment I have got a lot more than I need so I need to put myself on a make up ban, reall!

  3. […] am loving this primer which I got in this haul here. It does not break me out like the Catrice one did. I like it because when I use it, my make up […]

  4. […] Your Skin range by MUA. I have really grown to lover this brand and this was my first purchase here. I did not post a second haul, since most of the items I got were for clients, but I ended up […]

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