Review for Vivo Matte Foundation

Hey Ladies!

Today I’m reviewing the Vivo Matte Foundation.

Vivo Matte Foundation

The shade I got is shade 3 (Fawn) but it is a bit too dark for me, so I would say that it is for light to medium skin rather than for light skin.

This is my two cents worth about the product:


  • It is semi-matte, I wouldn’t say it is as matte as my L’Oreal Mousse foundation (mentioned here)
  • Gives great coverage – even though I have some pretty nasty blemishes from pimples and such, it covered them on its own so I didn’t really need a concealer too.
  • Cheap – This retails at €3.05 on


  • The plastic used in the packaging is so hard… it is not squeezable at all. This makes the foundation hard to get out of the bottle which makes me not use it when I am in a hurry (which is pretty much all the time)
  • There are only 3 shades
  • The lightest shade is not light enough for me so I will probably never use it
  • Not as matte as a matte foundation should be.

The all.things.lady Verdict

Probably a miss. But I wouldn’t say it is a bad product if:

  • There were more shades and it suited my complexion
  • The bottle wasn’t so impossible to use
  • The formula gave a matte effect to the skin

I hope you found this review helpful. It saddens me that the review is rather negative but I will only say what I really think about products. I do like Vivo Cosmetics in general, in fact some of their items are in my March Favourites here and you can see all of them in this haul here.

Have you ever tried Vivo? Which would you say is the best matte foundation you ever tried?
Let me know in the comment section.



4 comments on “Review for Vivo Matte Foundation

  1. Negative reviews are just as helpful as positive, if not more. I’m writing one about MUA lip products, just need to take pictures.

  2. Amria says:

    thanks for the tips 😀

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