Pastels Vs. Neon

Hey Ladies!

It’s almost the weekend again…

So today I started thinking about all of the lovely summer colours. No more grays and mauves and dark dark browns. Now it’s the time for colours! And what’s more colourful and summery than an outfit featuring pastel colours or neon colours? P.S. You can check out what I think are the spring essentials in this post here.

Obviously pastel colours are not for everyone and moreso neon colours. To wear neon colours you need to be rather daring… I hurried to Polyvore and went through some of the things I had already liked. I found some new ones too and I build up these fours sets for you, two pastels looks and two neon looks. I hope you like them! I tried to keep the trend to a minimum so that these looks could work for women of any shape and size.

Green Peas

Pastels 1

Pink n’ Teal

pastels 2

Squeezing into Orange

Blue n’ Green, don’t be mean!

neon 1

Which trend do you prefer out of the two? Let me know in the comment section. I would style pastels for daytime and morning weddings and neons for evening looks as they give a bold gutsy look to your whole outfit.

P.S. Now that we are talking about summer colours and styles, check out how I style nude colours here and how I wear dip hem clothing and skirts here.

Are you gonna be a pastel or neon girl this summer?



7 comments on “Pastels Vs. Neon

  1. Amria says:

    I looove pastels 🙂 I’d wear them more but I am so short everyone thinks I’m 12 when they see me in such colours

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